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Minecraft Pocket Edition/Win10: Halloween Costume Pack, Update

  It's that time of year for awesome holidays, and no holiday is better to start with than Halloween! Even though it's far too soon to wear any Minecraft costumes in real life, the next best thi.. read more

Halloween skins coming to Pocket and Windows 10

The scariest time of the year is almost upon us! Aside from Minecon, Halloween is the only times that the average person will respect your need to roam the streets dressed as your favourite Minecraft.. read more

Boo! Minecraft: Pocket Edition update is out!

Hello! We’re super happy to present update 0.12.3 for Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta. Here’s the tweaks: [JIRA 9985] Tooltip position was incorrect and v.. read more

Halloween Mashup pack coming to console

Hi, everyone! Minecraft is about to get spooky! The good folks at 4J have created an entire mash-up pack dedicated to the eeriest time of the year. Not only does this Halloween pack include a whoppin.. read more

(Other) Things About Minecraft You Might Not Know

  A video series by cubfan135 touches on a lot neat tips and tricks players can use in Minecraft, some well known, others far more obscure but very useful! Even if you are - like me - .. read more

Squareknot Tutorials for Minecraft

  Tutorials - we all use them, in one way or another, in Minecraft, whether to build new project ideas, to learn how to do certain tricks in game, or just to show how something is made. One tric.. read more

Short Film: "Quit Clowning Around" (Captain Sparklez)

  Captain Sparklez holds auditions for clowns in the area, but all is not what it seems...It's hard to elaborate on this short without ruining the punchline, except to say "I didn't see THAT end.. read more

Pocket Edition: 0.12.1 is Now Live!

  After a long wait, Pocket Edition sees a much-awaited update! The wait was worth it, because there are more goodies packed in this patch than you can shake a stick at! Aside from the huge list.. read more

Community Creations: Portal 2, Using Only Resource Packs

  Minecrafter Ersatz _ has come up with a clever recreation of Portal 2, without using mods, plugins, or anything but vanilla commands and custom resource packs! That's right, this map.. read more

Community Creations: Shield-Based Locks?

  With the snapshots in full swing, people are already testing every little thing about them. Shields were a recent addition to the snapshot stable, and while much of the focus on them has been .. read more

CaptainSparklez on 15w35b: Zombie Villagers and New Commands

  15w35b brought some really neat changes outside the combat and command blocks. Specifically, some sweet updates to zombie villagers, and some shiny new commands! CaptainSparklez does a walk-th.. read more

Realms map explosion and free weekend trials

Hello Minecrafters! Minecraft Realmshas just been upgraded! Load a minigame or map which features a custom resource pack and you’ll be asked if you’d like to download the new assets. Some .. read more

Tiny Spoiler: New Command Blocks?

  Today, Searge tweeted out a spoiler pic of something likely coming up in the next snapshot! At a glance, it appears to be two different kinds of command block from the standard one, with .. read more

Console: Greek Mythology Mash-Up Pack!

  Are you ready for some Greek mythology in your Minecraft world? Why not! This awesome pack gives you 39 skins, a custom texture set, and a new UI, all inspired by Greek mythology of old. .. read more

Greek Mythology mash-up pack arrives on console

What did the greeks ever do for us? They inspired another mash-up for Minecraft on console, thats what. Yes – now you can download 39 skins, a custom texture set, and a new UI, all inspired by .. read more

Snapshot "Soon", Not This Week

  Many of you have been anxiously awaiting a snapshot for 1.9, and as luck would have it, the wait may soon be over. Dinnerbone recently revealed that a snapshot might be coming out next week, a.. read more

Community Creations: How2Parkour

  Map-maker SuperTrinity recently came out with a handy new map for players looking to improve their Minecraft Parkour skills, appropriately named How2Parkour. It does exactly what it says on th.. read more

Looking at 1.9: Dual-Wielding Explored

  Searge recently revealed some new 1.9 screenshots, this time highlighting some of the peculiar new possible mechanics possible with dual-wielding items! It's been known for a little while now .. read more

Climate Hope City: A Look at Climate Change in Minecraft

  Youtuber Adam Clarke (more popularly known as "Wizard Keen" over at EverydayMinecraft), in collaboration with the building team Blockworks and mapmaker/designer Dragnoz, has demonstr.. read more

Pocket Edition now has skins, chicken jockeys, more!

This update has now gone live! Have fun, Pocket Editioners!   Hello! Were bringing loads of new features to Minecraft: Pocket Edition.Skins! Fishing! Cool boats that support the transportation o.. read more

MCPE: Pocket Edition and You

  Version 0.11.1 rolled out today - primarily to address some issues players were having with skins, world corruption, and the like - and it made me wonder about something. How do people pl.. read more

Weekly Community Roundtable: Creepers IRL

  Two things have always made Minecraft the juggernaut it is today: the staggering amount of content created by the community, and the community itself. We often delve into the former, but today.. read more

Mojang Giving Out 12,000 Realms Trials This Weekend!

  Ready for a Realms code giveaway? Realms - Mojang's official solution for small-scale multi-player with friends and/or family* with some pretty sweet features! Everyone knows about the "small .. read more

Were giving away 12,000 Realms trials this weekend!

Hello! You might have already heard of Minecraft Realms. It’s our official way for you to play on a persistent Minecraft world with friends. That means that you and a bunch of buddies can play .. read more

Pocket Edition getting skins, chicken jockeys, more!

Hello! Were bringing loads of new features to Minecraft: Pocket Edition.Skins! Fishing! Cool boats that support the transportation of wolves. Skins? Sounds gross Skins are the way you change the appe.. read more

Minecraft Pocket Edition Getting New UI, Controller Support

  Pocket Edition has some really exciting changes on the horizon, even above the already known bugfixes and neat new features on the way! Join us today with Dash as we check out what this will m.. read more

MCPE Build 0.11.0 beta 10, & Skin Pack?

