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Plugins in the category - miscellaneous


Have You Ever Tried To Record A YouTube Video On A Server And Didn't Have A Good Way To Have The Actors Know When To Start/Stop Acting If So, This Plugin Is For You! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Plugin Has 3 Simple Commands: /action - Broadcast Action To Tell Your Actors To Start Acting /cut - Broadcast Cut To Tell Your Actors That The Shot Is Over /simpleinfo - Shows The Commands For Simpl.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,

Heal For You

This plugin my first plugin I ever made so don't judge! This plugin adds two simple features; healing and feeding yourself. I'm 11 years old, so from all of my programming knowledge this is what I did. Constructive criticism would be great! Let me know in the comments if there are any bugs. That would be great too! To Do Add Permissions Add Healing Other Players Add Feeding Other Players Add Regeneration Mode (If You Take Damage it Automatically Heals You).. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


SecureLogin Description: SecureLogin is my own version of a login security plugin protected by a password. In truth, it's much less than what meets the eye, but there are improvements to be, and that will be made. Remember to post any suggestions, opinions, or errors you have in the comments! Features: Right now, SecureLogin is simply a password-protected login plugin. However, one part of SecureLogin sets it a.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


This plugin allows you to set a max of block interactions(Block break and block place). Giving the ability to limit a player unless they have a permission. Features Set a limit on the amount of interactions that a player can do.(Place and Break). Commands and Permissions Commands None! Permissions maxplace.unlimited - Allows them to override/give them unlimited amount of interactions. Configuration MaxPlac.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,

Better Achievements

Better Achievements ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Description ===== Français ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Better Achievements is a simple plugin that makes Ach.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Description : This only 100 lines plugin changes the nametag of any player on a faction server depending on his factions relationship, by getting the faction relationship color. It needs mcore, Factions and TagAPI to run. Ce plugin de seulement 100 lignes vise à colorer le nom des joueurs au-dessus de leur tête en fonction des relations entre leurs factions. Il est indispensable que mcore, Factions et Tag.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Description: PlayerSpawn is a Great Plugin Inspired By My Server GraceCraft! It allows you to fance up the server with blood particles and fireworks and other cool features listed below! Server IP: GraceCraft.d-host.org FEATURES: Spawns Player On Join Blood Particles FireWork On Join FireWork On Death Arrow Disappear On Impact (When They Don't Hit A Mob Or Player) All Features Can Be Enabled/Disabled In The Config! Config: Link Permissions: No Permissions .. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Did you ever want to perform commands just by clicking on buttons? Then here is the solution! SignEXE allows you to execute commands with signs, buttons and levers. Below you can see how to set them up. Also you can open the help page by doing /signexe on your server. How it works Playersign Write [SignEXE] on the 1st line of a sign, and a command on the others. If a player rightclicks it, he performs the command on the lines. Consolesign Write [Sign.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Introduction: This is a simple portal plugin I have created. This plugin is orginally named: LegitPortal Commands: Main command: /portal Sub-commands: - Help - Create <PortalName> - SetDest <PortalName> - List - Delete <PortalName> - Reload - Redefine <PortalName> - SetMessage <PortalName> <Message> NEW COMMAND: /PWAND - When this command is typed in you will receive the p.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


PlayerBoss This plugin allows you to set the boss health bar to display a players health! This plugin requires Bar-API Commands and Permissions CommandPermissionDescription /playerboss <PlayerName>PlayerBoss.UseAllows you to set or change the player who's health is displayed /playerboss removePlayerBoss.UseRemoves the boss bar playerboss can be replaced with pb in both commands Plugin Metrics I have added metrics lite to this plugin so I can get a.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Do you hate items getting destroyed over and over again? When digging in awesome dungeons, when chopping down the tree or fighting in PVP arena and your armour or weapon gets destroyed? Well, you came to the right place! Description: Player with permission will not be able to get tools destroyed! Permissions: unbreakable.all - makes every item unbreakable unbreakable.tools- makes every tool unbreakable .. more
Categories: miscellaneous,

HatGUI Reloaded

About the plugin Welcome to my plugin, called hatgui, variations in it for you for blocks on his head, Various decorative and beautiful blocks with permissions that you can only add to such groups or players, a new version is available hatgui formulated by diimensions CommandsPermissions 1/hathatgui.openUse this command to open the hatgui List (hats) Permissions 2hatgui.open.blocksNeed permission to open the .. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


XPKeeper lets you save and retrieve your current XP level by clicking on a sign. Yes, I know there are quite a few XP bank type plugins out there, but I wanted one without any other plugin dependencies, and one that was simple to use without any economy features - I just want to save my XP, so I don't lose it - no need for anything else. Quote from eccentric_nz:Versions 1.1 and higher use an all new formula fo.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,

