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This Week in Minecraft January 20th
This Week in Minecraft: January 13th
This Week in Minecraft January 6th
This week in Minecraft Saturday
This Week in Minecraft December 16th
Try the new Minecraft: Java Edition Textures
Minecraft Snapshot 17W50A
This Week in Minecraft December 9th
This week in Minecraft November 25th
This week in Minecraft November 11th
This week in Minecraft October 28th
This week in Minecraft October 21st
This week in Minecraft October 14th
Merge Your Minecraft Forum Account With Twitch
This week in Minecraft October 7th
Update regarding shutdown of WoM community and servers. Rise of a new community named Sanctuary MC has been released.
This Week in Minecraft September 16th
Minecraft on Nintendo 3DS Out Now!
This week in Minecraft September 9th
This week in Minecraft September 2nd
Minecraft Better Together Beta Out Now On Xbox
This week in Minecraft August 19th
This week in Minecraft August 12th
Story Mode: Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date Announced
Minecon Earth And Community Events Announced
Mojang Hires Pixel Artist
This week in Minecraft July 8th
Story Mode Season 2 Trailer
Better Together Features Preview
This week in Minecraft July 1st
Console Update Out Now!
This week in Minecraft June 24th
Better Together Update Announced
This week in Minecraft June 10th
PC 1.12 "World of Color" Released
5 Amazing Community Creations in Minecraft
This week in Minecraft June 3rd
Discovery Update Released!
Minecraft 1.12 Release Date Revealed
Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 6
Minecraft Discovery Update Trailer
This week in Minecraft May 20th
Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 3
This week in Minecraft May 13th
Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 1
This week in Minecraft May 6th
This week in Minecraft April 29th
Minecraft 1.12 Snapshot 17w17a
Marketplace Questions Answered
This week in Minecraft April 22nd
Minecraft 1.12 Snapshot 17w16a
This week in Minecraft April 15th
Minecraft coming to Nintendo Switch!
Minecraft 1.12 Snapshot 17w15a
Minecraft Marketplace and Currency
This week in Minecraft April 8th
Minecraft 1.12 Snapshot 17w14a
1.0.5 Update for Pocket and Win 10 Released Today
This week in Minecraft April 1st
Glide Mini Game Lands Tomorrow!
Minecraft snapshot 16w50a
Shouldn't you be on Minecraft.net right now?
Fight in a fort or toss a tuber
Pocket Edition is 5 years old! Have a trailer for 1.0!
Share your real-life Minecraft moments!
Go googly-eyed! Cartoon textures on Pocket / Win 10!
On consoles this holiday: Elytra, End Cities & more
Bop a buddy or journey through jungles
20 Possible Secrets in 1.11
Got time to spare? Try our Hour of Code 2016 Edition!
Version 1.11 Fully Released!
Seek out the Exploration Update: 1.11 on PC / Mac now!
Curious What Is Added In 1.11? This Song Might Help!
1.11 Pre-Release Spotlight
Pocket and Win 10 getting 1.0 - The Ender Update soon!
1.11 Pre-Release 1 Ready For Testing
Mumbo Jumbo Creations: Duck Hunt Shooting Gallery
Minecraft 1.11 Pre-Release 1
The Humble Blockjam Bundle is about to begin
Community Creations: Become a Giant (Adventure Map)
Bug fix update for Pocket / Win 10
Be a bear, or duel a dragon!
Snapshot 16w44a Ready For Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 16w44a
Minecraft: Education Edition Now Released!
Community Creations: Minecraft Bonsai
Watch our Halloween stream! Creepy Add-Ons abound!
Minecraft: Education Edition has launched!
Community Creations: 5-Year Build - Castle
Haunted holidays and creepy candies
Apple Announces Minecraft Coming To Apple TV
Snapshot 16w43a Ready For Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 16w43a
Mumbo Jumbo Presents: Bank Vault Door Creation
WoM game servers official notice
Console: Spooky Bundle Available!
Halloweek begins as Spooky Bundle haunts consoles!
Add-Ons! Sponges! Pocket / Win 10 gets the Boss Update
MCPE: 0.16 Now Live - Check Out Add-Ons!
Add-Ons are here! Watch our cool tutorial vids!
Story Mode: Episode 1 Now Free!
Snapshot 16w42a Ready For Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 16w42a
MCPE: 0.16.0 Delayed; Launch Planned For October 21st!
Observer Block Overhauled - Looking At Changes
Community Spotlight: Crazy Tricks With Raycasting
Realms Map Round-Up: Pandas, Puzzles and Egyptian Elytra
Snapshot 16w41a Ready For Testing
Minecraft snapshot 16w41a
Game Theorists: A Breakdown of Minecraft
MCPE / Win10: Building an XP Farm
Limited Edition Creeper BE@RBRICK Available For Short Time
"Medieval Fortress: Exploded Builds" Now Available
Snapshot 16w40a Ready For Testing
Hurry! Pre-order Be@rbrick Creeper 400% before Oct 10
Minecraft snapshot 16w40a
New book alert! Build a mighty medieval empire!
MCPE / Win10: 0.15.10 Now Live!
Fearsome fixes! Changelog 0.15.10 for Pocket / Win 10
Eek! Campfire Tales skin pack haunts Pocket / Win 10!
Console: Banners, Blocks, Beets, Bears
Console update ahoy:Banners, Blocks, Beets & Bears!
Tutorial: Building Instant Redstone Wire
Tutorial: Shulker Box Loading
Minecraft Snapshot 16w39c - The Exploration Update
16w39b Snapshot Update
Minecraft Snapshot 16w39b - The Exploration Update
Snapshot 16w39a Ready For Testing!
Minecraft Snapshot 16w39a - The Exploration Update
Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack Coming October 4th
(PC) A Look At Version 1.11
MINECON 2016 is over! Finished! Done! Thanks for being part of it!
Soon: 1.11 for PC/Mac brings llamas, mansions & maps!
