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1.9 Spoilers: Off-Hand Bows, Possible Golden Apple Nerf

  Jeb mentioned a number of upcoming 1.9 spoilers earlier, mostly revolving around combat. Some changes (swords are faster) are clear, while others (axes are "different") are not. One exciting c.. read more

1.9: Armor Will Have Custom Attributes, Will Not Degrade

Pictured: custom armor value applied to armor (not working currently)   Jeb recently revealed that armor in 1.9 will not, for the time-being, have armor durability degeneration, something that c.. read more

1.9 Snapshot (15w31a) is Live!

  Mojang has been working tirelessly to bring you the first of many updates to one of the biggest installments in Minecraft history - the very first ever 1.9 snapshot! It's real, it's here, and .. read more

1.9 Spoilers: Dragon Head?

  A dragon head item was mentioned at Minecon, but lacking any supporting images or evidence, could not be confirmed. Recently, this photo from the panel mentioning it was revealed on reddit, cl.. read more

1.9 Snapshot Date Revealed!

  Players have been clamoring for a snapshot of the 1.9 Combat Update, and a date has been revealed for its release: Wednesday, July 29th! Now, it's important to note (as per the tweet) that the.. read more

Docm77 Interviews Dinnerbone About 1.9 Update

  Docm77 interviews Dinnerbone at Minecon 2015 about the 1.9 update! They talk about new mobs, pvp changes, how the new end dimension works and much more. Enjoy!.. read more

1.9 Updates, Minecraft Win10 Edition, "Story Mode" Reveals

  Looking for a recap of revealed 1.9 features, Minecraft: Story Mode, and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edtiion? Look no further! We take a quick look at what to expect for the future, and it's looking.. read more

Day 2 Minecon: 1.9 Update Info!

A new mob, the Shulker, seen with it's disguise-shell open     The Future of Minecraft panel starts shortly, and we will be giving you all the info on the 1.9 update right here! Features, l.. read more

1.9 Snapshots Starting With Minecon

  While 1.9 will not be seeing a full release at Minecon, Dinnerbone went on to say that snapshots would begin during (or shortly after) Minecon, something that will likely be a relief to many. .. read more

Minecon Capes (and 1.9 spoilers); Minecraft Meets LittleBigPlanet, & More

  Every Minecon, a new cape is given to attendees. The image above shows them chronologically: 2011 Vegas, 2012 Paris, 2013 Orlando, and now, 2015 London! The new cape has a darker greenish-blue.. read more

What is Coming in 1.9?

  Will 1.9 come out at Minecon next week? It just might! Today, we take a look at known features, a few hinted features, and just a handful of speculation about the upcoming Combat Update! A qui.. read more

Looking at 1.9: Dual-Wielding Explored

  Searge recently revealed some new 1.9 screenshots, this time highlighting some of the peculiar new possible mechanics possible with dual-wielding items! It's been known for a little while now .. read more

Main/Off-Hand in 1.9?

  A few images and comments from Dinnerbone lately have been interpreted to mean "1.9 will have dual-wielding", though they could be more appropriately thought of as "there will likely be main a.. read more

Player Feedback Wanted: 1.9 Combat Update

  In the midst of an April Fool's snapshot, it was definitively revealed that 1.9 would be the Combat Update for Minecraft! Little else was said on the matter at the time, and many players start.. read more

Shaders Coming in 1.9?

MogMiner recently revealed - at the request of a community member - one of the possible features in the 1.9 PC Minecraft update: shaders! In addition to improving the look of the game, he seemed to su.. read more

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