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Minecraft Mondays - Game Changing Updates!

.. read more

SMP Updates & Changes Part 1 ft. Creative World!

Hello all!After a Server restart (which is happening sometime this evening), the following changes will take effect in the SMP Server.Some Changes & Additions to the SMP Server:Easter Map as been .. read more

Minecraft News - 3D Items, Firework Sounds, Snapshot Updates & More

Time for another weekly installment of Minecraft News, with David and Toby!  This week, the intrepid duo talk about 3D Items, Firework Sounds, and more - check it out!.. read more

so we decided to dig out an entire mountain to build our secret city of doom in it.. (if you like our project, there will be more progress updates in the future)

so we decided to dig out an entire mountain to build our secret city of doom in it.. (if you like our project, there will be more progress updates in the future) .. read more

Moar SMP Updates & Build Moves

The SMP has had some more updates!Changes & TweaksYou can now access the Previous SMP map via /oldsmpThe WoM Easter map has come back from the dead for build transfers. Access it via /oldersm.. read more

1.4.6 Warning + SMP Updates

So with 1.4.6 just launching I can not stress enough that the WoM SMP WILL NOT Update until there is a stable bukkit build out. I will update this thread when there is progress. In other news: We.. read more

Mojangsta Weekly Updates

Over here at Mojang, we’ve decided to start something new. A weekly celebration of the community. This will happen in various forms – videos, tweets, and a weekly blog post every Wednesday.. read more

Minecraft updates for Xbox and mobile are out!

Hello Minecrafters!! We just pushed the buttons on Google Play and iOS AppStore so hopefully, really really soon, you will have the new update in our hands. It takes some time for the game topropagate.. read more

Minecraft Weekly News: Zombies, Horse Armour, Interviews & Updates!

This week, Toby and David cover a wide spectrum of goodies!  Zombies, horse armor, interviews, and more await - check it out!.. read more

Midweek News - Mojang Documentary, and Updates!

Join us for our mid-weekly updates, with Evan!  Today, Evan touches on the upcoming documentary of Mojang, take a look!.. read more

No Snapshot, But Updates

Hello Today we’ve updated Minecraft to version 1.3.2, as we said we would. This is a patch update that mainly includes fixes for important bugs. To avoid feedback confusion for us we’ve de.. read more

Minecraft Hits 9 Million Sales, Pocket Edition Updates Coming

Minecraft - 9 Million Sales, and Counting _________________________________ That's right, the PC version of Minecraft has surpassed 9 million sales! Minecraft as a game continues to have a phenomena.. read more


Some important information if you’re a MINECON attendee… So you wanna be FAMOUS? Do you have something interesting you want to talk about at MINECON? Submissions for panelists are open now.. read more

SMP Updates & Changes Part 2 ft. The Server Split!

Hello All!The Server will be coming down in roughly 30 minutes from when this post is on the front page. These changes will take time so the server could be up and down a lot during this time. So.. read more

MC Updates - Super Craft Bros., Minecraft MMO and Basketball in Minecraft

This weeks MC Update with Evan covers a wide variety of goodies!  Super Mario Brothers meets Minecraft with Super Craft Bros., I have an interview published in the Chicago Tribune, multi-s.. read more

Of all the updates, i'm still waiting for this...

Of all the updates, i'm still waiting for this... .. read more

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