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Picture Login

Picture Login Picture Login provides a much nicer login message by displaying a picture of the player's head inside of chat. By default it retrieves player avatars from minotar. It is very customizable and you can edit anything from the source of the avatar to the message beside it. Here is a picture of what the default settings look like: As you can see, you can use color and formatting codes, and even variab.. more


[MyServerDirector] - [v1.0.4a] --------- Best way to configure your server... Easy setup through the config.yml... --------- COMMANDS: /server name - Sends the sender the Server Name! /server version - Sends the sender the server Minecraft Version! /server owner - Sends the sender the name of the server Owner! /server founded - Sends the sender the Date and Time of the server Start!* /server website - Sends the player the Server's Website Address! /server t.. more
Categories: informational, fun,

WorldEdit Selection Visualizer

Overview WorldEditSelectionVisualizer (WESV) is essentially the famous WorldEditCUI mod in the form of a bukkit plugin, which means that players don't need to install anything on their client. When you select a region using WorldEdit, it visualizes your selection by spawning particles that form a grid around your selection. WESV only displays your selection to yourself. It supports cuboid, polygon, cylinder, ellipsoid and sphere selections. WorldEditSelecti.. more


MoreCrates MoreCrates What this plugin does This plugin adds to types of crates to your server: Crates: Looks like a six-sided piston, acts like a chest EnderCrates: Looks like a six-sided sticky piston, acts lika a enderchest Wait, why should I want your crates, when Minecraft already has chests and enderchest? They look way cooler They are tileable (you don't have the limitations for placeing like normal .. more
Categories: mechanics,


~ Allows the banning of IP ranges + more. Overview - Ban players matching a regex - Ban players matching an IP address or range. - Ban players not matching IP address or range - Ban/Pardon IP addresses and IP ranges. Commands and Permissions CommandDescriptionPermission /ban <player>Bans a single playerbukkit.command.ban.player /ban <regex>Bans all online players matching the given regexbukkit.command.ban.player /ban <regex> -oBans pla.. more


Description English Text Hello people, I have a very simple chat Clear programmed plugin. With this plugin, you can clean the Global and its own chat. There is also a config. In the you can change the following messages: If the global chat was cleaned If the own chat was cleaned If someone else the chat was cleaned If you have cleaned the other chat If a player is offline (/ cci <player>) If you do not have Permissions In the config you have.. more


PacketAPI PacketAPI is currently only available for CraftBukkit 1.7.5. Sometimes working with packets can be harder than people think, working with NMS, keeping you code up-to-date, and many more problems may raise up. This plugin has many features, here a list of them: Fast and Lightweight Easy to use No reflection required to acces NMS classes Your code always up-to-date (updates will be made to the api, not to your code) Custom listener handlers Constru.. more
Categories: developer-tools,


MoseCraftCore Other Projects ShipsMoseCraftbukkitPlugins Info Much like 'Essentials' YML database, this creates a database based on player data, however unlike Essentials, This database can be used by any plugin. This plugin was designed to make the pain of moving to UUID less of a hassle, by recording every players UUID within the database, you can reference the UUID from there name. this means you can check.. more
Categories: developer-tools,


I wanted a plugin to spawn random fireworks and i thought to share it because it is fun, You can spawn random fireworks: at player coordinates at certain coordinates in any worlds works with command-blocks permissions for every type of command ( so you can give commands access to players) How it works: gorea.fireworks.me - Players can use '/gf me', will spawn a random firework at your location gorea.fireworks.me.nr - Players ca.. more
Categories: fun,


Description Artillery is a PvP mini game inspired by Scorched Earth. The plugin lets players fire explosive shells up to thousands of blocks away. Shells are unguided and unpowered, so they follow a ballistic trajectory. In other words, the actual impact point is determined by the azimuth (horizontal angle), vertical angle and velocity of the shell fired. When a shell lands next to a player, the distance betw.. more
Categories: fun,