Add-Ons Revealed For Win10/MCPE at Minecon 2016; Boss Update Due October 18th
Chinese myth, new mobs & more on consoles Oct 4
Add-Ons ahoy! Boss Update coming October 18
Cobalt team reveal first official mod & new controls
Max Brooks is writing a Minecraft novel! Oh yes!
New intelligence: Education Edition arrives Nov 1!
2016 Minecon Skin Pack Free (For Now)!
New intelligence: Education Edition arrives November 1!
MINECON 2016 skins incoming! Get em while theyre hot!
16w38a Ready For Testing
Print Custom Minecraft Figurines at Minecon!
Minecraft snapshot 16w38a
Print your skin at MINECON thanks to Mattel & 57digital
Community Creations: "Acid Interstate v3"
Realms map round-up: chickens and challenges
Pocket Edition: 0.15.8 Available; Minecon Updates
Fantastic! Changelog 0.15.8 for Pocket / Win 10 appears!
MINECON's just around the corner. Are you ready?
Story Mode: Episode 8: "Journey's End" Now Live!
Realms map round-up: spleef, swordplay, and board games for bored days
Minecraft: Education Edition Coming to Classrooms Soon
A Journeys End: Story Mode Episode 8 arrives!
What Can Be Done Beyond the 30-Million Block World Limit?
Snapshot 16w36a Ready For Testing
Community Creations: "My Neighbor Totoro" Re-Created
Minecraft snapshot 16w36a
Story Mode: Episode 8, "Journey's End" Coming Soon
A Journeys End: Story Mode Episode 8 incoming!
Captain Sparklez: "Trolled"
Mumbo Jumbo: Building a Laboratory
Console: Battle Map Pack 3 Now Available!
Battle Map pack 3 unleashed on console!
Minecraft snapshot 16w35a
Weve just updated our privacy policy!
Community Creations: "Something Mean" (Musical Parody)
Its only natural: changelog 0.15.7 for Pocket & Win 10
Vote for us at SXSW! Oh, go on.
Let's get ready to Tumble! Console mini game out now!
Mini-Game: Tumble (Console)
MCPE/Win10: Boss Update Coming Soon
Sneak Peek: Boss Update coming to Pocket&Win 10
5 Vanilla Things You Might Not Have Seen
MCPE/Win10: New "Observer" Block in Future Update
Whats happening with redstone on Pocket / Win 10?
Community Creations: Redstone Bunker Tutorial
MCPE/Win10: 0.15.6 Changes (VR Fixes)
Fixes, FAQs and a changelog for 0.15.6
Snapshot 16w33a Ready For Testing!
Community Creations: Horror Mode
Minecraft snapshot 16w33a
Community Creations: Minecraft Story Mode - Redstonia (in Minecraft)
Minecraft Coming to Oculus Rift Today
Minecraft VR coming to Oculus Rift today!
Beam Integration Means Interactive Minecraft Livestreams
Snapshot 16w32a Live!
Minecraft snapshot 16w32b
Minecraft snapshot 16w32a
Evil Live! Watch our devs stream their inner villains!
The Survivors Book of Secrets now out in the US
"Survivors Book of Secrets" Released in U.S.!
Breaking Minecraft (Animation)
Community Roundtable: "Games Are Bad For Kids!"
Community Creations: Cyberware (1.10 Mod)
Community Creations: The Golden Chalice of Kurast (Adventure Map)
The Great Fire of London - Interactive Maps!
Mojang proud to stride at Pride
MCPE/Win10: 0.15.4 Update Going Live!
It's big. It's bad. It's changelog 0.15.4 for Pocket & Win 10!
MCPE/Win10: The Villain Pack Arrives!
Minecraft on Windows 10 is one year old!
Villains skin pack ruthlessly conquers Pocket Edition
Console DLC Double-Feature!
Story Mode Episode 7 Now Live!
Double DLC coming to consoles today!
Community Creations: OctoCourse (1.10)
It's A Trap! (Animation)
London Burning!
Community Creations: Time's Up! (Animation)
MCPE/Win10: 0.15.3 Rolling Out!
Story Mode Episode 7 live next week. Heres a trailer!
Pocket and Windows 10 changelog0.15.3 incoming
Story Mode: Episode 7 Out Soon!
Command Blocks Confusing? Try This!
Community Creations: Flower;Corpse (Build)
Community Round-Table: The Future of Minecraft and Augmented Reality
Community Creations: JSON Text Editor
Project Malmo: How Minecraft is Helping Create Better AI
Project Malmo uses Minecraft to make AI smarter
Community Creations: Kuni No Tori (Timelapse Build)
Community Creations: Automated Tunnel Bore Machine (Vanilla)
The Minecraft Movie: What We Know So Far
Let's Play Pokemon (Thanks to 1.10)
Community Round-Table: What Is "Fun" In Minecraft?
Cobalt is 65% off in the Steam Summer sale!
Community Creations: "Would You Rather?" (Minigame)
Community Creations: Destructive Worms (Mini-Game)
Calling all Agents: help us run MINECON 2016!
Community Creations: Custom Minecraft Computer Case
The Minecraft movie has a release date!
"Block By Block" Has a New Site
PS/Vita Updated to Version 1.28
Check out our new site for Block by Block!
Minecraft 1.10.2
The Server and Forum Rules.
11/05/16 Server downtime. (Sorry America, It's Day Month, Year)
I'm Stepping down
A Message from MrSnowGlobe
NEXUS Open Beta
Desktop: 1.10.1 Now Available
The Minecraft merch motherlode
Minecraft 1.10.1
Mojang Guide Book "Survivor's Book of Secrets" Released
Realms map round-up: puzzles, presents, and flights of fancy
Battle mini game: out now & free on consoles!
The Survivors Book of Secrets - out now!
