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Print Custom Minecraft Figurines at Minecon!

    Are you headed to Minecon 2016 this year? Among the events and activities, one thing you should check out is this awesome joint project between toy-making juggernaut Mattel, and digital.. read more

Print your skin at MINECON thanks to Mattel & 57digital

If youre going to MINECON you may be interested to know that toy-wizards Mattel are offering a supercool skin-printing service, so you can slap your game-face (and game-body, game-legs and game-arms) .. read more

first 3d printer success

first 3d printer success .. read more

Flying Block Printer

3D printers are highly popular, so it should come as little surprise to see one pop up in Minecraft! Minedaft has put together a clever contraption, using the new slime block/piston interactions, to.. read more

Community Creations - 3D Printer, in Minecraft

This creation almost defies belief - a fully functional 3D printer, inside Minecraft. How does it work, you ask? That's a really good question - and not one I ever found an answer to - but there is .. read more

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