The RePlug plugin-manager was originally created for the 'Tenebrae-Gaming' gaming community. RePlug will allow you to manually load plugins out of the 'RePlugs' subdirectory in the 'plugins' directory of your plugin. It will also allow you to unload plugins in that directory completely from memory, or restart (disable, unload, load, enable) them. Furthermore RePlug allows you to enable, disable and reload all p.. more


Have You Ever Tried To Record A YouTube Video On A Server And Didn't Have A Good Way To Have The Actors Know When To Start/Stop Acting If So, This Plugin Is For You! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Plugin Has 3 Simple Commands: /action - Broadcast Action To Tell Your Actors To Start Acting /cut - Broadcast Cut To Tell Your Actors That The Shot Is Over /simpleinfo - Shows The Commands For Simpl.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


MessageJoinPlayer MessageJoinPlayer v5.0 How Use? Is very simple in player connect in your server in the chat is say automatic: Player [UserName] Has joined the server to game! Commands None! Permissions None! Configuration (CONFIG.YML) The config comming soon. .. more
Categories: chat-related,


SimpleItem v1.0 What Is SimpleItem? SimpleItem is plugin you can give item with your tags example: /item diamond_sword Best Diamond Sword! SimpleItem is plugin very simple to use Important: this plugin is only for Tools & Combat (SWORD,PIXACKE,SPADE,AXE,HOE) Commands commandsdescription /item <tools:combat name>Get item (/item list list for item avaible!) /item listGet list tools and combat! Permissions permissionsdescription simpleitem.item.*Ac.. more
Categories: admin-tools,


2048 2048 game playable in minecraft Current Gameplay Image Gameplay On the left hand side of the inventory is the play field. The arrows (hopper, carrot, flint, arrow on the borders) can be used to push the wool items to the different sides of the inventory. On the right hand side of the inventory is the score display. The current score on the image is 2326. (Eggs are used to represent 0s) Commands Play game .. more
Categories: fun,


S-Broadcast Englisch S-Broadcast is a simple german plugin, to make automatic broadcasts in the chat. It is perfect for big servers, because the staff can make other stuff, during this plugin give the users informations. The Plugin is full configurable, you have access to all broadcast-functions and can control the Messages, Intervalls, permissions, ... Features configure Messages (InGame or in the Config-File) configure interval (InGame or Config) config.. more

Fancy Portals

Plugin originally made for the KamlKraft Network Supports Bungee Can trigger Commands on enter (Player and Server) Can teleport to a location No extra plugins needed! Can be created using any non-solid block (Water, Portal, Lava, etc) Can be any size/shape PermissionsDescriptionDefault Portals.CreateUse the commandsOP Portals.UseUse portalsTRUE CommandDescription /FancyPortal Create <Portal Name>.. more
Categories: teleportation,


Radio Towers Author: Thomas Richner Maintainer: redinzane. Project page is updated and maintained by redinzane with permission of the original author. License: GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPL-3.0) Credit to redinzane for the configuration file handling. What is this? This plugin adds buildable radio towers to the game, that broadcast messages to anyone with a radio who is in range. The radio is a standard compass (though a name can be set in the .. more


Hello everyone, I would just like to say this is my very first public bukkit plugin, that's why it's so small! What this plugin does: Send's a private message to anyone on the server! How to install: Drag 'PM.jar' into your plugins folder, then start your server. Start private messaging! Commands: /msg - Message someone. (Permission: 'pm.use') Configuration: There is no configuration! Just upload it and use! :D I stress to you I will not be updating this,.. more
Categories: chat-related,


===== English ===== Description Simple plugin for heal and feed yourself or others players. Commands /heal = Heals yourself /heal [player] = Heals another player /feed = Feed yourself /feed [player] = Feeds another player Permissions /heal = healplusplus.heal /feed = healplusplus.feed Next Version Add: English Language ✔ Add: /feed ✔ Add: /hpp (Information about the Plugin) ✔ ===== Deutsch ===== Besc.. more
Categories: general,


