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Server List Spotlight: 3 Awesome Factions Servers

  Today's Server List Spotlight looks at a sampling of a very popular and oft-requested game type, Factions! Each is a bit different from the rest, but all are good starting points for play.. read more

Cobalt updated with new languages, new controls and a map-making challenge!

Hello blue faces! As you probably know, were working with the fine gentlemen at Oxeye Game Studio on Cobalt. Theyre a super small sweet team of 2.2 people (its Daniel, Pontus and our Jens) and theyve.. read more

Pocket Edition: 0.14.0 Is Now Live!

  The first major update for Minecraft: Pocket/Win10 Edition is finally out! The list of changes for 0.14.0 is pretty huge, spanning 7 total development builds. Get the full list below!   R.. read more

Minecraft 0.14.0 is out! Skin Pack, livestream and more!

Hey hey! Were happy to let you know that the first update of the year for Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Beta Edition is now out! So what cool things are there? Lets take a closer look! Li.. read more

Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release 2

UPDATE: Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release 2 is now available. It is time to stop waiting and start playing. A pre-release of Minecraft 1.9 is now available. We are very excited to enter the final stage befor.. read more

1.9 Pre-Release v1 Ready For Testing!

  The pre-release is here! Possibly one of the most extensive updates in the game's history, 1.9 comes not only with a huge list of features, but a huge number of total bugfixes over the course .. read more

Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release 1

It is time to stop waiting and start playing. A pre-release of Minecraft 1.9 is now available. We are very excited to enter the final stage before the new version is released. First the answer to t.. read more

Mojang Presents: Mine Chest

  Monthly goodie boxes are a common sight these days; subscribe to them, and a box jam-packed with goodies shows up to your door every month, usually themed to a particular game genre, comi.. read more

Bring Minecraft Into Your World With Mine Chest!

Hello! When you play Minecraft, you never know what youre going to find when you break past those next few blocks, and that feeling of anticipation can be quite exciting, yes? Well, we wanted to bri.. read more

Minecraft snapshot 16w07b

UPDATE: Snapshot 16w07b is now available. A snapshot on a Monday? How is that possible? We could just pretend its Wednesday, or explain whats going on. So, here we go: Its actually Wednesday, so all.. read more

Snapshot 16w07a Ready For Testing!

  It's Wednesday, time for a new snapsh-   Wait, it's Monday? Madness! Well, not exactly madness; in the past, snapshots started releasing earlier in the week when it was getting close to a.. read more

Minecraft snapshot 16w07a

A snapshot on a Monday? How is that possible? We could just pretend its Wednesday, or explain whats going on. So, here we go: Its actually Wednesday, so all is good just kidding. Its not Wednesday.. read more

Server List Spotlight: Top 5 Mini-Game Servers!

  Mini-games are one of the most popular ways to enjoy Minecraft multiplayer today, and there are almost as many varieties of games and servers as there are players. From Spleef to Survival Game.. read more

Pocket Edition/Win10: 0.14.0 Beta Coming Soon!

  While not currently available, Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Minecraft will soon see a release of beta 0.14.0! Development on this version of the game has been coming along pretty quickly, and.. read more

Minecraft: Pocket Edition & Windows 10 Edition Beta out soon!

Hello cube heads! :) I hope youre as excited as were, because weve been really looking forward to this! So lets get to the juicy bits! Heres the super awesome exciting change log! 0.14.0 is a bit fo.. read more

Snapshot 16w06a Ready For Testing

  The pre-release of 1.9 is rapidly approaching! Many more bugs have been squashed, and a few more adjustments have been made. It is a good time to check out the bug tracker, and make sure your .. read more

Minecraft snapshot 16w06a

Some bugs in the game are more annoying than others. So we decided to take care of some of the bugs that were good candidates for winning a most popular bugs contest. We are very sorry for closing tic.. read more

Captain Sparklez: "Arrested"

  Captain Sparklez goes on a strange adventure with a slimy companion. This stop-motion short film takes some pretty strange turns, and promises (threatens?) more to come!.. read more

Server List Spotlight: Getting to Know the Server List

  As you know, we recently launched the official Minecraft Forum Server List, an incredibly useful tool for finding exactly the kind of servers you want to play on, at any time! Starting this we.. read more

Journey to the West skins now on PE and Windows 10

Hello! Weve made even more skins for you players of Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition Beta. In celebration of Year of The Monkey, weve created a pack based on Journey to the West - an.. read more

Minecraft Win10: "Journey to the West" Pack Available!

  Ready for some new skins? We certainly are! The Lunar New Year is upon us, and Microsoft is bringing the celebration to Minecraft with a new pack, inspired by the Journey to the West, a 16th c.. read more

Community Roundtable: Minecraft Servers

  Multiplayer: for years, it has been a staple of fun and engagement in Minecraft. It's always entertaining to build huge fortresses and create crazy games and contraptions, but somehow, the who.. read more

Race, Jump, and Explode Through These 14 New Realms Maps

Its been some time since we last checked in on new maps for Minecraft Realms, so lets get into it! Here are a bevy of new adventure maps, survival starters, and minigames ready for you to play right n.. read more

Minecraft snapshot 16w05b

Update: Minecraft snapshot version 16w05b is now available in the launcher. This weeks snapshot contains only few fixed for bugs reported on the bug tracker. We started looking at the Realms integrat.. read more

16w05a Ready For Testing

  The update cycle is starting to wind down! Each snapshot that comes out has a little bit fewer changes, and even less bugs ironed out. This isn't a bad thing! As fewer bugs are discovered, it .. read more

Minecraft snapshot 16w05a

This weeks snapshot contains only few fixed for bugs reported on the bug tracker. We started looking at the Realms integration to make sure everything is up to date with the changes that were introduc.. read more

Unbreakable Blocks in Survival?

