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Plugins in the category - teleportation

Fancy Portals

Plugin originally made for the KamlKraft Network Supports Bungee Can trigger Commands on enter (Player and Server) Can teleport to a location No extra plugins needed! Can be created using any non-solid block (Water, Portal, Lava, etc) Can be any size/shape PermissionsDescriptionDefault Portals.CreateUse the commandsOP Portals.UseUse portalsTRUE CommandDescription /FancyPortal Create <Portal Name>.. more
Categories: teleportation,


FishingTP FishingTP allows you to take any old fishing rod and teleport to where the bobber lands! So if you cast your fishing line 8 blocks in front of you and you reel in, you get teleported to precisely that point. Adds a fun new aspect to the wonderful game of Minecraft. This is currently a Work In Progress, there is more to come! Planned Additions Many new effects. Many new sounds. Make this page more interesting to look at. Permissions fishingtp... more
Categories: teleportation, fun,


About TeleportSigns allows you to create signs that can teleport players to different worlds and locations. It's that simple. Just use the syntax below and get on teleportin'. Sign Syntax First line: TeleportSigns Second line: world name Third line: x y z Permissions teleportsigns.place Allows for the placing of a TeleportSigns sign. teleportsigns.break Allows for the breaking of a TeleportSigns sign. tel.. more
Categories: teleportation,

Waypoint Fast Travel

What is Fast Travel? This plugin allows you to define fast travel locations that players must discover before being able to travel there. This forces players to explore the world to try and find these locations so that they are able to travel around quicker. It is a small, simple to use plugin. Each location can be configured to set how far the player has to be from the actual location to discover the fast travel location. If you have an economy plugin whic.. more


Commands: â—¾/hub - Teleports the player to the set hub Info: To set the hub you do /setspawn after you set the spawn now you can do /hub and it will teleport you to the spawn/hub! Permissions: â—¾ .hub TO-DO: â—¾Add more commands like - /survivalgames, /skyblock Add set commands like - /set survivalgames, /set skyblock â—¾Anything you suggest :) Let me know if you find any bugs or issues, or would like a feature added. :) Check out my .. more


Runecraft is a gameplay modification for SMP, that adds magic to the game. It was the third ever SMP modification, following Hey0's mod, and Llamacraft. Gameplay modification is done through the form of "runes", significant shapes of materials laid out in the actual game world. These runes can create unique short-term tool enchants, teleporters, hidden walls/passageways, and even the ability to moving whole sections of land. Player built simple teleporters .. more


Introduction This Is A Good Plugin For Hub Server Owners This Plugin Adds /hub instead of /spawn. adds Join Messages & Left Messages Also Adds A Firework When A Player Joins. Adding Many More Features. This Plugin Adds A Join And Leave Messages Also Adds A Join Firework Great For Hub Owners Also Never Forget The Funnest Feature LaunchPads!! To Do List: Add A WorldEdit Feature To Make Speed Affect At Spawn. Add A StarterKIt Setting. Add /spawn Feature.. more
Categories: teleportation, fun,

Hub Essentials

Hub Essentials This plugin has everything you would need for a hub server; server selector with bungeecord and command options, rank inventory, auto broadcaster, afk kicker, player visibility toggle item, custom book and many more features. Links Commands & Permissions Book.yml Config.yml HubBroadcasts.yml RankInventory.yml ServerSelector.yml WebsiteLink.yml Video by Wukkit .. more

Kit Essentials

Ever wanted to make your own kits with one command? Ever wanted to make your own GUI that has all your kits in it? If so, this is the perfect plugin for you! With this plugin, all your have to do to make a kit is to put any kit items you want in your inventory and type /createkit (kit). That's it! No need to mess around with complicated configs that you have to spent 2 hours on. To give someone access to a kit, simply give him/her "kits.kit.<kit-name&g.. more

