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Saturday with Sach: Whats In a Name

In-game names: they define who we are, and how the world knows us. What isn't often explored is, how we get the names we have. NAMING - IN THE BEGINNING I had the curious privilege of seeing the int.. read more

Saturday with Sach: Defining Community

AS IT IS I've been involved in the Minecraft community for a very long time. Years, even. The game itself has grown and evolved in some fascinating and amazing ways, but the one thing that continues.. read more

Saturday with Sach: Today, Halloween; Tomorrow, Minecon

THIS IS HALLOWEEN I know, I know - it's not actually Saturday. More on that in a minute. Halloween was always one of my favorite times of year, because it gave me an excuse to scare people for no r.. read more

Saturday with Sach: A Question Worth Exploring

It's Saturday again already? Wow...this science stuff has me losing track of time. Quantum Physics is hard - more on that in a minute - but first thing's first; the question. THE QUESTION (YOU MIGHT.. read more

Saturday with Sach: My First Night

A LOOK INTO THE PAST We don't talk enough, you and I. Yes, I mean you! Let's face it, we all come here for the same thing (Minecraft stuff), and it's a pretty safe bet that we all like Minecraft st.. read more

Having to work on Saturday...

Having to work on Saturday... .. read more

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