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Community Creations - 1 Minute Parody: Batman Rises

Let's start off the new week with a clever Minecraft-themed parody animation of Batman Rises, by MinMinecraftParodies. Enjoy!.. read more

Community Creations - Pickpocket Plugin by Sethbling

Have you ever been playing with your friends, and thought to yourself, "Man, my life would be so much better if I just had their sword?" For those of you with aspirations of grand theft, this plugin.. read more

Community Creations - Block Shooter

Shooting blocks - normally a pastime reserved for those with a bow and arrows - now comes in an arcade game form, courtesy of MrZeffoes! So, what is the game? First, a large field of blocks is popu.. read more

Community Creations - Schematica

Making huge, complex builds has been a staple of Minecraft forever. I don't know about you, but for me, one of the hardest parts of a large build has always been planning - knowing exactly where you.. read more

Community Creations - StarQuest

One of the coolest things about Minecraft is how diverse it is as a game, and just how much you can do with it. Servers in particular have created numerous game modes for players to enjoy, from pris.. read more

Community Creations: Minecraft, Real Life Edition: 1.7 Biomes

FinsGraphics' popular "Real Life Minecraft" series with a look at the biomes added in 1.7 (in real life)!.. read more

Community Creations - Working Claw Machine (14w02c)

Have you ever been to a store or a restaurant with one of those claw machines? You know the kind, with prizes at the bottom, and the idea is to maneuver a mechanical claw to pick up a prize, and dep.. read more

Community Creations - Space Invaders

Ever played Space Invaders (or, failing that, remember when SethBling created a version of it)? Jesper the End remembered, and wanted to create a fully working version of the game, playable inside M.. read more

Community Creations - the Code III

Ready for another brain-teasing assault on your puzzle-solving skills? It's time for The Code III! In this massive puzzle-based adventure map, you can actually choose which puzzle you are going to s.. read more

Community Creations - 3D Printer, in Minecraft

This creation almost defies belief - a fully functional 3D printer, inside Minecraft. How does it work, you ask? That's a really good question - and not one I ever found an answer to - but there is .. read more

Community Creations - "We Found Fun" - A Minecraft Parody of Rihanna's We Found Love

Today, we check out an awesome parody/themed take on the song, "We Found Love" (by Rihanna), called "We Found Fun"! Produced by BebopVox with vocals by none other than Lindee Link, this song will be.. read more

Community Creations - Batman-Themed Roller Coaster

Today's spotlight comes from Carnage_TC, in the form of a wicked roller coaster! 3 months of building, stop-motion effects, and built in Creative mode - all on Minecraft: 360 Edition. Check it out!.. read more

Community Creations - A Minecraft Song by sneakyMac

Music block songs are not a new creation, but it's still a rare treat to see an amazingly well-composed song, using nothing but Minecraft assets. With clever edits, a catchy beat, and some fun visua.. read more

Community Creations - Minetroid (a Metroid Resource Pack)

Do you love the Metroid series of games? I know I do. Metroid has a long history spanning numerous platforms, and has everything a person could want - outer space, bounty hunting, aliens, and bounty.. read more

Community Creations - Canon (in D) with Minecraft Sounds

Check out this innovative re-imagining of Pachelbel's "Canon in D" by TheFroGamer, using only Minecraft sounds! It starts out a little bit slow, but the wait is more than worth it, as it quickly pic.. read more

My little brother is terrified of these things. When he wakes up to this he's gonna have a bad time. Hopefully this'll teach him not to get on my account and blow up all my creations.

My little brother is terrified of these things. When he wakes up to this he's gonna have a bad time. Hopefully this'll teach him not to get on my account and blow up all my creations. .. read more

Community Creations - "Go Get Building" A Parody of Pitbull's Feel this Moment

Continuing the fine tradition of parody songs, today we bring you "Go Get Building", a parody song of Pitbull and Christina Aguilera's "Feel This Moment"! This parody video - created by AnEpicPlayer.. read more

Community Creations - "Ghost Squadron" PVP Mini-Game

Are you ready for a new PVP mini-game? Of course you are! PVP matches are something most of us are familiar with: get some weapons, slay your friends/enemies/little brother/etc in an arena, a fores.. read more

Community Creations - "Thank You!"

Check out this awesome parody of MKTO's "Thank You", put together by MrMEOLA. Enjoy!.. read more

Christmas in Minecraft - Community Creations Style

First up on today's holiday post is an awesome adventure map, courtesy of FVDisco!  Defeat the gigantic projectile-firing Santa and his tiny minions of doom, if you have the skill! ______.. read more

Community Creations - Enchanting Plus!

Enchanting is easily one of Minecraft player's favorite features, and people are always finding new and innovative ways to make the experience better. Some find the most optimal rates of farming XP .. read more

Community Creations - Complex

Looking for an adventure map with some serious brain-teasers? How about giving "Complex" a try? This multi-stage puzzle map - made by qmagnet - will have you guessing for hours! Can you navigate the.. read more

Community Creations - 1.6 Update, In a Nutshell

Can't be bothered to read the massive laundry list of 1.6 changes? Not sure what to look forward to in the new update? Fret no more! YourMCAdmin has put together a catchy song that covers all the aw.. read more

Community Creations - Minecraft Real Life Edition

Up and coming Youtuber FinsGraphics brings us a cleverly filmed (and funny!) new take on the popular "real life Minecraft" video genre. Check it out!.. read more

Community Creations - Minecraft Megablocks

Have you ever wanted to be super tiny? Maybe a shrink ray hit you, or you are a micro-powered superhero. What would that look like in Minecraft? Wonder no more! Youtuber SethBling is creating a v.. read more

Community Creations - Legend of Zelda, a Block to the Past

Looking for a retro-themed adventure map with working scripts and dialogue, a cleverly realized game world from the Zelda franchise, and more?  Look no further than a Block to the Past, a .. read more

Hey guys, how do you like my whale? This is one of my older creations.