Information AntiLagg is a plugin that will boost your servers performance. It will drastically decrease your RAM usage by doing regular checks and removing the suitable entities/other things. This will decrease your RAM usage, because with minecraft entities, items, chunks and things like that are what cause the server to lag. Therefore by filtering, all of these things and or removing them, the server has less to 'think about', and thus your servers perfo.. more
Categories: fixes, fun, mechanics,

Random Crates

Random Crates Random Crates allows for privileged users to give Mystery Crates which will provide the user of it a random item based off of a list of items provided by the Server Operator. Command /crate give <player> <amount> Gives <player> a Mystery Crate. If <player> is not specified, the command user will be given a crate. If <amount> is not specified, the user will get 1 crate. Restricted to users with the RandomCrate.cra.. more
Categories: fun,


FishingTP FishingTP allows you to take any old fishing rod and teleport to where the bobber lands! So if you cast your fishing line 8 blocks in front of you and you reel in, you get teleported to precisely that point. Adds a fun new aspect to the wonderful game of Minecraft. This is currently a Work In Progress, there is more to come! Planned Additions Many new effects. Many new sounds. Make this page more interesting to look at. Permissions fishingtp... more
Categories: teleportation, fun,


EtriaEconomy Commands | Permissions|Configuration EtriaEconomy is a basic economy plugin originally developed for the EtriaCraft Server. Features Vault Support, works with all shop plugins that utilize Vault. Drag and Drop Functionality (If you want the basic settings). MySQL and SQLite (FlatFile) database support. Utilizes the UUID system in preparation for the UUID switch by Mojang in 1.8. Easy to use command line. Permissions supported. Requirements I.. more
Categories: admin-tools, economy,


Thanks to the plugin tutorials of Dinnerbone, I made this! DOWNLOAD LATEST (v1.0) JustPaths A plugin to make paths while you walk, and removing them after a certain length has been reached. You can take any whitelisted block from the config and make it into a path! Also, in the config is an option to cap the size of paths for everyone. Features: Permissions optional. Path length changeable. Whitelist for useable blocks. Blocks protected from breaking! Paths.. more
Categories: fun,

AnvilGame - A fun minigame for any server!

Introduction: AnvilGame is a Bukkit plugin to allow players to play a fun game known as the Anvil Game. In this game, players dodge falling anvils to the last one standing and win prizes for their efforts. This plugin is extremely customizable, and a lot of fun both for administrators and players. Here is how the AnvilGame works: An administrator sets up the game area and configures settings (instructions below.) Then, players can type /anvilgame to go to .. more
Categories: fun,

Craftable Horse Armor

CraftableHorseArmor Now updated to 1.7.9 http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/cha/files/13-craftable-horse-armor-1-7-1-bukkit-1-7-9/ What does it do? Craftable Horse Armor does exactly what it sounds like, You can now craft horse armor and a saddle! What do i do?? Just follow the recipes and use them in a crafting table. Permissions. cha.saddle - Permission to craft saddle cha.iha - Permission to craft iron horse armor cha.gha - Permission to craft gold hor.. more
Categories: mechanics,

Confined Thunder

Confined Thunder Introduction Confined Thunder is a plugin to patch a potential exploit in which players' coordinates can be found from the globally-broadcasted thunder sound packet. Typically, the server will send a sound packet for thunder to all players on the server within a distance of 160,000 blocks. Thunder only occurs around loaded chunks, so the coordinates sent in the sound packet can be used to approximate players' locations to around 500 blocks... more

ChestShop Notifier

Plugin Description CSN (ChestShop Notifier) is a plugin that records ChestShop transactions to a MySQL database. When a shop owner logs onto the server, they will be presented with an option to view sales from when they were offline. Installation Instructions Commands /csn help → Shows available commands /csn history [username] → Shows unread sale history from database /csn clear → Marks all sale history as read for your user /csn uplo.. more