Totem Spawn

This plugin allows you to spawn mob with 'totems' (like the Iron golem and snow golem). How to use : For spawn entity you need to make a totem (see below for the paterne) and right click with a blaze rod. What are the different totem ? The Creeper : To create a Creeper, the player must vertically stack two tnt blocks on the ground and then place a pumpkin on top of them (for place the pumpkin you have to put s.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,

Money Per Kill

Money Per Kill (MPK) MPK is a simple plugin for kit pvp servers who want people to get money for kills, this can be used on any type of server you like though, there I'll be making update videos from time to time Features Get money per kill Configurable price & configurable message on kill Commands None at the moment! Permissions mpk.receivefun.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


ArmorWatch v. 1.2.0 This plugin is a plugin for maps that need to prevent users from removing their armor. I wrote this plugin for my HideAndSeek Map in which the players are invisible to hide their names, but have armor to be visible. Features: Multi-World Support Disable/Enable for certain worlds only. Lightning strikes when they try to remove the armor Option for Disabling if the player is in creative mode Commands: /aw add [WorldName] - Adds WorldName .. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


<====ExplosionBlock against everyone!====> This Plugin stop's members to use TNT and place them in the World. Every TNT Block in your Inventary will removed when you place a TnT Block It has also a command to toggle if the Creeper destroy the world or not and to stop the Server. All saved in the Config.yml file and can be edit anytime. Working Commands: '/killplayer [playername]' -> Kill a player of your choice '/tntversion' -> shows you the Ve.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Miss You. Description Ever want to reach your player's beyond their playing time on the server? Want to remind players of what your server is all about with a personal touch? How about telling banned players to stay away? Miss you is a plugin that changes the motd on the server ping list to players that have joined the server before. It includes the possibility to make configurable messages where you can choose to put the player's name in the message. O.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Obby2Lava Description Obby2Lava is a small, unique plugin that I made for my skyblock server because players were having trouble creating cobblestone generators. Obby2Lava Allows players to right click obsidian with a configurable item to remove the obsidian and give the player a new bucket of lava. Obby2Lava Uses permissions. if a player does not have the correct permission node, the plugin does nothing! Thi.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


LevelChecker How To Install Download LevelChecker from the download link provided. Drop LevelChecker into your plugins folder. If you installed LevelCheck correctly then you should receive a message in your console saying it has been enabled. How To Use If you have LevelChecker installed on your server then you can use /level in chat to bring up your level information. If it says "You do not have permission to perform this command." then you must add the .. more
Categories: miscellaneous,

Uptime Checker

UptimeChecker is a plugin that checks all of Mojang's service statuses (http://help.mojang.com/) and outputs a message in the console if any of Mojang's servers (related to Minecraft) are offline, and sends a broadcast if Login, Skins or Website servers are offline. It pings the server based on the user specified interval. It also lets the user choose whether or not a message should be broadcasted when all servers are up at every ping. The plugin now uses .. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Description With BossAds your players can advertise a message on the boss health bar for a configurable price. You can set how many seconds will stay the message on the boss health bar in the config and how many seconds must a player wait until he/she can advertise again. Dependencies [without these, the plugin won't work] BarAPI: http:dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/bar-api/ Vault: http:dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plu.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


JoinSound, This plugin plays a sound if a player joins or leaves. Simple. Standard sounds Player leave: DISABLED Player join: Level Up - Sound (configurable soon =] ) Permissions Hear all sounds: joinsound.* Hear join sound: joinsound.join Hear leave sound: joinsound.leave Planned - choose sounds - more sounds for different things .. more
Categories: miscellaneous,

Extreme Random Spawn

Whit this plugin you will be able to set "SpawnPoints" on your world. Players will spawn for first time on one of this SP, randomly. After that, each respawn will get them on their SP. You can also choose on config.yml if you want to able or disable the plugin, to keep the player first SP or respawn always on a random SP and you can also choose if you want to respawn on bed once a player have a bed spawn or not. ERS Commands: /ers setspawnpoint <sp name&.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


When a player dies and respawns, set their heath & hunger levels, give them a set of armor and a weapon or tools, add a shield of invulnerability, prevent them from teleporting or using commands for a duration of time, apply potion effects and much more. Currently looking for more suggestions and ideas of things to do when players respawn! Perfect plugin for servers that feature random spawn points or spaw.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,

