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Version 1.11 Fully Released!

    Dry feature lists may give us the black-and-white facts of what goes into a new feature release, but let's be honest - all that reading can get a little dry sometimes. Particularly when.. read more

Seek out the Exploration Update: 1.11 on PC / Mac now!

Treasure hunters, rejoice! Update 1.11, aka the Exploration Update, has now made the treacherous journey from snapshot to full release. Our intrepid developers have scaled mighty crags of code, ventur.. read more

1.11 Pre-Release Spotlight

    Xisumavoid gives us a quick walkthrough in the recently released 1.11 pre-release snapshot! Many of the bugfixes are highlighted, as well as a few minor changes to appearances and quali.. read more

1.11 Pre-Release 1 Ready For Testing

    Snapshot time!   Unlike conventional snapshots, pre-releases are generally considered to be a preview of the final product (in this case, 1.11). As such, there are no new features .. read more

Minecraft 1.11 Pre-Release 1

We have reached a point for Minecraft 1.11 where we feel ready to level up our snapshots to pre-release status! The observer, llamas, and exploration maps will soon hit all vanilla servers across the .. read more

Soon: 1.11 for PC/Mac brings llamas, mansions & maps!

Grand development wizard Jens has unveiled a slew of awesome new things coming in the next update of PC / Mac edition - dubbed The Exploration Update. And with good reason, as you shall find out. .. read more

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