  MCPE has a new snapshot rolling out now, and the feature list is fairly short - mainly bugfixes - but also includes a skin pack!   New features - Skin packs are now available!- Third pers.. read more

Modpack Spotlight: Pathfinder - Spaaaaaaace

  Some of the most popular modpacks out today are hardcore packs; brutally difficult, incredibly complex, and rewarding to players with extreme dedication and nerves of steel. That's awesome, bu.. read more

A Look at Old Minecraft: Skins and Models

Steve, at one point   A long time ago, back even before Alpha, Minecraft was a wide-open field with seemingly infinite possibilities. Among the many things that almost made it to the drawing tab.. read more

Community Spotlight: Magicraft (Server and Pack)!

Spotlight video by Oviraptor   Mojang's Marc Watson had a mission: to have a modpack that was loads of fun, purely magic-themed, and to have a server to play it all on with friends. With Ma.. read more

SethBling Presents: Jack in the Box

  I'm not sure they even sell real-life jack-in-the-box toys anymore, or how many of you have ever seen one in real life, but this version created by SethBling in Minecraft hits it right on the .. read more

Pocket Edition: 0.11.0 build 8 Submitted!

  Pocket Edition players, get ready! A new version of Minecraft was recently submitted, and awaits approval for release! There are loads of changes - some features, and a TON of bug-fixes - on t.. read more

New skins! Achievements! Music!

Hi everyone! I bring news of skins, achievements, and music! Let’s get on with it. When most players begin their Minecraft adventure there arent many looks to choose from. In fact, you only get.. read more

Modpack Spotlight: Davy Jones' Locker

  Today, we feature a modpack spotlight by our very own sarydactl and IceFissure!   Davy Jones’ Locker (DJL) is a mod-pack created by Tedyhere in the same vein as Skyblock or&nbs.. read more

Community Creations: Skies of Aurora (Movie)

  Skies of Aurora is an hour-long film made entirely inside Minecraft! In SoA, two young adventurers explore the world of Aurora by airship, uncovering secrets, adventure, and something larger t.. read more

Mod Spotlight: Apple & Milk & Tea

Mod review by Ashley Designs   Looking to expand your food inventory? Tired of nomming on apples? Maybe you want to brew something that doesn't kill you by drinking it? Apple & Milk & Te.. read more

HuskyMudkipz: How to Summon Herobrine

  Despite years of telling people that Herobrine is not real, was never real, and will never be real, rumors persist about how to summon this literally non-existent character. At least, he .. read more

New Pocket Edition Beta Available!

  Pocket Edition beta testers, there is a new version to beta test, out now! Tons of fixes and one new feature await:   New features- Added cave spider spawn eggBug fixes- Crash when destro.. read more

Community Creations: Crafteryada (Texture Pack)

  Looking for a new texture pack? Check out Crafteryada, by Uziush! The pack brings out the more fantasy elements of the game without losing the essential Minecrafty feel, and is 32x! Originally.. read more

Pocket Edition: 0.11.0 Beta Released!

  Are you ready for some Pocket Edition action? There is a new beta ready for public testing, and you can help! If you are interested in testing this version, please follow the steps below: &nbs.. read more

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 Beta released

Hey! We have been hard at work these last few months working on the new Pocket Edition version. Now we have released abeta version for you guys who has bought the game through Google Play. Please mak.. read more

Player Feedback Wanted: 1.9 Combat Update

  In the midst of an April Fool's snapshot, it was definitively revealed that 1.9 would be the Combat Update for Minecraft! Little else was said on the matter at the time, and many players start.. read more

Community Creations: Two-Legged Attack Robot

  Cubehamster released this awesome video recently, of a gigantic walking death robot, made entirely out of redstone and blocks! Now, it isn't uncommon to have crazy machines using command block.. read more

Mass Effect Skins Coming to Playstation!

Despite some worry that Mass Effect skins and textures would forever be the realm of XBOX, they are now on Playstation! Priced the same as its counterpart ($0.99), the pack includes 36 skins, 22 soun.. read more

Minecon Tickets On Sale Tomorrow!

  If you have plans to attend Minecon this year, tickets will be going on sale, starting tomorrow (March 27th)! The tickets will be sold on two separate days (the 27th and 28th), with 5,000 tick.. read more

Community Creations: Shake-A-Notch

  From i_makes_stuff - the gentleman responsible for the interactive Minecraft holiday tree - comes a new sort of Minecraft meets World mini-game, Shake-A-Notch! The video explains everythi.. read more

Minecraft Minigames: Arkanoid

Spotlight video by Lachlan   Ever heard of Arkanoid? It's a pretty old game, but the idea has lived on in various games over the years: control a paddle, move it back and forth, knock a ball int.. read more

CaptainSparklez Plays: Planetary Confinement

  Need a new adventure map fix? Can't get enough custom mapped-goodness? Consider giving Planetary Confinement, made by samasaurus6, a try! This map takes you far into the future, having cr.. read more

Minecon 2015 Update: Tickets, FAQ, & More

  Ready for some new info on Minecon? Good! Strap in, here we go:   HOW IT WILL WORK   – Tickets will be £129 each – Tickets will only be sold at minecon.mojang.com, .. read more

MINECON 2015 tickets announcement!

Hello! I know its taken a bit of time to get everything ready, but we are now able to announce ticket sales for MINECON 2015 which will be in London on July 4-5! Well be selling tickets online at min.. read more

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