FBasics | Anti-Glitch

Information I created this plugin due to people being able to glitch into factions bases, take advantage of commands glitches and other irritating issues on my server, and thought it'd be nice to share the love. Features Patches Dismount glitches Enderpearl glitches Teleporting to the top of the nether glitches Essentials' teleportation glitches (With SafeTeleport enabled, as having it disabled irrit.. more


NetherBanner is a awesome and simple bukkit plugin for when you to send a rulebreaker to Nether! It is also a very little resource plugin so it won't cause lag! This plugin is a continuation or "reload" of the outdated plugin NetherBan by WalkerCrouse If you would like to obtain the newest version of this plugin click here. Changelog (As of NetherBanner Build 3.2) I have uploaded a new release of NetherBanner... more


AdminEssentials What is AdminEssentials? AdminEssentials has all commands for Admins packed into one compact plugin. Highly customizable permission nodes and many essential commands for you to successfully run a good, strong, and fun server. Commands /tp - Teleports you to a specified player/ Teleports player to another player. /tphere - Teleports a player to you. /heal - Heals you or player. /feed - Feeds you or player. /kill - Kills player you specif.. more


My version of BackToDeath Location Plugin, I needed a better and advanced version then essentials has, Thought to share, so enjoy Basically this plugin does: Teleports you back to your last death location. Teleports you to others players death location. You can teleport other players to other players death locations. Saves the death locations in a file to be available if server restarts or crashes. Was build initially for MC1.4.7 and works for ll ver.. more


What is QuickTransit? QuickTransit is a really simpel plugin, which allows you to easily create a teleport gui for each world! You and your users can easily click on items to teleport or execute commands and even both at the same time. Cool, isn't it? And the best thing: Its super easy and intuitive to customize even from in-game! And its completly openSource (GNU3)! Installation How to install QuickTransit: Download the QuickTransit.jar file Copy it i.. more
Categories: teleportation,


Poll Open! Vote on what you want to be added ASAP Minescape is a plugin that brings the feel of Runescape to minecraft. It has all types of goodies like NPC's, Quests, Skills GrandExchange, Battle Arenas, Lodestones, Magic. What is Runescape? RuneScape is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game. RuneScape takes place in the world of Gielinor, a medieval fantasy realm divided into different kingdoms, regions, and cities.[2][3] P.. more


------------------ ------------------ VIPLobby: This plugin sets a VIPLobby. What the VIP's or any Group with the specific permissions can teleport to the lobby. You can set the spawn for the Lobby with /vip setlobby. The command /viplobby teleports you to the Lobby. ------------------ ------------------ -Features: - Permissions - Custom Text - BossBarMessage -Version 1.1 - Add | custom help text ------------------ -Requirements: - BarAPI http://dev.bukk.. more
Categories: teleportation,


Grappler Brazilian Esse plugin foi criado por mim se você quiser plugins unicos como esse fale comigo pelo skype Skype: agabet.gamer Para o plugin funcionar você tera que ter uma Leash / Lead com o nome de " Grappling Hook " Para usar o grappling hook você terá que clicar com o esquerdo para atirar e direito para puxar! English This plugin was made by me if you want unique plugins like this add me in skype Skype: agabet.gamer To make the plug.. more
Categories: fun, teleportation,


Latest version is 1.1 http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/teamwork/files/4-team-work-1-1/ One of the biggest problems with running a big server with a lot of staff is having proper management and having everyone knowing what they should be doing. With this plugin you can separate your staff into separate teams allowing them to work independently under the leader of that team. When a player creates a team he becomes the sole leader of that team. As a leader.. more


Simple Hub Teleport Original Plugin. How Use? is easy to use just command /hub and you teleport to spawn :) Features This plugin you can teleport spawn with /hub Version Plugin: 2.1 (WAITING APPROVED) Version Java: 1.7 Commands commandsdescriptionaliases 1/hubTeleport to spawn./h(hase been added in version 2.1) Permissions None! .. more
Categories: teleportation,