SethBling Presents: Redstone Door Counter (With Tutorial)
Community Creations: Fragile Parkour (1.10)
Minecraft at E3: the round-up
Community Creations: DIY Light-Up Diamond Block
Community Creations: The 1.10 Song; Addons For Consoles Update
30 Secrets In 1.10 You Might Not Know
Realms and cross-device play: now on Pocket / Win 10
Minecraft Annoucements at E3: Cross-Platform Realms, Addons for Non-Desktop, & More
Community Creations: "Realistic Minecraft" (Short Film)
Minecraft: Education Edition early access is here!
1.10 Now Live!
Minecraft 1.10: The Frostburn Update
1.10 Pre-Release 2 Available For Testing!
Minecraft 1.10 Pre-Release 2
Community Creations: MineTrek
PE/Win10: The Friendly Update!
Whats in 0.15, The Friendly Update, for Pocket / Win 10?
A sneak peek at The Friendly Updates piston power
Over 100,000,000 Copies of Minecraft Sold Worldwide
Minecraft 1.10 Pre-Release 1
We've sold Minecraft many, many times! LOOK!
Story Mode: Episode 6 Incoming; WiiU: Minecraft (Physical Copy) Coming To EU Stores 6/30/16
Story Mode Episode 6 falls out of the sky next week
Lets talk promotions built into Minecraft
Mojang's Commercial Use Guidelines Updated (For Businesses, Mainly)
Community Creations: ZeGame, by Jespertheend
Community Roundtable: Bugs (Insects, Not Code Errors)
Console: Free Mini-Game Coming Soon
Battle mini game - free on Console Edition soon
Minecraft snapshot 16w21b
Snapshot 16w21a Ready For Testing
Minecraft snapshot 16w21a
Community Creations: Beyond Perception 2
Captain Sparklez' Mom Plays Minecraft
Minecraft Comes to China
Minecraft is coming to China
Biome Settler Pack Now Available (Pocket/Win 10)
Biome Settlers Pack 2 now available for download
Snapshot 16w20a Ready For Testing!
Calling panelists and exhibitors! MINECON needs you!
Minecraft snapshot16w20a
Java Minecraft Price Updating In Certain Regions on May 23rd
Eurovison Stage For Minecraft
Minecraft might be changing price in your region
Game Theorists: The Ending, Decoded?
Download the Eurovision stage! Re-enact the magic!
Element Animation: Block By Block (A Montage)
Mod Spotlight: Weather, Storms, & Tornadoes (1.7.10)
Minecraft 1.9.4 Now Available!
Minecraft 1.9.4
Wii U: Mario Mash-Up Pack Coming Soon!
Mario Mash Up coming to Wii U Edition May 17!
Celebrate Xbox Edition's birthday with free skins!
Mining Diamond Ore IRL?
Community Creations: Crafting (Comic)
"Xbox One Edition Favorites Pack" Is Coming!
Favorites Pack coming to Xbox One this June
It's your last chance to get the Android Realms alpha
Minecraft 1.9.3 Pre-Release 3
Community Creations: X-Files Theme, in Noteblocks
Community Creations: Minecraft Physics (Animation)
Minecraft.net 2.0 has been deployed!
Community Creations: Pathfinder 2 - Memory Parkour
Minecraft For Gear VR Available!
Pocket Edition: Lifeboat Accounts Compromised, 7M Players Affected
1.9.3 Pre-Release 2 Now Available!
Minecraft arrives on Gear VR today!
Minecraft 1.9.3 Pre-Release 2
Mod Spotlight: The Betweenlands
Community Creations: Terra Swoop Force (1.9.2)
New to Realms: lions and towers and snares! Oh my!
1.9.3 Pre-Release 1 Ready For Testing
Play Crown and Council - a new, free game!
New Minecraft LEGO Set Coming in June?
Minecraft 1.9.3 Pre-Release 1
Community Creations: "Off the Grid" (Movie)
Server List Spotlights: YuCraft
Minecon 2016 Tickets Announcement
Realms Spotlight: Minecar Racing
MINECON 2016 tickets announcement!
Mojang: Education Edition Coming! Community: Looking At Servers Today
Get smarter! Minecraft: Education Edition on its way!
Play Cobalt for free right now! Or buy it cheap!
Minecraft Realms Coming To Win10/Pocket Edition Soon
Minecraft Realms is coming to Pocket and Win 10
Minecraft snapshot 16w15b
Server List Spotlight: Prison Servers
Community Creations: Animated Blocks (Tron)
Community Creations: Dragon Escapist (Adventure Map)
Minecraft snapshot 16w15a
Server Spotlight News: MCProHosting Build Contest!
Snapshot 16w14a Ready For Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 16w14a
Story Mode Skin Packs, Version Updates Available (TU34, CU22, Patch 1.25, Patch 4)
Story Mode skins are here. Free-ish for the first week!
Community Creations: FreshCoal, a Head Generator!
Community Spotlight: Modern House Designs
The Trendy Update! Pre-Release Goodies
Minecraft 1.RV - the Trendy Update Pre-release 1
Server Spotlight: "No Signal" - a Post-Apocalyptic Adventure; 1.9.2 Update Now Live
Minecraft 1.9.2
Story mode Episode 5 out today! Much rejoicing!
Join N3RDFUSION in Minecraft, Have Fun, Win Prizes!
ExplodingTNT: What if Minecraft Was Insanity?
Server Spotlight News: Hypixel Has Houses, Hive Has New Games!
Village Generator? (1.9)
Villager Generator? (1.9)
Story Mode: Episode 5 On the Way, Three More To Follow
Story Mode Episode 5 incoming. Three more on the way
Cobalt update: languages, controls, and map challenge!
Minecraft 0.14.0 released! Skin Pack, livestream! More!
What Happens When You Log Out?
Mega-huge Cobalt patch: new tutorial and more!
Server List Spotlights: Creative Servers
Play Cobalt's demo! Find secret code! Win stuff!
