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How to Build Minecon

Minecon is a huge event, with all sorts of activities, people, and things to see. For a lot of attendees, we show up to the event without thinking much on how it came to be. BardyardFX recently made.. read more

MineCon: The Waiting Game

Things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes we miss deadlines. It isn’t because we’re not trying hard enough, and definitely doesn’t mean we don’t care. Me, junkboy,.. read more

Mindcrack: Minecon 2013 Custom Map!

BlameTheController recently showed me a really neat custom map I think you guys will enjoy! What is it? A crazy custom map where you join the infamous Mindcrackers, as they take you on a whirlwind a.. read more

Minecon Spotlights 4: MC Spotlights

David and Toby walk us through day 2 of Minecon, including possible new Minecraft LEGO pieces, the Minecraft petting zoo, and more! MC Spotlights does weekly news segments, as well as all of the tu.. read more

Minecon Spotlights 3: BebopVox

We all know BebopVox, host of the weekly "Minecraft Monday Show", and Youtuber! Today, BebopVox's video gives us a look at a bit of loot that (currently) was unavailable anywhere but Minecon - a wr.. read more

One of the information desks at Minecon.

One of the information desks at Minecon. .. read more

Minecraft-ed Car At Minecon

Minecraft-ed Car At Minecon .. read more

Minecon Spotlights 2: Luclin

Luclin and his family have a rolling vlog of their trip to Minecon, including everything from travel to events at the con itself, parties, and more. Enjoy! Luclin is an amazing guy, with some reall.. read more

Minecon Spotlights 1: The Shaft!

The awesome guys at The Dead Worker's Party - Brent, Eric, and Wes - host an awesome podcast called "The Shaft". Today, we look at their walk-through of the convention floor, where they chat with Mi.. read more

Minecon 2013, Day Two

If there is one thing that never stops amazing me, it is the Minecraft community. I don't just mean all the incredible Youtubers, modders, mappers, server owners, animators, and artists - I mean the.. read more

Minecon 2013: Day One

The first day of Minecon was crazy! After a really awesome opening ceremony, a multitude of awesome panels and events began almost immediately. Early in the day, con-goers got to hear (and talk to).. read more

MINECON live stream!

For those of you who are missing MINECON, we have a live stream of some of the most amazing content from it. The opening and closing ceremonies, the biggest panels, footage from the con and interview.. read more

Saturday with Sach: Today, Halloween; Tomorrow, Minecon

THIS IS HALLOWEEN I know, I know - it's not actually Saturday. More on that in a minute. Halloween was always one of my favorite times of year, because it gave me an excuse to scare people for no r.. read more

The Official Minecon 2013 Cape

The Official Minecon 2013 Cape .. read more


The moment you’ve been waiting for…. Official registration for tickets and hotel rooms will open in the next two weeks! We have an AMAZING hotel rate! More details coming soon!!!!!.. read more

Minecraft Weekly News: Xbox Texture Packs, Minecon Props & A New Mojangster!

] Toby and David take a look at recent goings-on, and comment on said goings-on, in this riveting tale of love, betrayal, and explosions*! _______________________________________________________.. read more

Weekly Chunk Pax/Minecon/Snapshot

Hey Guys, Get ready… this week is a CRAZY one. PAX Fan Art Contest We need some amazing pieces of artwork for a special PAX Project. Here’s the specifics: It can be about Minecraft, Scroll.. read more

MINECON Schedule

Wondering what’s going on at Minecon. Download the official interactive schedule with the maps on your iOS or Android device. We will also be turning the Minecon Site into a live blog of the eve.. read more

Dont forget about our MineCon Tumblr!

MineCon 2012 has come and gone but, thankfully, it still lingers on the internet. We’re planning on showing off loads of video footage from our weekend in Paris next week, but in the meanwhile I.. read more

Minecon 2013 Set For the US East Coast, Details To Follow

Wondering where Minecon will be held this year? Anxious to get your travel plans in order, and prepare for another awesome convention? You might not need to wait long! Minecon 2013 has been confirme.. read more


Some of the incredible MINECON panels didn’t make it on the livestream due to time constraints. As of right now, they have all been uploaded on the TeamMojang YouTube Channel. Make sure to look .. read more

Minecraft Mondays: Minecon Madness!

.. read more

MINECON tickets sales are now open

Get your tickets here!.. read more

Win an ALL EXPENSE Paid Trip to Minecon

So you’ve been trying to figure out how to get to Minecon. Here’s another chance. We are in the FINAL few days of the Threadless Minecraft challenge. Create a winning shirt design and you .. read more

MINECON 2013 Call for Panelists

It’s that time again. Time to fill up some epic panels for MINECON 2013. In past years we’ve had amazing panels about all different Minecraft topics by a variety of speakers. From childr.. read more

MINECON tickets are here!

MINECON tickets are here! In an effort to be fair to people who have jobs or school and those with different schedules we’re releasing tickets in 3 batches to cover different days and times. Eac.. read more

Watch the indie talks from MINECON! Learn stuff!

Minecon 2012 wasn’t just about Minecraft, Scrolls and Cobalt. We were also lucky enough to have a bunch of indie developers attend, along with C418 – the guy responsible for the tinkly Min.. read more

The Weekly Chunk MineCon and PAX

We’ve been getting tons of questions about MineCon. So I wanted to give a quick update. - MineCon will most definitely be THIS year and it will be in Europe. - I’m headed to a secret locat.. read more


Some important information if you’re a MINECON attendee… So you wanna be FAMOUS? Do you have something interesting you want to talk about at MINECON? Submissions for panelists are open now.. read more


This year we’re holding our third MINECON event, and now that tickets are sold out and we are deep into planning I thought I’d give a little bit more info into the event and how/why we do .. read more

MINECON Live-stream!

Couldn’t make it out to MINECON in Paris. Don’t worry. This weekend, thanks to our amazing friends over at Gamespot, you can catch the whole thing. Here’s the Schedule: Saturday 24 N.. read more

Minecon Tickets Announced!

MINECON tickets are here! In an effort to be fair to people who have jobs or school and those with different schedules, Mojang is releasing tickets in 3 batches to cover different days and times. .. read more

Where in the world is Minecon 2013?

Have you been wondering where Minecon 2013 will take place? Click play* and wonder no more! We’ll be posting more details soon. *One globe was harmed during the making of this video... read more

Wondering Where Minecon 2013 Will Be?

Minecon. November 2nd-3rd. Orlando, Florida. More details to follow! .. read more

Minecraft Weekly News: Minecon Nostalgia, Snoopy Data, & Buggyfixes!

David and Toby give us the latest in last week's Minecraft awesomeness!.. read more

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