Hey guys, how do you like my whale? This is one of my older creations. .. read more

"Of creations most foul I beheld the Lord of All and knew that I was dead." - Inquisitor Brand

"Of creations most foul I beheld the Lord of All and knew that I was dead." - Inquisitor Brand .. read more

Community Creations - Zombie Solving Mazes?

Rats running a maze for a piece of cheese is a well-worn idea, but how many people have seen a zombie run a maze for a villager? Sethbling has, because he made one! This particular maze is remarkab.. read more

Community Creations - No Arms

Despite waking up in a strange land, Steve has proven time and again to be a resourceful person. Still, it has been a long time since he woke up in the Minecraft universe, and like most places, the .. read more

Community Creations - Noxcrew Gameshow

Do you like game-shows? Trick question, of COURSE you like game-shows! Everyone loves game-shows! Everyone also loves Minecraft, and that is what makes today's Community Creations spotlight a part.. read more

Community Creations - Creeper Chaser!

Have you ever played BIT.TRIP RUNNER, or any other super-fast running game? What if you could play that in Minecraft? Unfortunately, this video doesn't feature a game like that, but it's a really go.. read more

Community Creations - Skies of Aurora

Benifor, a young man born and raised in the village of Aurora, travels by Airship to find his father. Created by Lopsideful and featuring music by Pedro6285, this clever and creative multi-part seri.. read more

Community Creations - "Moonlight", a Parody of "Daylight"

Check out this catchy,creative re-imagining of the song "Daylight", by Vaecon!.. read more

Community Creations - The Glowing Mushroom

The clever gents over at Gazamo Network answer the rarely addressed question, "what if there was a glowing, mgical mushroom in Minecraft", and "what if I ate that mushroom?" All I can say without sp.. read more

Community Creations - Beetlejuice Rollercoaster

It isn't too often that I'm left speechless by a rollercoaster in Minecraft; there are a ton of good ones, to be sure, but rare and few are the ones that just leave my jaw on the floor, making odd.. read more

Community Creations - Night Rail Before Christmas (Roller Coaster)

It isn't too often that I'm left speechless by a rollercoaster in Minecraft; there are a ton of good ones, to be sure, but rare and few are the ones that just leave my jaw on the floor, making odd.. read more

Community Creations - Mob-Powered Melon Farm

Automated farms aren't a new thing, but this is definitely a new take on an old classic. Youtuber Docm77 has discovered an amusing side-effect of the pathing in zombies and wolves, when combined wit.. read more

Community Creations: Earth!

Earth: the final frontier. Okay, it's not really the final frontier. However, you might feel that way while exploring this 1:1500 scale map of Earth! Brought to you by LetsLente, this amazing recre.. read more

Community Creations, Holiday Edition Pt2 - Wintry PVP Arena!

All out of sugar and spice, and looking for some PVP action this holiday season?  Why not try out the Death Sentence Arena for all your wintry PVP needs!  This awesome map was pu.. read more

Community Creations - Horse Door

We have all seen roller-coasters, castles, fighting tournaments, and clever redstone creations. It's time for something completely different! ...okay, I lied. It's a clever redstone creation. How.. read more

Community Creations: Epic Ghast Cannon Tower - Survival Mode

Ghasts are horrible, aren't they? All the creepy noises, and how they bury you in explosive fireballs the second you poke your head out of a portal? Besides drops, what possible good could they be? .. read more

Community Creations - Herobrine Mansion 2 & "The Miner"

Herobrine's Mansion 2: an Adventure Map Did you play the first Herobrine Mansion, by Hypixel?  If not, you have to try this one out - you won't forget it, I promise.  Give it .. read more

Community Creations - What Does the Squid Say?

I'm sure you have all heard "What Does the Fox Say?" by now, so we'll skip the explanation and jump straight into the video! Phantaboulous has cooked up a clever parody of the insanely popular song,.. read more

Community Creations - Steve's Guide

Steve thinks that he knows everything there is to know about the world he lives in, though he's in for a shock when he has to come to terms with the fact that the life he is living is nothing but a .. read more

Community Creations - "Indev 1" Challenge

5 designers go in, and only one can win! Check out this high-stakes competition, where 5 designers are given 2 hours to build a functional (and fashionable) roller-coaster. Enjoy!.. read more

Community Creations - Zombie Arena 3

Were you a fan of the first massively popular Zombie Arena, and now need another challenge to overcome?  Looking for a worthy successor to Red_Jay's original map?  Why not give Z.. read more

Tired of upvoting snapshot creations...?

Tired of upvoting snapshot creations...? .. read more

Community Creations - Knights of Kingdomia

Looking for a game that is equal parts "capture the flag" and "high-stakes PVP"? Look no farther than Knights of Kingdomia, which is all this, and quite a bit more. Knights of Kingdomia is a Minecr.. read more

Community Creations - Wrath of the Fallen

Not long ago, Hypixel gave us the nail-biting adventure, Herobrine's Mansion.  Now, he brings us a new adventure, with even more complex mechanics, adventure elements, and goodies to sin.. read more

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