The PON-3 Gaming Pony Pack

PON-3 Gaming Pony Pack 3?! Beta 3.01 released, as soon as it's verified go get it! (Bukkit 1.7.5) Currently all classes, class abilities, and the chat formatter is working. It is important that people test this so I can work out any bugs that are present for a full build. See my other plugins! Simple-P Damage Modifiers!Simple-P Chat Filter! How to use it. (Link) (Permissions/Commands/Configuration) Class Information and Questions. Alicorns simply have.. more


Main About DirtyArrows is a plugin which allows you to release the powers of your Bows. When you rename a bow in an anvil to a specific name (possibilities will be shown further down in this post), the bow becomes a real Bastard. With the plugin enabled, the Bastards allow you to use their specific powers. The uses could vary from PvP, PvE or even aesthetic uses. The config.yml allows you to enable or disabl.. more
Categories: fun, teleportation,


SimplifiedSpawns SimplifiedSpawns Is a simple coded plugin that enables server owners to set Their server spawn without using Big plugins such as Essentials! Commands There are 3 Commands , Which are /setspawn /spawn /shelp Commands Description /setspawn Usage: This Commands allows you to set the spawn which would later be saved in the Configuaration file in your plugins folder. Just Stand At the location w.. more


MobTP What is MobTP? It is very simple: a plugin to teleport mobs How to install MobTP? 1. Download MobTP, and put it in your plugins folder 2. Give players the permission mobtp.use How to use MobTP 1. Use to command "/mobtp" to get the teleport stick. 2. Right click an mob, the stick will change in a blazerod and the mob will despawn. 3. Right click on the place where you want to teleport the mob too. The blazerod will change back in a stick and you can us.. more
Categories: teleportation, fun,


What is This? This is a Simple plugin that allows you to Teleport to a random player online the server. also allows you to troll player at random! Features Allows you to teleport to Random player Does not tell the player you teleported to them Allows you to select a Random Player Name / winner Note: when using command winner will be notified. Commands and Permissions /randomtp added alias /rtp /rtpz Pops u.. more


Storyline This plugin is custom made by the Developers on the SwipeShot Server, it is currently just a basic set of teleporting commands such as /Hub, /Skywars and /Survival. The Plugin uses the Essentials /Warp command for example if you set /warp Survival. If you wish for me to Edit it so that Any Warps change to /[WarpName] Then Please leave a comment, However As I am new T.. more
Categories: teleportation,


EnderHome This mod allows you to teleport home by throwing an enderpearl at your feet. Installing Simply drop EnderHome.jar into your plugins folder. There are no configs. Usage Firstly, set your home by right-clicking a bed at any time of day. Then simply throw an ender pearl at your feet to teleport home! If you want to teleport to spawn, stand in water and throw an enderpearl at your feet. Commands / Permi.. more


A helpful tutorial! We have finally made a YouTube video using iSail, and how to use it. The link is below! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1WDdD0zv7E Also, the official iSail server is @ piratekings.mcserver.ws English We have created this plugin, since there is currently no well-functioning plugins for ships that is well updated at the moment. This plugin will realize sailing and sea battles. To do Increase configuration Improve broadcasting Fix player's.. more


Spawn Hi guys, i made very simple spawn plugin. With this plugin you can easy set spawn ant teleport to it. COMMANDS To teleport to spawn || /spawn To teleport another player to spawn || /spawn <nick> To set spawn || /setspawn PERMISSIONS To teleport || none To prevent teleport command || spawn.prevent To set spawn || spawn.setspawn .. more
Categories: teleportation,

Teleport + Home

Teleport Follow me on twitter to receive news and updates about this and other projects of mine. Also coming soon - a beta tester "channel" through twitter. I'd like to get a few people to test out the plugin and find kinks before submitting it here. Please follow and notify me through twitter if you wish to be part of the project. Also tempted to get some other people onboard with the project. If you have ideas/would like to contribute code, shoot me a twe.. more
Categories: teleportation, fun,