  One unavoidable truth about Survival Minecraft is that every block in the game can be broken, which is an unfortunate weakness in what could otherwise be impenetrable builds. Even the most ela.. read more

Snapshot Spotlight: 16w04a

  Xisumavoid goes over the many changes of 16w04a, some of which might surprise you! While the latest rounds of snapshots have been heavily bugfix-oriented, Mojang still sneaks in goodies here a.. read more

Cobalt is out tomorrow! Learn the basics today!

HELLO! Its an exciting time for fans of good video games. Cobalt will be released on Steam for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 tomorrow! Its going to be glorious! Ive written about why Cobalt is so great.. read more

Snapshot 16w04a Ready For Testing

  A new snapshot is live, and it is ready for you! Much like before, this snapshot is mainly focused on bugfixes, though there are a few particularly nice additions as well. Most notably, there .. read more

Community Creations: Chess (Vanilla, No Command Blocks)

  Redstoner flip35 has come up with a pretty remarkable creation - a working chess game inside Minecraft! It doesn't use any mods to work, but perhaps more interestingly, it does not use any com.. read more

Minecraft snapshot 16w04a

Yet another week has passed, lots of bugs have been inspected, turned around and hopefully fixed. Were inching ever closer to 1.9 and our focus is on stability, performance and the remaining polish. .. read more

Community Creations: Beyond Perception (Adventure Map)

  Looking for a new type of adventure map? How about a proper puzzle map? If so, Beyond Perception, by Mihro and MinecraftSpace, might be right up your alley! The concept is fairly straightforwa.. read more

Slamacow Presents: Under the Weather

  A somewhat retro game-stylized video which amusingly portrays the weirdly fickle weather in Minecraft. Can the zombie and enderman both escape the equally terrifying aspects of sunny and rainy.. read more

Mod Spotlight: Throwable Torches

  Continuing with the recent trend of "useful, but not massively overhauling mods", today's spotlight focuses on something you didn't know you needed, but should definitely check out: Throwable .. read more

Snapshot 16w03a Ready For Testing

  Mainly bugfixes, 16w03a is something of a precursor to the pre-release for 1.9! Be sure to try it out, and make sure this version works like it should. If it does not, report what you find! &n.. read more

Minecraft snapshot 16w03a

Here is a new snapshot. We made it. For you. So that you can see what weve been working on most recently and tell us what you think about it. Nothing in it is final, everything could change before Min.. read more

Play BET ON COBALT! Honestly, its great

The code-wizards at Oxeye Games Studio have outdone themselves. We present BET ON COBALT. Team Strike is one of Cobalts most intricate modes. And it makes for a fantastic spectator sport, even when.. read more

Minecraft: Story Mode coming to Wii U this Thursday

Hello! I bring even more exciting news for Wii U owners. Just a few months ago you got Minecraft, and now Im delighted to announce that Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to Wii U this Thursday, January.. read more

Sethbling Presents: In-Game BASIC Interpreter

  A number of simple computers have been built inside Minecraft over the years, but this may be the first time I've ever seen a functioning compiler written using only in-game assets. Sethbling .. read more

Community Creations: Password Generator (Kind Of)

  Mumbo Jumbo had a minor security incident recently, prompting him to consider better security options. Somewhat inspired by the incident, he designed this redstone-powered password genera.. read more

Mod Spotlight: Glass Shards

  Continuing with our recent theme of "mods that are really useful, but not massively game-overhauling", today's mod fits neatly into something a lot of players have had a problem with for years.. read more

Cobalt coming to Xbox and Steam February 2nd

Hello! I bring exciting news! Weve locked down Cobalts release date. Its coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Steam for Windows on February 2nd. Itll cost $19.99 or equivalent. I am slightly biased, bu.. read more

Minecraft snapshot 16w02a

A new year has started and its time to celebrate it with a new Minecraft snapshot. The list of things we want to finish before the 1.9 release is getting shorter, more bugs are getting fixed, fewer ne.. read more

Snapshot 16w02a Ready For Testing!

  That's right, the first snapshot of the year is here! Yay! As with previous, recent snapshots, this one mainly focuses on cleaning up a host of bugs and problems, to prepare for 1.9. As unexci.. read more

Community Creations: Pokemon Red

  Pokemon - a game that hardly needs introduction, and a franchise that will, this year, celebrate its 20-year anniversary. Crazy! Do you know what's crazier than that? A working copy of Pokemon.. read more

Minecraft Animation: Skeleton Encounter

  Slamacow is no stranger to Minecraft animations, being one of the pioneers of the genre. Continuing his "encounter" series, this episode has an unlikely group of friends meeting the skeleton p.. read more

Mod Spotlight: Grappling Hook

Looking for a new mod to play around with, but not sure about committing to world conversion-scale changes? Maybe you just need a faster (or funnier) way to get around your world. As luck would have .. read more

Minecraft 2 (is Fake, Please Don't Buy It)

Pictured: not Minecraft   A fake app is making the rounds on the Apple store, trying to scam people out of money. Calling itself Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2, it is anything but. Fake screenshots .. read more

Watch Jens play Cobalt LIVE

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope you had a good un! Just a quick note to let you know that at 15:00 CET tomorrow, Lord of Minecraft and Oxeye Game Studio developer, Jens Bergensten will be playing Coba.. read more

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