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Alex on XBOX, Simpsons on Playstation

  Do you play Minecraft on XBOX, but don't feel like Steve is really "you" when playing? Mojang has something in mind just for you! Owen   When most players begin their Minecraft adventure.. read more

Minecraft News: HoloLens, Dirt Roads, Simpsons

<center></center> <script src=".. read more

Simpsons Skins Coming to XBox!

Much like Minecraft itself, the Simpsons are something of a cultural phenomenon. It should then come as no surprise to see the two become one, with the upcoming Simpsons Skin Pack! It will be $1.99 o.. read more

You may remember my sons headstone, I've decorated his tree for Christmas.

You may remember my sons headstone, I've decorated his tree for Christmas. .. read more

7 Reasons to Date a Gamer This Valentines Day

Who says dating a gamer isn't awesome?.. read more

Seasons greeting

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and safe holidays from all of us here at WoM. Special thanks to all of WoM staff for making 2012 another fun year for the community! Cheers to all the old and new me.. read more

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