Community Creations: Armor Stand Model/Animation Generator!
Have You Ever Seen an Underwater Temple Exposed?
Teaching AI With Minecraft?
Minecraft 1.9.1 Pre-Release 3
Server Spotlights: RPG (Role-Playing Game) Servers
Grian Presents: 1.9 Building Tips and Tricks
Minecraft 1.9.1 Pre-Release 2
1.9.1 Pre-Release Now Available
Minecraft 1.9.1 Pre-Release 1
Minecraft 1.10 Teaser: "Working on a New Mob"
Minecon 2016 Date, City Announced
Where in the world is MINECON?
Disappearing Pistons: Bug, or Feature?
Server Spotlights: PvP Servers
Community Creations: MineWars (Animation)
Wii U Updated With Patch 3
Minecraft 1.9 - Combat Update
1.9 Combat Update is Now Live!
Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release 4
EULA Enforcement Underway?
1.9 Pre-Release v3 Ready For Testing!
Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release 3
Map Spotlight: 15 Second Memory Challenge
Modpack Spotlight: Life in the Woods: Renaissance
Server List Spotlight: 3 Awesome Factions Servers
Cobalt updated with new languages, new controls and a map-making challenge!
Pocket Edition: 0.14.0 Is Now Live!
Minecraft 0.14.0 is out! Skin Pack, livestream and more!
Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release 2
1.9 Pre-Release v1 Ready For Testing!
Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release 1
Mojang Presents: Mine Chest
Bring Minecraft Into Your World With Mine Chest!
Minecraft snapshot 16w07b
Snapshot 16w07a Ready For Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 16w07a
Server List Spotlight: Top 5 Mini-Game Servers!
Pocket Edition/Win10: 0.14.0 Beta Coming Soon!
Minecraft: Pocket Edition & Windows 10 Edition Beta out soon!
Snapshot 16w06a Ready For Testing
Minecraft snapshot 16w06a
Captain Sparklez: "Arrested"
Server List Spotlight: Getting to Know the Server List
Journey to the West skins now on PE and Windows 10
Minecraft Win10: "Journey to the West" Pack Available!
Community Roundtable: Minecraft Servers
Race, Jump, and Explode Through These 14 New Realms Maps
Minecraft snapshot 16w05b
16w05a Ready For Testing
Check out the Minecraft.net beta
Minecraft snapshot 16w05a
Unbreakable Blocks in Survival?
Cobalt now available to download
Snapshot Spotlight: 16w04a
Cobalt is out tomorrow! Learn the basics today!
Snapshot 16w04a Ready For Testing
Community Creations: Chess (Vanilla, No Command Blocks)
Minecraft snapshot 16w04a
Pocket Edition Beta 0.14.0 Available on Android
Official Minecraft Wiki App Available!
Community Creations: Beyond Perception (Adventure Map)
Pocket Edition Beta 0.14.0 available for Android
Slamacow Presents: Under the Weather
Mod Spotlight: Throwable Torches
Snapshot 16w03a Ready For Testing
Minecraft snapshot 16w03a
Minecraft: Education Edition Announced!
Play BET ON COBALT! Honestly, its great
Announcing Minecraft: Education Edition
Minecraft: Story Mode coming to Wii U this Thursday
Sethbling Presents: In-Game BASIC Interpreter
Community Creations: Password Generator (Kind Of)
Mod Spotlight: Glass Shards
Cobalt coming to Xbox and Steam February 2nd
Minecraft snapshot 16w02a
Snapshot 16w02a Ready For Testing!
Community Creations: Pokemon Red
Minecraft Animation: Skeleton Encounter
Mod Spotlight: Grappling Hook
Minecraft 2 (is Fake, Please Don't Buy It)
Watch Jens play Cobalt LIVE
Original Minecraft Surpasses 22 Million Sales
Community Creations: The Ride
Community Spotlight: Quality Builds of 2015
Community Creations: Working Helicopter in Nearly-Vanilla 1.9
Community Creations: 360 Video Performance
Community Creations: Spell Checker
Minecraft Now 9th Best Selling Game of All Time on Nintendo eShop
Happy Holidays From MCF!
Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 4 is Live!
Community Creations: Twyce (Puzzle Map)
Mojang: "Happy Holidays!"
Minecraft Forum Maintenance -- Read Only
Pocket Edition/Windows 10 Livestream, with Map Downloads!
Happy holidays from all at Mojang!
Here's the Pocket/Windows 10 Edition livestream!
Minecraft.net localization update
Community Creations: Animation vs Minecraft
Playstation and Xbox Editions get humongous update
Minecraft: Wii U Edition is Now Live!
Snapshot 15w51b Ready For Testing
Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4 out soon! New trailer!
Minecraft: Wii U Edition now available to download
Minecraft snapshot 15w51b
MCPE/Win10: Holiday Skin Pack Arrives!
Pocket Edition gets Festive Skin Pack! Bug fixes!
Story Mode: Episode 4 to be Released Before Christmas
Realms price drop! Free trials!
"Realms" Price Drop; Free Trials!
MCX360: Update TU31 is Rolling Out Soon!
New Pocket Edition Trailer
Snapshot 15w50a Ready For Testing; 1.8.9 Released
Minecraft snapshot 15w50a
Check out the new trailer for Pocket and Windows 10
A Closer Look at "Hour of Code"
The making of Hour of Code
Minecraft Wii U Edition (Finally) Confirmed
Minecraft coming to Nintendo Wii U
A Look At 15w49b
Real, Working Cellphone in Minecraft
Snapshot 15w49a Ready For Testing
Snapshot 154w9a Ready For Testing
Minecraft snapshot 15w49a
Community Creations: 60 Jumps
Community Creations: Advent Calendar (Only 24 Days)
Community Creations: Drobnovian Knights (Adventure Map)
Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 3 Available
Community Creations: Gigantic, Controllable Robot Spider (No Mods)
Realms Map Roundup!
Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 now available
A Look at 15w47c, by slicedlime
Pocket Edition/Windows 10 Edition Updated to 0.13.0
Biome Settlers Pack 1 now available for download
Minecraft snapshot 15w47c
Forum News: New and Improved Server Lists!
Pocket and Windows 10 get redstone! Bunnies! Doors!
Minecraft snapshot 15w47b
Snapshot 15w47a Now Live
Minecraft snapshot 15w47a
Nintendo Update: Wii U Version Possibly Canceled/Rescheduled
Hour of Code
Minecraft meets Hour of Code
15w46a Snapshot Review, by Xisumavoid
Minecraft: Wii U Edition?
Snapshot 15w46a Ready for (Bug)testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w46a
Realms map round-up
Element Animations: Testificate Man
Community Creations: "Crank", an Old-School Animation
Community Roundtable: The "Good Old Days"
A Quick Look at Redstone in Pocket Edition
Watch the Pocket Edition devs go on a spooky journey
Snapshot 15w45a Ready for Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w45a
Minecraft Animation: Armed Robbery
Pocket Edition 0.13.0 Beta Available For Testing!
Pocket Edition Beta 0.13.0 available for Android
We're updating our legal documents
Check out the new, nicer-looking, blog
Community Creations: Automated House Tutorial
Happy Halloween, Minecrafters!
Minecraft snapshot 15w44b
15w44a Preview, by Docm77
Snapshot 15w44a: Ready For Testing? Yes!
Minecraft snapshot 15w44a
Minechest: Minecraft Loot, IRL
Were updating our legal documents
Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 2 now available
Real-life Minecraft loot! Mine Chest now available
Cobalt delayed until February 2016 :(
Minecraft Pocket Edition/Win10: Halloween Costume Pack, Update
Halloween skins coming to Pocket and Windows 10
Boo! Minecraft: Pocket Edition update is out!
Minecraft snapshot 15w43c
15w43b Snapshot Update
Minecraft snapshot 15w43b
Snapshot 15w43a Ready For Testing
Minecraft snapshot 15w43a
Halloween Mashup pack coming to console
Snapshot Tomorrow? Possibly!
Minecraft Story Mode: Do You Enjoy It?
Mod Spotlight: Ships Mod!
1.9 Nearly Feature-Complete, Says Dinnerbone
Minecraft: Story Mode unleashed upon the world!
15w42a Ready for Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w42a
1.9 Spoilers: New Ice Enchant?
Minecraft: Story Mode Livestream Event Tonight!
(Other) Things About Minecraft You Might Not Know
Squareknot Tutorials for Minecraft
Snapshot 15w41b Ready for Testing: WINGS AND BOATS!
Minecraft snapshot 15w41b
New Flying in 1.9?
Community Creations: Vanilla Cutscene Generator (1.9)
Community Creations: Head Soccer
Minecraft: Story Mode on the Horizon
Minecraft: Story Mode is almost here!
Snapshot 15w40b Ready for Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w40b
Short Film: "Quit Clowning Around" (Captain Sparklez)
Community Creations: 360-Degree Video of Build Contest
Oculus Rift Launches in Spring, Will Include Minecraft
Community Roundtable: Boats
PS: Minecraft 1.20 Out Now!
Minecraft snapshot 15w39c
Snapshot 15w39b Ready for Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w39b
Community Creations: How Big is Minecraft?
Community Creations: The Nine Realms
Minecraft: Story Mode Launch Date: October 13th
Minecraft snapshot 15w38b
Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 due this October!
Snapshot 15w38a Ready for Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w38a
Community Creations: Fast & Furious (Machinima)
Music by Pedro: Royalty-Free Music For Your Projects
Charity Event: MineThon Starts Tomorrow!
Snapshot 15w37a Ready for Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w37a
Pocket Edition: 0.12.1 is Now Live!
Cross play on Win 10 and PE! The Nether! More!
1.9 Spoilers: Off-Hand Bows, Possible Golden Apple Nerf
OSX Test Launcher Needs Testing
Community Creations: Lord of the Rings' Shire
Community Creations: Portal 2, Using Only Resource Packs
Snapshot 15w36d is Here!
Minecraft snapshot 15w36d
1.9: Armor Will Have Custom Attributes, Will Not Degrade
Snapshot 15w36c is Here!
Snapshot 15w36a is Here!
Minecraft snapshot 15w36c
Community Creations: Shield-Based Locks?
Player Collision to Return: OSX Launcher Coming Soon
Snapshot 15w35c is Out! TU28 Rolling Out for Consoles!
Minecraft snapshot 15w35e
Community Creations: Five Nights at Freddy's
CaptainSparklez on 15w35b: Zombie Villagers and New Commands
Sethbling Presents: Snapshot Weapon Changes
15w35b Ready for Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w35b
Minecraft Realms Has Tons of Maps!
Snapshot 15w34d: Combat Changes (Swords, Axes)
Snpashot 15w34d: Combat Changes (Swords, Axes)
Realms map explosion and free weekend trials
Minecraft snapshot 15w34d
15w34b Ready for Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w34b
Snapshot 15w34a Ready for Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w34a
Tiny Spoiler: New Command Blocks?
Community Roundtable: Is Minecraft "Wrong" as a Game?
Snapshot 15w33c: Shields!
Minecraft snapshot 15w33c
Snapshot Hotfixes in 15w33b
15w33a Snapshot Ready for Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w33b
Windows 10 Edition Beta - Woo!
Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta
Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta
Community Roundtable: Sleeping
Community Creations: Minecraft Hololens, in Minecraft
Minecraft snapshot 15w32c
Snapshot 15w32b Is Out!
Minecraft snapshot 15w32b
Snapshot 15w32a Ready For Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w32a
Community Creations: Search for Steve (Adventure Map)
Watch the new Cobalt trailer! Over one minute of :D
Community Creations: Deep Sea
15w31c Snapshot Ready For Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w31c
15w31b is Live, Loads of Fixes!