RandomPort Basic Information This plugin is a mod that allows Admins or whoever has the permissions to randomly teleport themselves or another player to a random set of coordinates. The maximum and minimum x an z values can be set in the config file, as well as whether or not the plugin uses PEX or OP's for permissions. Custom Cooldown are a feature that are set by default at 120 seconds for every player. Rando.. more

Mod vs mod: Mario vs Zelda

Hi welcome to the minigame mod vs mod: Mario vs Zelda Hi guys welcome to my minigame plugin mod vs mod. Have you ever seen sky's video on skydoesminecraft? Well since there's no plugins for mod vs mod Mario vs Zelda, I know it should be a mod, because it says mod vs mod, but I just thought I might do it on there. How to play Well first the Mario team have to start on the Mario land. Zelda's team starts on the building site. Who will win? Mario's powers They.. more

Mod vs mod: HeroBrine Vs Bowser

Hi welcome to the minigame mod vs mod: HeroBrine Vs Bowser Hi guys welcome to the mod vs mod again EP 2: HeroBrine vs Bowser. How to play First you know bowser of Super Mario bros & HeroBrine the legend of minecraft. First, HeroBrine starts in his scary mansion & Bowser starts at his Casal. Who will win is time? Bowsers powers He can grow big for about 15 seconds He can have big armour including his sharp back which can hurt hero brine. He can jum.. more

Server selector

Hi welcome to my plugin Lily pad - PortalCommand Hi welcome to my plugin Lily Pad - PortalCommand. Description This plugin teleports you to another server I saw it on the DANCRAFT server you type /server [server name] - to teleport to the server, but in didn't know what it was called so I just made another one for you guys to download. You might use it O. A hub server it's a good way to have a server selector to select a server instead of typing /server. Co.. more
Categories: fun, teleportation,


What it does CakePort let's you link two cakes together, and by stepping on one it will teleport you to the other. Features Create teleport pads out of cakes Stepping on a linked cake will teleport you to the other and vice versa! (no infinite loops) History This plugin was originally developed by fossil58, the old plugin page is here: [INACTIVE][TP/FUN] CakePort v0.5 - Teleport pads [860] All credit for the .. more
Categories: teleportation,


Ever wanted to add always active Teleports to your server without the use of those command blocks and buttons? LocationTeleport lets you create a Teleport (by commands or edits to teleports.yml) between two locations (or area) that’s always active. When you step at a location or enter an area(your option) you will be teleportet to another location(your option). You can also make a Teleport to ONLY go one direction if you want to. Features: A.. more


Hubber Hubber is not a BungeeCord plugin, its a Bukkit plugin. Install it like a normal Bukkit plugin. Hubber allows you to easily create commands that can send any user to any server connected to your network (networks supported are below). Hubber is also an API. It has custom events on failed, successful sending of players to different servers, and you can send players yourself via the small API tutorial a the bottom of this page Hubber also supports o.. more

Random Location Teleporter

Random Location Teleporter is a simple plugin that does exactly what the name implies. When a player performs the plugins main command they are teleported to a random location! == Commands == /rlt help: Lists commands below /rlt go: Teleports player to a random location /rlt unstuck: Gets player unstuck upon occasional glitch /rlt back: teleports player back to location before they did /rlt go There is also.. more
Categories: teleportation,


NPlayer This plugin is a player management plugin. It allows players to define their own teleportation point known as homes, adds a second security layer to your server, adds all player management commands (ban/banip/kick/mute/jail) and an /info command that provides information about players (first seen, last seen, last IP...) Informations List of features: Player home system Second authentification layer Punishment system (kick/ban/banip/mute/jail, tempor.. more


Warps What is player-warps or warps for short?? Warps is a plugin that allows a player to make a certain amount of warps for themselfs. Players can toggle the warps so that specific warp can't be used if they do not want to! The plugin is not hard to use, every time a command is entered wrong it will state how the command should be used. The maximum amount of warps can be configured in the config, aswell by command. Commands: /setwarps <warpname>: set.. more
Categories: teleportation,


