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Minecraft News - 1.7.10 Pre-Release, New Minecraft Forum & More!

David and Toby touch on the Realms-centric pre-release, the new Minecraft Forum Beta, and more. Enjoy!.. read more

Minecraft 1.7.10 pre-release

We just published a pre-release version of Minecraft 1.7.10 that contains updates for Realms. All Realms related modules were moved into a separate library. How does this release affect you? If you a.. read more

Minecraft News - April Fools Pranks, Pre-Release, and MCPE Amazon Fire TV

David and Toby revisit last week's pranks, and even - wait for it... - OTHER STUFF! Crazy, right? Enjoy!.. read more

Pre-Release 1.7.6 Available!

Minecraft 1.7.6 pre-release 1 is available for testing! This is a huge step towards one of the most requested features since the birth of Minecraft; NAME CHANGES! This version provides complete su.. read more

Minecraft 1.7.6 pre-release

That’s a lot of numbers, but now Minecraft 1.7.6 pre-release 1 is available for testing! This is a huge step towards one of the most requested features since the birth of Minecraft; Name changes.. read more

Minecraft Mondays - PS3 Minecraft Release, Upgrades & MORE!

Are you ready for some Playstation Minecraft? Awesome community maps, videos, and mods? Check out this week's Minecraft Monday Show!.. read more

Minecraft Weekly News: Pre-Release 1.7.3, Redstone Handbook & ModJam 2013!

ModJam, 1.7.3, and so much more - brought to you by Toby and David. Enjoy!.. read more

Minecraft 1.7.4 Pre-release

Update: We’ve release a new pre-release, 1.7.4, to fix some crashes that some people had encountered. We’ll be making this live Tuesday if nothing goes wrong. It’s here! The pre-rel.. read more

Minecraft 1.7.3 Pre-Release!

The 1.7.3 Pre-Release is here! YAY! Added integrated Twitch broadcasting! See below for details.Fixed render distances above 8 (may not work in multiplayer, servers have their own view distance the.. read more

Minecraft 1.7.3 Pre-release

It’s here! The pre-release is finally here! We’ll be expecting to push this live next week if we encounter no major issues. The most notable changes in 1.7.3 compared to 1.7.2 are as foll.. read more

Minecraft 1.4.1 Pre-release!

A day -1 patch! Lovely! No but seriously, there was a big issue causing mobs to suffocate and fall through wooden floors that we really needed to fix. The full list of fixes are… Fixed mobs glit.. read more

Minecraft 1.4.4 Pre-release

There were two important new problems in the 1.4.3 pre-release that we had to fix, so here’s a pre-release of 1.4.4 instead! We hope to publish it in the launcher in the middle of next week. The.. read more

Minecraft 1.4.7 Pre-release

Unfortunately we managed to include two “null pointer exception” cases in 1.4.6, and we feel they should be patched. This release is compatible with 1.4.6 and has almost no bytecode change.. read more

1.7 Pre-Release: "The Update That Changed the World"

Are you ready? Really? You're really ready? Okay, here we go: THE 1.7 (pre-release) IS READY FOR TESTING! There are so many things coming in 1.7, I almost can't keep track of them all. Many of them.. read more

Minecraft Snapshot 12w42b (Preprerelease!)

Here’s the next snapshot, 12w42b! We are pushing these very rapidly now because we need to get ready for the 1.4 pre-release (which needs to be out before the official release on October 24). Si.. read more

Minecraft 1.4 Pre-release!

Woho, time to get ready for 1.4! This release is the full 1.4, intended to prepare server admins and mod makers. Searge of the Minecraft Coder Pack has already been informed, as usual. This release wi.. read more

1.5 Pre-Release (Finally) Ready For Testing!

Install Minecraft Snapshot 1_5 with the Curse Client ...or download 1_5 direct from Mojang → .. read more

Minecraft 1.4.5 Pre-release

Hey hey! Unfortunately we have to patch Minecraft again, this time to fix the broken LAN server functionality. Good news is that this only affects the client, so 1.4.5 clients will be able to play on .. read more

wat. [1.6 prerelease]

wat. [1.6 prerelease] .. read more

Minecraft 1.6.2 Pre-release

Here’s the pre-release for 1.6.2! We’re planning to post this release on Monday (July 8). The patch is focused on sorting out bugs and issues that people have found. Notable bug fixes are:.. read more

Snapshot 13w01b Update Released

An update to yesterday's Snapshot was released to address bugs that players found!  Fixes include: TNT explosion delayed until exiting and re-entering worldInfinite rail duplication glitchT.. read more

Minecraft Redstone Update Pre-release

It’s finally time to release the Minecraft Redstone Update pre-release! The change log is as follows… Added Redstone Comparator (used in Redstone logic) Added Hopper (collects items and mo.. read more

Minecraft 1.5.1 Pre-release

Hey hey! We finally managed to locate and fix the reported performance issues of 1.5, so now it should be at least similar to the performance of 1.4.7. We also fixed a number of bugs (as seen in the s.. read more

Minecraft 1.4.2 Pre-release!