Minecraft snapshot 15w31b
1.9 Snapshot (15w31a) is Live!
Minecraft snapshot 15w31a
Minecraft 1.8.8 Released
Get Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition!
Get Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta for free!
Minecraft 1.8.8 (Pre-)Release Available!
Minecraft 1.8.8 (Pre-)Release
Minecraft Animations: Minecraft Cave
Console: Greek Mythology Mash-Up Pack!
Greek Mythology mash-up pack arrives on console
1.9 Spoilers: Dragon Head?
Minecraft Movie Director Revealed
Weve chosen a director for the Minecraft movie!
1.9 Snapshot Date Revealed!
Minecraft Speed Run Record?
Community Creations: Captain Planet Powers (in Vanilla)
Community Roundtable: Survival Challenges
Dinnerbone Dual-Wielding Demo
Snapshot "Soon", Not This Week
Real-Life Robots Learn With Minecraft
Community Creations: How2Parkour
Community Creations: The Better House
Community Roundtable: The End
Docm77 Interviews Dinnerbone About 1.9 Update
1.9 Updates, Minecraft Win10 Edition, "Story Mode" Reveals
Day 2 Minecon: 1.9 Update Info!
Day 1: Minecon is LIVE! - Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer
Announcing: Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta
Watch the Minecraft livestream! UPDATE: Were live!
Minecon 2015 Starts Tomorrow!
Watch the Minecraft livestream! Its gonna be epic!
ComputerCraftEdu: Learn Programming in Minecraft!
1.9 Snapshots Starting With Minecon
Minecon Capes (and 1.9 spoilers); Minecraft Meets LittleBigPlanet, & More
Console Minecraft getting flatter, woodier, optionier!
LittleBigPlanet meets Minecraft! Minecon capes!
Telltale Games: "We've Got a Minecon Announcement"
Community Roundtable: Combat Update
What is Coming in 1.9?
Looking at 1.9: Dual-Wielding Explored
Community Roundtable: The Theme of Minecraft
Changes to the End?
World's Largest Minecraft Pixel-Art?
Happy Father's Day, Minecrafters!
Minigame: Hot Potato
SethBling Presents: Splatoon
Community Roundtable: Game, or Game Engine?
Uni Teaches Electrical Power, Cybersecurity with Minecraft
Minecraft HoloLens Demo: It's Not Just an Idea Anymore
Community Roundtable: Dinosaurs
Climate Hope City: A Look at Climate Change in Minecraft
Time in Minecraft: Steve is Ancient
Building Guide: Negative Spaces
Minecraft Community Roundtable: Mining and You
"Never Say Goodbye": Minecraft Music Video
Community Roundtable: Ocean Life
1.8.7 Security Update Available!
Minecraft 1.8.7 Security Release
Pocket Edition now has skins, chicken jockeys, more!
MCPE: Pocket Edition and You
Mod Preview: Gliby's Physics
Insane Redstone Doors: I Dont Even
Agar.io in Minecraft? Yes.
Weekly Community Roundtable: Creepers IRL
Top Minecraft Easter Eggs, with Direwolf20!
Main/Off-Hand in 1.9?
Mojang Giving Out 12,000 Realms Trials This Weekend!
Were giving away 12,000 Realms trials this weekend!
Mod Spotlight: Oceancraft (1.7.10)
Pocket Edition getting skins, chicken jockeys, more!
Slamacow Presents: Silverfish Encounter
Minecraft 1.8.6 Security Release
Arcadiacon Coming in June
1.8.5 Security Update is Live!
Minecraft 1.8.5 Security Release
Minecraft Pocket Edition Getting New UI, Controller Support
Tube Heroes: Toys of Youtubers?
Mods Without Modding: "Gamemode 4"
Happy Birthday, Jeb!
Community Creations: Bone Canyon Roller Coaster
PvP Capture Point Game: Infinitri
PvP Capture Point Game: Infiniti
How We Play Minecraft: Solo or Servers?
Active Camouflage in (Vanilla) Minecraft?
Dungeons in Minecraft and You
MCPE Build 0.11.0 beta 10, & Skin Pack?
Happy Mother's Day!
SethBling Presents: Splash Potion Arrows
Happy Birthday, MCX360!
Happy Birthday Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition!
Modpack Spotlight: Pathfinder - Spaaaaaaace
A Look at Old Minecraft: Skins and Models
Magic Arrows: Possible Secret Future Update?
Community Spotlight: Magicraft (Server and Pack)!
SethBling Presents: Jack in the Box
Java Coding Minecraft Mods in Visual Studio?
Minecraft Identity: Who We Are In-Game
Pocket Edition: 0.11.0 build 8 Submitted!
Minecon Panel Applications!
MINECON Panel Application
Alex on XBOX, Simpsons on Playstation
New skins! Achievements! Music!
What is Minethon?
What is Your Minecraft Spirit Animal?
Modpack Spotlight: Davy Jones' Locker
Minecraft Made Simple With Curse Voice
Community Creations: Skies of Aurora (Movie)
Mod Spotlight: Apple & Milk & Tea
HuskyMudkipz: How to Summon Herobrine
1.8.4 Security Release!
Minecraft 1.8.4 Security Release
Community Creations: Dice-Roller
How High Can You Launch (in Vanilla Minecraft)?
New Pocket Edition Beta Available!
SethBling Presents: Hand-Powered Furnace
Screenshot Sunday: World of Warcraft (Dalaran)
Community Creations: Crafteryada (Texture Pack)
Pocket Edition: 0.11.0 Beta Released!
Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday 4/14
Planned maintenance Tuesday April 14
Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 Beta released
Player Feedback Wanted: 1.9 Combat Update
Multiplayer Minigame: Galaxy Wars!
