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Minecraft Forum Maintenance -- Read Only

Minecraft Forum maintenance Between 19:00 and 20:00 UTC on December 21st 2015 we will be performing some minor database maintenance on minecraftforum.net that requires the site be put into r.. read more

Minecraft coming to Nintendo Wii U

Hello! I bring exciting news! Thats a surprise, eh?* Anyway, now its 100% official. Minecraft is launching on Nintendos Wii U console on December 17th. Itll cost $29:99 or equivalent, will be avai.. read more

Community Creations: Advent Calendar (Only 24 Days)

  Have you ever had an advent calendar? If so, this map may tickle your fancy, for while it has no chocolate, it does have presents, after a fashion!   Only 24 Days is an advent calendar ma.. read more

Community Creations: Drobnovian Knights (Adventure Map)

  Looking for a new adventure map to try out? Consider giving Drobnovian Knights a try! Drobnovian Knights I is has quest-driven storyline that puts you in the role of a knight, trying .. read more

Nintendo Update: Wii U Version Possibly Canceled/Rescheduled

  Not too long ago, there was an entry on the PEGI site for Minecraft: Wii U Edition, causing a great deal of speculation about Minecraft's release to Nintendo's forerunner home console. However.. read more

Element Animations: Testificate Man

  A little while back, Element Animations put out a short film starring everyone's favorite villagers, each curiously sharing the same outfit and voice, as they go on misadventures. This particu.. read more

We're updating our legal documents

Hello! Were updating our EULAs, Brand and Asset Guidelines, and Website Account Terms today, as well as releasing some brand-new Commercial Use Guidelines. I know thats an intimidating first sentence.. read more

Happy Halloween, Minecrafters!

Creeper-o-lantern by SirPhobos1 on Reddit!   Halloween is tomorrow! Trick-or-treating, costumes, and Halloween parties abound, be sure to load up on candy and have a good time! &nb.. read more

Were updating our legal documents

Hello! Were updating our EULAs, Brand and Asset Guidelines, and Website Account Terms today, as well as releasing some brand-new Commercial Use Guidelines. I know thats an intimidating first sentence .. read more

Minecraft Pocket Edition/Win10: Halloween Costume Pack, Update

  It's that time of year for awesome holidays, and no holiday is better to start with than Halloween! Even though it's far too soon to wear any Minecraft costumes in real life, the next best thi.. read more

Halloween skins coming to Pocket and Windows 10

The scariest time of the year is almost upon us! Aside from Minecon, Halloween is the only times that the average person will respect your need to roam the streets dressed as your favourite Minecraft.. read more

Halloween Mashup pack coming to console

Hi, everyone! Minecraft is about to get spooky! The good folks at 4J have created an entire mash-up pack dedicated to the eeriest time of the year. Not only does this Halloween pack include a whoppin.. read more

Minecraft Story Mode: Do You Enjoy It?

  Story Mode has been out for a bit now, and has been well received by players! With a solid stable of celebrity voice-actors, and the strong storytelling background of Telltale Games, it h.. read more

1.9 Spoilers: New Ice Enchant?

  Dinnerbone teased an image of a possible future enchant for 1.9 today, seen above. Two things seem to be suggested by the image: single-block thick ice might be more fragile in the future (tho.. read more

Minecraft: Story Mode Livestream Event Tonight!

  Minecraft: Story Mode premieres tomorrow, and quite a lot of people are anxiously awaiting it! Ready to jump into all-things-Story-Mode before the actual launch? Then tonight is your lucky nig.. read more

Community Creations: Vanilla Cutscene Generator (1.9)

  Brought to us by The Redstone Scientist, this pure vanilla (1.9 snapshot, curreently) series of commands lets you create clean, smooth, nice-looking cutscene camera movements! Incredibly .. read more

Charity Event: MineThon Starts Tomorrow!

  This weekend kicks off the annual MineThon charity livestream event! Raising funds for the AbleGamers charity - an organization that focuses on providing greater accessibility to video ga.. read more

1.9 Spoilers: Off-Hand Bows, Possible Golden Apple Nerf

  Jeb mentioned a number of upcoming 1.9 spoilers earlier, mostly revolving around combat. Some changes (swords are faster) are clear, while others (axes are "different") are not. One exciting c.. read more

Sethbling Presents: Snapshot Weapon Changes

  Sethbling has put together a video about last week's snapshot changes - specifically, weapon changes - going over the various new mechanics that they offer. Yesterday's snapshot made a new cha.. read more

Realms map explosion and free weekend trials

Hello Minecrafters! Minecraft Realmshas just been upgraded! Load a minigame or map which features a custom resource pack and you’ll be asked if you’d like to download the new assets. Some .. read more

Community Creations: Minecraft Hololens, in Minecraft

  It's nothing new to see players create various real-world contraptions in Minecraft - up to and including working computers - but this particular creation by Spork and Kim (MineDaft) gets a li.. read more

Community Creations: Search for Steve (Adventure Map)

  Looking for a new adventure map to try? Consider giving Search for Steve: Curse of the Desert Temple, created by James Champion, a go! Steve has gone missing, and it's up to you to find him. C.. read more

Weve chosen a director for the Minecraft movie!

Hello there! Some of you may have seen this guy hanging around MINECON in London a couple weeks ago. He’s Rob McElhenney, and he’s going to be directing the upcoming Minecraft movie. .. read more

Community Roundtable: Survival Challenges

Glasscore gallery by oddmimal   Survival Mode - it is the default game mode for most Minecrafters, especially on their first time in the game. We have all done it at least once, if not many time.. read more

Community Roundtable: The End

  Jeb has been playing around with the new mob, the Shulker, and this picture is one of the results: turning a bunch of Shulkers loose on a group of Blazes. As you can see, it is pure chaos, a m.. read more

Telltale Games: "We've Got a Minecon Announcement"

  Late last year, Telltale Games made an announcement about a story-driven Minecraft game, called Story Mode. The announcement wasn't especially detailed, though it did note some important devia.. read more

Changes to the End?

