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Community Creations: Pitfall (Atari 2600) in Minecraft

Created by MyRagingMonkey, this is classic Atari game, called Pitfall, now comes to Minecraft! Okay, it's not an actual, working copy of the game, but it is an incredibly well-done stop-motion r.. read more

Minecraft snapshot 14w26c

Update: Snapshot 14w26c has been released to fix broken block IDs, world generation in the nether and the end and some more bugs. Update: Snapshot 14w26b has been released to fix some chunk loading is.. read more

Snapshot Wednesday - 14w26a

It's Wednesday, and that means snapshot day! What, you thought they were on Thursday? Not anymore! Mojang is aiming to release snapshots earlier in the week, to allow for more time in bugfixes, featur.. read more

Minecraft snapshot 14w26b

Update: Snapshot 14w26b has been released to fix some chunk loading issues. Wednesday is the new Thursday! We’ve decided that Thursday wasn’t very optimal for us to release snapshots on so.. read more

Minecraft snapshot 13w26a

In case you haven’t seen the front page of the launcher recently, we’re gearing up to releasing 1.6 very soon. To prepare, here’s some more bug fixes! Don’t break them all at o.. read more

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