Community Creations: Meet the Engineer
Minceraft Easter Eggs: There Are Many
Community Creations: Shades (A Game Within the Game)
Best Holiday Ever Concluded, Business as Usual
Snapshot 15w14a Ready For Testing!
Minecraft snapshot 15w14a The Love and Hugs Update
Community Creations: Two-Legged Attack Robot
Mod Spotlight: Minecraft Comes Alive!
Mass Effect Skins Coming to Playstation!
Minecon Tickets On Sale Tomorrow!
Community Creations: Shake-A-Notch
Direwolf20 App Spotlight: Curse Voice - Easy Mod Installation
Community Creations: Pacman
Screenshot Sunday: WesterosCraft
Minecraft Minigames: Arkanoid
CaptainSparklez Plays: Planetary Confinement
Minecon 2015 Update: Tickets, FAQ, & More
TempleCraft: Leave a Message!
MINECON 2015 tickets announcement!
Phil Spencer Elaborates on the Microsoft Purchase
Mining Vs Minecraft: Loads of Facts, In-Game and IRL
Speedrun World Record? Quite Possibly!
Speedun World Record? Quite Possibly!
Minecraft Speedrun? Yes - Oh Yes
Turkey Revisited: Minecraft Banned, or No?
Turkey Might Ban Minecraft Over Violence, Mojang Responds
SethBling Presents: Mega-Pick
Minecraft for the Hearing Impaired?
Mod Spotlight: Decocraft
Community Creations: Space Invaders
How are Minecraft Lands Generated?
Far Lands or Bust Revisited
SethBling Presents: The Dress (Yes, THAT Dress)
Screenshot Sunday: A City by the Water
Minecraft Myth Busting: The Ghast
Mod Spotlight: Screenshots Enhanced
Minecraft Show: Turkey Investigates Minecraft, PE Updates, Cheat Protection
Mod Spotlight: Regrowth Modpack
MCPE 0.11.0 Developer Q&A: Daniel Wustenhoff
Captain Sparklez: "He's a Hero" (Animation)
Year of the Sheep - Ore Sheep Mod!
Scrolls just got a massive patch! Extra fun included
Minecraft 1.8.3 is now available
1.8.2 is Now Live!
Minecraft 1.8.2 is now available
Notch Responds to "Sellout" Criticism
Snapshot 1.8.2 Pre-7 Ready for Testing!
Mod Spotlight : Gliby's Voice Chat Mod
Minecraft 1.8.2-pre7 Almost there, just one more
Community Creations: Black Mesa in Minecraft
Minecraft News: Console Update, BAFTA, Star Wars Skins & More
Element Animation: Dentist
Minecraft Monday (on Tuesday, but Wednesday) Show: All The Things
Is 4J Adding Superflat to Consoles?
Community Creations: Infinite Cube 2 (Parkour)
Community Creations: IRL Christmas Tree - How It's Done
Minecraft News: Name Changes, Story Mode, and More
Community Creations: Weapons with 1 Command Block
Name Changes Now Available!
Minecraft Monday (on Tuesday): Minecon 2015!
Community Creations: Diamond Dimension
MINECON 2015 announced!
Coimmunity Creations: Diamond Dimension
Minecraft News: 1.4 Million Concurrent Players, MCPE News & More
Minecraft 1.8.2-pre6 Updated Christmas Gift Edition
The Conan Show Almost Does a Minecraft Episode
Minecraft Servers and You: by Mojang
The Humble Card Game bundle just got even better!
Lets talk about Minecraft servers
Minecraft 1.8.2-pre5 Updated Christmas Gift Edition
Minecraft Boosted Microsoft Sales by $171 Million?
Minecraft Machinima: Civ - Beyond Earth
You build with what you have, rich people edition
Good Old Minecraft Physics
Our Village in the Fog w/ Shaders looks stunning!
I have the worst luck in the world... Spent Days mining for diamonds and went through around an inventory full of iron pickaxes and still not a single diamond.
Why isn't this a thing? This would be gold for Map-makers
R2D2 build underway
Built a new one, map was to big to get entire map in
Sometimes I just...
You build with what you have...
I think there should be a world type that generates a single isolated continent.
Day 921 In My World
Mega build still frame.
Finally finished water removal on my excavation project! ALL IN SURVIVAL.
What 3 years of progress looks like on a build server
What do you guys think of my simple windmill?
When I have Optifine and Shaders on at the same time, this happens to glass, help please?
Baby Spider, he's kinda cute? [Free to Use]
Does everyone still enjoy Clocktowers?
In Pocket edition you can't use an end portal, so...
"He's no good to me, dead" Slave 1 I rushed through last night.
Heading back home from a Nether trip. Panoramic
Darkbird Minecraft Skin
Kind of new to minecraft. 4 hrs in on this build of an apartment building on ps3. What do you all think?
Little something I've been working on. MC needs more proper Oriental Builds.
How can I make my roof (or house) look better?
[worldpaint] Making a map -> Help with Ideas! <-
He knows when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. Watch yourself. He's coming.
I took your advice and made some refinements to my Minecraft cartoon style.
I think my glass is corrupt does anyone know how to fix this? I did a full re install but it didn't do anything.
My Girlfriend is ugly. Well, on my screen... on her screen we both have our normal skins. Anyone can help?
Quick! The village is being bombed by VBOs!
TIL if you're using multiple potions, their particle colors blend
The Cake my Cousin is getting for his Birthday
1,800 Minecraft Passwords Leaked? Nope - Just Phishing
Small house (MCPE)
First time building something with an Outer Space look! Suggestions are appreciated!
Well hello there!
My tower was deleted from a server, fortunately I have back-ups!
Behold, the big metropolis!
Turtle in Survival
Progress has been really slow since last time. Anyway, heres what my "industrial medieval castle port" looks like nowadays.
Lighthouse Sunset
How do people get these cool custom capes?
Minecraft forge 1.6.4 Lag spikes every ~3seconds, see pic and first comment. plz help!