Busy day on the Mojang blog indeed! Don’t forget to check out the other posts for info on the bug tracker, Minecon and our Pretty Scary Screenshot competition! However, I need to inform you that.. read more

1.6 Pre-Release Now Available!

You have waited for it. You have asked for it. You might have even drawn a few pictures about it. Well, the time has come for the 1.6 Pre-Release! So what can we expect from 1.6? CHANGE LOG: Added .. read more

1.6.2 Pre-Release - So Many Bugfixes

1.6 brought with it some unfortunate bugs, but they are being squashed in record time! Mojang really rolled up their sleeves on this one, and the bug-fix list is almost too huge to put in one place... read more

The Weekly Chunk: Minecraft 1.3 Prerelease

Hey Guys, Today is an awesome day! It’s the 1.3 Prerelease!!!! Check out the video contest we are doing and create your own Minecraft 1.3 commercial. Yours could be featured on the Mojang YouTub.. read more

Minecraft 1.6 Pre-release

Woho! It’s time for a Minecraft 1.6 pre-release! This release is dubbed the “Horse Update”, but has a lot of other features, too. Also note, as already stated on this blog a couple o.. read more

Minecraft 1.4.3 Pre-release

Since the release of the Pretty Scary Update we’ve been super-busy trying to fix as many reported issues as possible. We’ve now reached the point where we’ve fixed so many that we sp.. read more

1.5 Redstone Update Released!

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here - the 1.5 Redstone Update is now live!  Now, I know you want to jump into this massively awesome update head-first, so let's see what .. read more

1.4.6 Update is Released!

The 1.4.6 update is now live!  There is a massive list of goodies in 1.4.6, so without further delay, let's jump head-first into all it has to offer! GameplayAdded Thorns enchant Armor ench.. read more

1.5.2 pre-release and 13w17a snapshot oh my!

We have a double feature for you today. Not only are we releasing a 1.5.2 pre-release but there’s also another weekly snapshot for 1.6 to get your hands on! First up, the 1.5.2 pre-release. We&#.. read more

Shadow bug in the 1.6.1 pre-release

Shadow bug in the 1.6.1 pre-release .. read more

Minecraft News - MCPE 0.7.2, 1.6.2 Pre-Release & More!

David and Toby bring you this week's current events!.. read more

Minecraft Weekly News: 1.5.2 Release, Coal Block, & Realms Interview!

This week, David & Toby discuss the 1.5.2 update, the most recent Snapshot info, and more!.. read more


---THEME RELEASED------------Jello peoples! I've decided to do a new contest on WoM, so continue to read if you want more information on being able to participate in it. The initial contest will .. read more

Minecraft 1.4.6 Pre-release

It’s time to pre-release the next Minecraft update! Dinnerbone has fixed a couple of more issues since the 12w50b snapshot, as well as adding a sound indicator when you hit players with arrows i.. read more

Pocket Edition 0.6.0 Released!

Click here to update to 0.6.0 in iTunes! The most recent patch for Minecraft Pocket Edition is now live!  Click on the image above, or visit iTunes (or the Android app store) to update you.. read more

Minecraft 1.6.2 Release

Update: 1.6.2 has been released to the launcher. Here’s the pre-release for 1.6.2! We’re planning to post this release on Monday (July 8). The patch is focused on sorting out bugs and issu.. read more

Minecraft Weekly News: Snapshots, Hardened Clay, & Pre-Release 1.5.2!

David and Toby take a look at last week's developments! Hardened clay blocks, the 1.5.2 pre-release, more deserty deserts, zombies spawning zombies, and more. Enjoy!.. read more

Scrolls launch trailer and release date!

The Scrolls Launch Trailer has just gone live on Scrolls.com! Check it out! We’ve even got a release date set; it’s coming very, very soon. Get the Scoop on Scrolls.com... read more

Minecraft 1.2.5 Prerelease

Hello The last few days we’ve had a Minecraft mini conference with the new Minecraft developers @Dinnerbone, @_grum, @tahgtahv and @EvilSeph (old bukkit members) and Mojang’s biz and web t.. read more

Hey folks! Check out this new Novum Mods release: Battleaxes and Daggers Mod! [Download link in comments]

Hey folks! Check out this new Novum Mods release: Battleaxes and Daggers Mod! [Download link in comments] .. read more

1.5.2 Pre-Release and...a Snapshot Too?

You heard right, it's a double-feature today!  The 1.5.2 Pre-Release, as well as the 13w17a Snapshot are now available for testing!  So how does this work?  You can get.. read more

You've been able to put multiple items in frames since they came out - stumbled into it by mistake when they were released

You've been able to put multiple items in frames since they came out - stumbled into it by mistake when they were released .. read more

MCX360: Skinpack 5 Release Date!

WHAT? Are you a Borderlands 2 fan? If you are, this will interest you - the next MCX360 skinpack is LOADED with BL2 characters! Get your craft on with Roland, Axton, Handsome Jack, Maya, and Salvad.. read more

1.5.1 Pre-Release Ready for Testing!

Install Minecraft Snapshot 1_5_1 with the Curse Client ...or download 1_5_1 direct from Mojang &rarr.. read more

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