What is rSponge? rSponge is a mechanical plugin to make a use for sponge, in survival Minecraft and Minigames such as CTF. What are the Features of rSponge? When a player runs over a sponge block they get pelted in the direction they were running in. If there is a sponge below a sponge then they get pelted straight up into the air. YouTube Video: Can I Request for more Features? Sure, just pos.. more

Home Stations

Changelog | Report or suggest something HomeStations offers home <-> spawn teleportation via special "stations". This is a nice alternative to the common /home plugins, but without the need of commands. A station is a special structure built like shown on the following image (it's not (yet) customizable): Note, that while a station has to be built like this, you can make the station prettier by buildi.. more


Description || Warps || Colored Signs || Commands || Features || Permissions || Download || Installation || Preview Videos Description: It was once called "GitUkePlug", which is why the download files up to the 1.5-version are called GitUkePlug. It still is this plugin! UltimatePlug is a plugin that adds a ton of commands, colored signs and a fully functional Warping System (can even be used with signs). My in.. more

GTA Teleports

GTA Teleports makes teleporting fun and creative! Just like in Grand Theft Auto V, teleporting makes a 'boom' noise three times, and puts you higher up above the view each time. It then moves you to your destination, and does the 'boom' animation again, going down to it. Each player can toggle it for themselves, and it can be toggled server-wide. Use /gtat or /gtateleports to edit user-specific or server-wide o.. more
Categories: teleportation,

Craft Inc. Gates

Craft Inc. Gates This awesome plugin lets you travel to far away places and worlds faster than light! Just create a gate at any location and set an exit somewhere else. This has been made available by the hard work of the research and development department of the Craft Inc. Corporation. Under the lead of Professor Ddidderr Craftman scientists worked years to find a way to bend time and space inside the Minecra.. more
Categories: teleportation, fun,


QuickTools 53 commands and counting! Lots of useful server commands for any type of server Compatible with the new permissions bridge Separate player configuration files Optional update checking Lightweight, good for smaller servers Option to turn QuickTools commands on or off in the config Configurable /say and /announce prefixes Configurable amount of homes that can be set for normal users Looking for a list of the Commands and their Permissions? Check o.. more


kFeatherTeleport provides the most basic feather teleportation in a save way. Features: Easy to use: Hold a feather and right-click anywhere to teleport there, left-click for teleporting back Will automatically place a feather into the player inventory on login/(re-)spawn (can be turned off) Can be configured to consume feathers if used Can be configured to use another type of item instead of feathers Can be configured to be limited to a given minimum and/o.. more


THE HOME FEATURES HAVE NOT BEEN ADDED YET. BUKKIT STILL NEEDS TO APPROVE THE FILE. BasicWarps A basic plugin for teleporting to players and set locations. Admins can edit all of these locations in the plugin's config file. This plugin is in release stage, but new features are still being added. Commands /tp - Teleports you to a player. /tph - Teleports a player to you. /setwarp <Name> - Create a warp. /warp <Name> - Teleports you to a warp. /.. more
Categories: teleportation,


I have made this plugin from an Bukkit Plugin Request and i would like to make it Public : What it does SpawnOnQuit is an plugin that when a player leaves the game the plugin will clear his inventory and sends him to spawn :) So if you have an Kit PvP Server this would probably good for that :P + for hub servers :P this will be good to Sorry if you hate my language! :\ How to use : Well if when a players leaves.. more


Answers to questions with actions in just 1 line of code! Ever needed to ask a player a question and execute a set of actions depending on their answer? Now you can do this in a single line of code! Think you can easily program something like this on your own every single time you need to ask a player a question? You can, but you will end up having to type several hundred lines of code every single time because of the way queued questions work! Hope all the.. more


Ollivander's Ollivander's is a Harry Potter plugin that strives to provide the most faithful to cannon experience possible in Minecraft. Plugin Spotlight Features 59/170 spells from Harry Potter cannon, cast with their in-cannon incantations Wandmaking and wandlore Spellbooks that let you pass on your knowledge and power Cat post to let you send .. more

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