Bedrock Crafter

Things you need to know about BEDROCK CRAFTER Good for OP factions/survival servers. You can MSG me for a custom crafting recipe! Very useful and only requires obsidian! DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE OR COPY THIS PLUGIN How do I use this on my server? Download the plugin. Drag the plugin into your plugins folder. Start the server Use the recipe below, feel free to make custom pictures for forums or use the default one. Please note this recipe cannot be changed due.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


vAuth Information, Current Version: 0.1.5 READ EVERYTHING BEFORE COMMENTING INCLUDING OTHER PAGES Source (Also in jar) This plugin takes the password users choose to have and encrypts it and put it in passwords.yml. Very simple configuration and all but a couple message strings are configurable via <Language>.yml (soon to be reworked). You can also add your own language files to the system by copying a d.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


PulsePunishment provides all players with a command to punish there killer. Features Fire: Burn your killers. Scare: Scare your killers. Explosion: Blow up you killers. Lightning: Strike your killers with a lightning bolt. Commands /punish <fire/scare/explosion/lightning> Permissions No permissions at the moment and i dont think i will add any unless you message/comment for them. To-do Add more punishments Feedback This is my first bukkit plugin so .. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Overview SimpleHTTPListener is a simple plugin that I created to bridge Votifier and my website. It relays vote information from your server to a PHP API that you specify in the config. When a player votes on a voting site, like mcserverstatus or Minestatus, Votifier will then pass information to this plugin, which will report the vote information to your own API via a JSON-encoded HTTP POST request. SimpleHTTPListener was not designed to be an all-in-one s.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


SignEditor does what it says on the tin: allows you to edit your signs! SignEditor can allow everyone to edit any signs they have access to! Use: To edit a sign, aim at the sign and type in: /edit [line] [Text] Example: /edit 1 Hello Results in the first line of the sign changing to hello. You can also copy and paste entire signs with the copy and paste commands: /edit copy /edit paste Important Note Sign Editor calls BlockBreak, BlockPlace and SignChang.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


DumbAuction Auction items. What else would you want in a simple auction plugin? Why...? As a developer I get tired of trying to find a plugin that simply does what I'd like it to do (such as simple auctions). When this occurs I tend to create a small plugin to meet the needs of what I am testing. After doing some economy work I discovered there is a lack of auction plugins. So I made one. Enjoy. Commands / Permissions CommandPermissionDescription /auc sta.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


[ONELINER:Complete customization for sleep related features (messages, idle players, rewards, force, etc.)] [ > Features | Commands | Configuration | Permissions ] Customizable broadcast messages for all sleep related events Ignore idle players from preventing sleep Force sleep when minimum percent and/or count of players are in bed Customizable reward system for using a bed to pass the night (health, exper.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


ChunkLoader This plugin allows servers to keep chunks loaded while players are not around chunks. Meaning you can keep your farms growing and your redstone ticking. Please note that this plugin is not yet fully complete. A demo video will be added soon Commands Note: You can use /cl as a alias to /ChunkLoader ! User-related commandsDescription /ChunkLoader helphelp command listing all commands /ChunkLoader setset the current chunk at your location as part .. more
Categories: miscellaneous,

Mob Streak

Mob Streak Mob Streak keeps count of how many mobs a player has killed, when the player reaches a set number of kills the server runs a command, this command is set in the configuration as is the number of kills to be reached. Multiple "steps" of commands can be set so if a player reaches a multiple of the set number of kills, the next command is run. It also tells you your streak on each kill (this is toggleable in the config). Commands CommandFunctionAli.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


VIPForceFields VIPForceFields is a plugin that stops Players from standing inside or to close to Players(for example VIPs or Youtubers) who have enabled ForceField. Commands & Permissions CommandDescriptionPermission /forcefieldToggles the ForceFieldforcefield.toggle Allows Player to Bypass the ForceFieldforcefield.bypass Configuration RadiusThe Radius of the ForceField MessageMessage thats displayed to a Player who tries to enter a ForceField Quote:.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Source | Feature Request | Bug Report IRC - Plugin Help: #mcmmo Latest Release Build: 1.0.1 About mcMMO-TagAPI This small plugin utilizes TagAPI to give party members or alliance members colored name plates. When a player joins/leaves the party the color is automatically updated. Both of the colors are configurable. mcMMO-TagAPI Features Colored nameplates for party members Colored nameplates for alliance members Customizable Bug Report / Featur.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,