About TeleportSigns allows you to create signs that can teleport players to different worlds and locations. It's that simple. Just use the syntax below and get on teleportin'. Sign Syntax First line: TeleportSigns Second line: world name Third line: x y z Permissions teleportsigns.place Allows for the placing of a TeleportSigns sign. teleportsigns.break Allows for the breaking of a TeleportSigns sign. tel.. more
Categories: teleportation,

Waypoint Fast Travel

What is Fast Travel? This plugin allows you to define fast travel locations that players must discover before being able to travel there. This forces players to explore the world to try and find these locations so that they are able to travel around quicker. It is a small, simple to use plugin. Each location can be configured to set how far the player has to be from the actual location to discover the fast travel location. If you have an economy plugin whic.. more

Mylo Radio

Mylo Radio is a fantastic radio, that plays different music genres, such as pop, rap, dance and more. Not only this, but it also plays oldschool music often, so you won't get driven crazy by the one populair song that everyone plays. I've taken this radio to minecraft, so you can enjoy it together with all the players on your server! How it works The Mylo Radio Bukkit plugin connects to here to retrieve the so.. more


FlyingHorses What is this? With this plugin you can enable users to fly with their horses. This is my first plugin, so it isn't very special. Commands Command Usage Permission /horse Shows the help page. flyinghorses.help /horse spawn Spawns a horse with saddle. flyinghorses.spawn /horse stick Gives you a stick, needed to fly with your horse. flyinghorses.stick - Enables the player to fly. flyinghorses.fly How to fly? Take a Horse Fly Stic.. more
Categories: fun,

Trash Motd

Trash Motd v1.6 What It Does Please read the config! Also, the plugin has been renamed in version 1.6 and now only supports 1.7.8+ Use versions lower than 1.6 for support for outdated versions on bukkit Pick a random MoTD every time the server is pinged Display an info board with set text for a set time after joining the server Hook into other plugins to provide more variables Display text when you put your cur.. more


This allows players with permissions to have/give/take points. Later I will add different actions, if you reached a specific amount of points, but now it could be used like this: Admins and Mods give points to the players, if they have built a good building If you reach a specific amount of points, you will became moderator Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integrati.. more
Categories: economy,

Quantum Connectors

Replace that dusty old redstone wiring with quantum circuits! Source | Usage | Commands & Permissions Features: Wireless redstone Optional delayed activation Activate multiple devices Use Chests, Beds, Furnaces and even Bookshelves to activate redstone devices! When enabled this plugin will check to see if there is an update available and let you know if one is. Don't be frightened! You can actually disable.. more
Categories: mechanics,

Email Notifications

Email Notification: Get text message notifications (data messaging fees apply) from your fellow players on your server! Usage: This plugin is targeted for small server owners, but it works for big ones too! Basically what it does is it adds a command enabling a player to request another player via email. It is useful because it can also send a text message instead by using someone's phone number email address. .. more
Categories: admin-tools,


I made this little plugin to fix new players getting stuck in walls or spawning on roofs, etc. and dying when they first log into the server. It works by running a command after a configurable amount of ticks when players log in for the first time (or they don't have a player file). I thought I should upload it here in case someone might find it useful. I couldn't find anything to do what I wanted so here it is.. more
Categories: fixes,


Protect land, protect animals, protect it all, with Landlord. Purpose Landlord aims to keep the minecraft experience simple and fluid for players while also protecting their land. The idea is for this plugin to protect player builds with minimal gameplay interference, while also allowing them to tweak the protection details in a simple and user-friendly way. Functionality Players claim land in chunks at a .. more


Sve is a dynamic scripting language comparable to Lua and JavaScript. Sve can be used for making more intelligent redstone systems, minigames and small plugins. It is also a handy calculator. Tutorial · Examples Quick start Download sve.zip. Extract Sve.jar to the plugins folder. Extract svefiles folder to the server root folder (the folder where the plugins folder is). Execute command /svefile svefiles/all.sve. It must be executed when server starts to.. more
Categories: developer-tools,