  Jeb released this image of the End not long ago, with only a cryptic message about Minecon as an explanation. While it's safe to assume new things for the End will be announced at Minecon (whi.. read more

SethBling Presents: Splatoon

  Splatoon needs little introduction to anyone into the Wii U: A third-person shooter of sorts, that centers around characters known as "Inklings", beings that can transform between hu.. read more

Community Roundtable: Game, or Game Engine?

  There has been some debate over the last few years about what Minecraft actually is. In short: is Minecraft a game, or an engine to create games with?   On the one hand, Minecraft as a ga.. read more

Minecraft HoloLens Demo: It's Not Just an Idea Anymore

  Ages ago, Microsoft was talking about Minecraft and the HoloLens, specifically being able to play the game on real-world surfaces, among other things. The idea that a player could have their f.. read more

Time in Minecraft: Steve is Ancient

  In normal time, Minecraft is really, really old. Or at least, Steve is.   Like most games, Minecraft's day/night cycle is extremely compressed, compared to ours. An entire day is roughly .. read more

Pocket Edition now has skins, chicken jockeys, more!

This update has now gone live! Have fun, Pocket Editioners!   Hello! Were bringing loads of new features to Minecraft: Pocket Edition.Skins! Fishing! Cool boats that support the transportation o.. read more

Insane Redstone Doors: I Dont Even

  This series of doors by Wout12345 is insane, let's just get that out of the way. How does this work? I have no idea. Is the redstone shown and explained? Yes, and it still makes no sense .. read more

Mojang Giving Out 12,000 Realms Trials This Weekend!

  Ready for a Realms code giveaway? Realms - Mojang's official solution for small-scale multi-player with friends and/or family* with some pretty sweet features! Everyone knows about the "small .. read more

Were giving away 12,000 Realms trials this weekend!

Hello! You might have already heard of Minecraft Realms. It’s our official way for you to play on a persistent Minecraft world with friends. That means that you and a bunch of buddies can play .. read more

Pocket Edition getting skins, chicken jockeys, more!

Hello! Were bringing loads of new features to Minecraft: Pocket Edition.Skins! Fishing! Cool boats that support the transportation of wolves. Skins? Sounds gross Skins are the way you change the appe.. read more

Slamacow Presents: Silverfish Encounter

  Slamacow needs no introduction, and this clever, amusing animated short is his most recent addition to the "Encounter" series of videos. I could spoil it, but what is the fun in that? Enjoy! &.. read more

SethBling Presents: Splash Potion Arrows

  With the recent reveal about possible changes to bows and arrows in 1.9, Minecraft combat has become a hot topic! In a move that borders on precognitive, SethBling released this video abo.. read more

SethBling Presents: Jack in the Box

  I'm not sure they even sell real-life jack-in-the-box toys anymore, or how many of you have ever seen one in real life, but this version created by SethBling in Minecraft hits it right on the .. read more

Minecraft Identity: Who We Are In-Game

Unrelated: developmental hazards of Minecraft development sometimes produce odd results... via Jeb_   While some sites have been applauding the addition of a female skin to Minecraft as a new, r.. read more

New skins! Achievements! Music!

Hi everyone! I bring news of skins, achievements, and music! Let’s get on with it. When most players begin their Minecraft adventure there arent many looks to choose from. In fact, you only get.. read more

SethBling Presents: Hand-Powered Furnace

  Who needs coal to power your furnace, when you can just turn a redstone-reactive crank and cook your stacks of goodies? SethBling's hand-powered furnace lets you do exactly that, and it's pret.. read more

Screenshot Sunday: World of Warcraft (Dalaran)

  Today's screenshot comes from a full-scale recreation of the world of...well, World of Warcraft! (that's a lot of "world of"s!) Put together by Rumsey, this massive project isn't just nice to .. read more

Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday 4/14

  Kris Jelbring just announced a scheduled downtime for Minecraft's databases:   Kris   In order to perform some much needed updates to our databases we have decided to schedule .. read more

Planned maintenance Tuesday April 14

In order to performsome much needed updates to our databases we have decided to schedule a maintenance session. Itwill take place Tuesday April 14 from 08:00 to 12:00 CEST (UTC+2). During themaintenan.. read more

Community Creations: Meet the Engineer

  VarsityGaming put together the Meet the Spy Team-Fortress 2-themed Minecraft machinima seen recently, and now has a new offering: Meet the Engineer! Much like it's predecessor, it follows the .. read more

Screenshot Sunday: WesterosCraft

  While a bit older (in Minecraft years), this gallery of WesterosCraft builds are still impressive today. Seriously, if you have a few minutes, go check out that gallery, it's incredible! .. read more

CaptainSparklez Plays: Planetary Confinement

  Need a new adventure map fix? Can't get enough custom mapped-goodness? Consider giving Planetary Confinement, made by samasaurus6, a try! This map takes you far into the future, having cr.. read more

MINECON 2015 tickets announcement!

Hello! I know its taken a bit of time to get everything ready, but we are now able to announce ticket sales for MINECON 2015 which will be in London on July 4-5! Well be selling tickets online at min.. read more

Phil Spencer Elaborates on the Microsoft Purchase

  There has been a lot of speculation about why Microsoft wanted to pick up Minecraft, and some of the motivation behind it is slowly becoming known! Rather than making massive changes to the ga.. read more

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