Player Controls

This plugin is a plugin that I developed for admins and players alike. It provides ease of access for some basic admin roles and commands, and it also has some stuff for players. API Tutorial Download JavaDocs This will download a zip file called "docs" with html files inside it. Just run the index.html, and it you can browse the javadocs in your web browser! When you type in the command, it will o.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Ever wanted a plugin to hide the players with a simpel command or using any item? Well then I have where you are looking for. This plugin hides all player using any item you can change in the config or by using the easy command /hideallplayers. (This plugin is usefull for lobby / hub servers or for huge game servers) Installation: Put the jar-File in your plugins folder. Restart your server or type /reload. Edi.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Signs - The simplest sign editing plugin This plugin allows to edit sign by right clicking them with an configurable item. WorldGuard and LWC protections are supported. Edit a sign To edit a sign, you must only right click it, with the item set in the config (default: INK_SAC:0). Write on a sign wall To write over multiple signs, you must left click one of the signs with a book (book and quill or written book) .. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Overview FactionAlert is a fairly simply plugin that will alert players of various actions. Currently, it is in the Beta stage since I plan to add much more functionality to it in the future. Currently, FactionAlert allows you to configure alerts for players walking or teleporting into faction land and a member of a faction dying. You can also display a faction members action in their nameplate. Since I am a bit swamped with schoolwork right now, I don't ha.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


ChatClear Welcome to my ChatClear Plugin. Commands /cc Clean the global Chat. /icc Clean your own Chat. /creload To reload the Config. Config You can change the Messages in the Config. Permissions ChatClear.cc For /cc ChatClear.icc For /icc Kontact Website: www.PvPCheck.de German Minecraft Server: PvPCheck.de Skype: hummelsky TS3: PvPCheck.de Thank you for using my Plugin.For BugReports us the Bugreporter or write a comments. .. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


About This plugin simply allows you to set in 2 different files which items normal players arent allowed to drop or to pickup! Drop Blacklist The Drop Blacklist looks like this: DropBlacklist: - 7 ( this is the block players arent allowed to drop, in this case its "bedrock") (you can add more blocks when ever you want, simply make "- (number)" , save the file and reload the server) So if you want that players arent allowed to drop a compass and b.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,

Boss Bar AutoMessage

Boss Bar AutoMessage is a chat scheduler plugin that uses the boss health bar to display messages. It is a plugin perfect for server admins who would like to announce broadcasts at configurable intervals. The plugin offers the ability to edit the config. The plugin is designed to be very lightweight and cause no impact on server resources! The plugin will be updated regularly to improve functionality and compatibility! Planned features Configurable time b.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


This is my very first plugin I made so please don't hate on how basic it is. This plugin was made just for fun! Features Kicks the player if command is issued with a custom message when kicked. Commands, Functions, and Permissions Command:/stopserver Function: Kicks the player who issued the command. Permissions: None. Configuration Currently there are no configurable features. I would like to add a config fi.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


PingTest English: This is an easy Plugin to test your Ping, if you don't have Plugins like Essentials. All useres on your Server can use it, because there aren't any permissions. Players just have to type: /ping The server will aswer: [Server] Pong! ('[]' in orange (&6); 'Server' in blue (&9)) To Do: + Add Config + Add to Config: change Prefix + Add to Config: change color If there are any Problems, just send me a message ------------------------.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


CoalDiamonds Mine coal with chance to drop diamonds!!! Introduction This plugin give you a changeable chance to drop diamond from coal ore when you mine it. This plugin is under development, so you can contribute to developing with your ideas! Status Version 1.1 released! Features Mine coal ore with chance to drop diamond Changeable percentage Changeable chance for every pickaxe Permissions support (you can t.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Description: PlateBooster is a simple and lightweight plugin with the main objective being, giving the player a speed boost when stepped on a pressure plate. When a pressure plate is stepped on by a player, it gives them a speed II potion for 10 seconds. Currently there is no config file or permissions. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


llamaArt - Turn your pictures into beautiful Wool pixel art! This plugin is in development stages and is not yet considered entirely stable. Please let me know how it works for you and what issue you have with it. Thanks! Features Easily create Wool pixel art builds of your images. You should apply the provided color palette to your image before you import it into Minecraft. Once you have done it a time or two it's very easy. All you need is an image.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


ScoreboardStats Features: You don't need a mysql database for all features mcMMO support Economy support (required Vault) Heroes support Factions support SimpleClans support Support UTF-8 characters like the heart Click here: Many variables Click here: fully configurationable PvP can also be displayed on Signs Click here: Support SQL-Databases The Player can see his own stats (Kills/Deaths) with the Scoreb.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,


Units | GitHub Get the distance between players and, well, whatever you want! Permissions distance.* - Allows all commands. Default to OP's. distance.util.help - Allows the help menu. distance.util.units - Allows changing the unit of measurement. distance.player - Allows getting the distance between you and another player. distance.player.others - Allows getting the distance between another player and ano.. more
Categories: miscellaneous,

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