If only this was real
I drew a thing: Ice Spikes
Ah, don't you just love shaders?
Aw yeahh I love graphics mods. (Mr Meeps)
Just sit back and watch the xp roll in
Gremlin/Mogwai Shadow Art
A peaceful night.
Brought this for my SO, um what!!!
Work on the MonoclePlanet server.
Inventory Glitch
And that's why you don't play with lava.
Trying out a Minecraft cartooning style. What do you think?
Making rough paths with layered snow is a cool idea. Hopefully this is as well.
If you put wither skulls behind glass, you can make following eyes.
General Spaz has a twin brother
Gonna **** myself
Subreddit's Most Used Words - January 2015
Got the shaders up and running, night one in my new seed. 1.7.1 Hardcore survival, it's just what i dig.
Could anyone tell me what SG map this is?
Messing with generation settings.
built a ziggurat dungeon for the guys on my server. Nether for that forgotten sunken feeling
I have seen a thousand sunrises in this world. Many times I was tempted, but I resisted.
I rendered this a long time ago, you like it?
[fanart]Meanwhile at Mojang
Someone was trying to explain to me how minecraft is an ugly game, so I showed them a screenshot from my game...
I like this new trend!
This is what happens when you change a Jungle biome to a Cold Taiga with WorldEdit
TIL ladders work even if they are placed like this
Finished the mansion on the water, thought I'd share
What does reddit think of 2 hours of survival?
Using snow for paths allows for better depth
Our server's logo/emblem. What do you people think of it? I love getting feedback!
Doesnt do anything.. looks nice though
FINALLY did it!
Minecraft News: HoloLens, Dirt Roads, Simpsons
Weird leafless trees-what happened here?
Is this a good roof or should I change it?
Wall O' Paintings
Sometimes Minecraft begs you to build somewhere.
I made a Pokmall for a Pixelmon server I admin on
Get outside for awhile he said...
A minimal drowning trap
Minecraft + Shader + Photoshop
Jungle oasis
A couple of houses I've been working on
I made this a while back and decided to post it here, enjoy!
Hey Redditers! I wanted to show you two amazing youtubers from my country, Hungary, they did something truly incredible!
[1.8] Are these spawners too close to make an efficient double farm?
My first carriage, thoughts?
A giant custom tree that I made at my SSP world [WIP]
I know this is late but... Flappy bird!
My oldest son doing his best Thor impression
Made an AT-AT walker today
Started renovating a fortress I built 2 years ago. Here's how much I've improved
The big door debate: Which are you, an Innie (A) or an Outie (B)?
Tower of Babylon
Can anyone help me find this skin?
W.I.P. My second castle,
Ender Dragon Changes Coming Soon! Minecon News Pending
Is it possible to keep the distance fog feature while using SEUS to eliminate the sharp view distance edge?
Prospect Town
Promo shot from Microsoft's HoloLens page
Finished one of my first builds, Here's a Screenshot i took.
Ummm... We can explain
An 8th of my sugar cane farm is complete! I'm going big. :) Any thoughts?
Look what came in the mail today!
Capitol building and political district of my Minecraft nation
Just built up my first legit Beacon c:
What it probably feels like to be Dinnerbone...
Found this in a chest. which should i use
Maybe I stuck the Biome Height a bit too far up?
Is there any way to remove the sharp view edge/add fog besides dropping view distance? Mods?
Wintertide. A player on my server made this town.
Loss of a Dear Friend :(
what do you think? just started so dont expect a finished thing.
I Did An Analysis Of The End Post From Dinnerbone.
Holographic Minecraft, IRL?
Could someone please explain to me what is going on here and how to fix it, this just randomly appeared
Made Vaders TIE fighter attack my bfs Gundam Exia
A duck.
Maybe Microsoft buying Minecraft wasn't so bad...
If you put the hair over something white it turns black.
Anyone else see this bug? Light from no apparent source. (1.8)
Help with my shaders? All enchantments and player name text look like this? What can I do?
Tennessee's State Flag: IN MINECRAFT
Those custom skies are just absolutely gorgeous
Best way to die in minecraft...
I contrasted out the pic that Dinnerbone tweeted. Any ideas what are those?
My Minecraft Gang
Lets talk about password security
nutella in the sky.
My 3 favorite pokemon! (pics in comments)
Dressed to Till
It would be cool if particles were little cubes instead of 2d images
Fell down this pit, biggest scare ever
Building a nether hub for my server. West is done, just gotta build North, South and East now!!
Holy **** ZipKrowd SeedFinder is awesome.
Testing out my Modern HD texture for the new Road blocks!
I built a stock exchange
[Survival] So me and my buddy made a big tree
Cargobob GTA V | Minecraft
Opened a chest on a server and now I get this message when I try to connect. Any ideas?
Minecraft HD Wallpaper! [3840x1080]
An aerial view of our city - Two and a half years progress
Isle of Staffa - Another Picture of the Minecraft Mountain
Google's picture for bone meal is from Minecraft
Invisible Creeper
Was watching WWE Raw when I saw a familiar creature. (Sorry for potato quality)
Minecraft Animations: Meet the Spy
Our buddy said he was going to start exploring our new survival world
Melons can't be used as a building material, they said...
I'll name you McChicken and you will grow up to be a deli- wonderful animal.
This is the best I can make my Minecraft look on my lower-mid range laptop, and I love it.
A replica of my real life house.
Jeb just posted this on twitter.
Any suggestions for how I can make a more natural looking downhill river?
Hey, you! Buy The Humble Card Game Bundle!
I'm trying to run SUES. Any idea what this means or how I can get it working?
Krieger, Piggly's at it again!
Update: Creeper Nightstand Complete!
My first survival house after not playing the game for months, Mallory Hall [under construction]
I can already see it happening.
Humble beginnings. Industrialized future.
Some towers on a cliff

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