WayOfShadows Description This plugin provides 6 assassin/rouge like skills. Backstab, PotionEffects, GrapplingHook, PickPocket and AirAssassination You can use this plugin together with SkillLevels to make the skills levelable and/or to reward XP for using the skills. Backstab is inspired from locutus's plugin Backstab. Grappling Hook is inspired from SalamiJack's plugin HookShot. Compatibility The GrapplingHook Skill uses NMS code, to prevent users from pi.. more


cTablist Version: 1.3   Description: cTablist is a plugin which prints your name in the tablist in a color. You can use any color you want. Of course italics and other fonts are supported. Only what you need is a permission plugin like PEX. You need to put the permission node in your group and you will have a colored name in the tablist.   .. more


Staring Off Put the BagInventory.jar file in your plugins folder. For your basic understanding of the plugin you can op your self and run /bag (Read below) After running /bag if your oped, BagInventory would have auto disabled. Run /bagtoggle to re enable it. Place your "Bag" in the appropriate slot Done For purposes of making it in a shop or a custom mob drop the code behind the Bag checks for a meta data (.. more


Description: I first created this plugin to mute all players on my server when they got annoying or to just announce new updates on the server like new plugins, new map, new staff, etc. Basically this plugin allows you to mute all players on your server without the kMuteAll.bypass permission so you can announce new updates with your staff members or to just simply mute all players on your server when the chat g.. more


I've decided to make a plugin which shows the amount of people online, who are online and the amount of unique players that have joined your server (yes, there are many out there, but most of them are outdated, and I will keep updating this plugin as long as you guys enjoy it!) Commands /list - This is the main command, which will show the amount of people online on the server. /list players - This command shows every player that is currently online on the .. more


Description Simple bukkit plugin that will broadcast a player's coordinates to all online players. Supports color and style codes (&0-&f, &k, &l, &m, &n, &o, &r) in a custom broadcast message. Requested here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/broadcast-coords.177055/ Enjoy! ^_^ Development Builds Build Site Commands /broadcastcoords [player] Broadcast the player's coordinates to a.. more
Categories: informational,

Structure in a Box

Description This plugin lets you create special items that you can give to the players on your server. When players place these items, they will turn into a structure created in advance. These items are called “Structures-in-a-Box” or just SiBs. The plugin uses the WorldEdit mechanism of pasting MCEdit schematics into the game. This means that anything copied and saved as a schematic file, can be u.. more

Crash Restarter

Does your server crash randomly and unexpectedly? Use this plugin to Detect if your server has Crashed! This plugin will restart your server within 1 minute of it crashing. My server would crash every couple of hours, and if I/an Admin wasn't online it would stay down for multiple hours. So i decide to write this plugin. V2.0 NEW WAY OF DETECTION! This version gets rid of the old code of it being based on player interactions etc. I've been searching an.. more
Categories: admin-tools,


Commands: â—¾/hub - Teleports the player to the set hub Info: To set the hub you do /setspawn after you set the spawn now you can do /hub and it will teleport you to the spawn/hub! Permissions: â—¾ .hub TO-DO: â—¾Add more commands like - /survivalgames, /skyblock Add set commands like - /set survivalgames, /set skyblock â—¾Anything you suggest :) Let me know if you find any bugs or issues, or would like a feature added. :) Check out my .. more


JustRules Description This is a rules plugin that allows users to see a list of rules, and it allows staff to add or remove rules in-game and warn users. Commands /rules Displays the rules. /justrules Base command for the plugin. /justrules reload Reloads the plugin. /justrules add {NewRule} Adds {NewRule} to the rules list. /justrules remove {RuleNumber} Removes the rule with {RuleNumber} from the rules list. /justrules modify {RuleNumber} {NewRule} Change.. more

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