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MoreCrates MoreCrates What this plugin does This plugin adds to types of crates to your server: Crates: Looks like a six-sided piston, acts like a chest EnderCrates: Looks like a six-sided sticky piston, acts lika a enderchest Wait, why should I want your crates, when Minecraft already has chests and enderchest? They look way cooler They are tileable (you don't have the limitations for placeing like normal .. more
Categories: mechanics,


Radio Towers Author: Thomas Richner Maintainer: redinzane. Project page is updated and maintained by redinzane with permission of the original author. License: GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPL-3.0) Credit to redinzane for the configuration file handling. What is this? This plugin adds buildable radio towers to the game, that broadcast messages to anyone with a radio who is in range. The radio is a standard compass (though a name can be set in the .. more


Information AntiLagg is a plugin that will boost your servers performance. It will drastically decrease your RAM usage by doing regular checks and removing the suitable entities/other things. This will decrease your RAM usage, because with minecraft entities, items, chunks and things like that are what cause the server to lag. Therefore by filtering, all of these things and or removing them, the server has less to 'think about', and thus your servers perfo.. more
Categories: fixes, fun, mechanics,

Craftable Horse Armor

CraftableHorseArmor Now updated to 1.7.9 http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/cha/files/13-craftable-horse-armor-1-7-1-bukkit-1-7-9/ What does it do? Craftable Horse Armor does exactly what it sounds like, You can now craft horse armor and a saddle! What do i do?? Just follow the recipes and use them in a crafting table. Permissions. cha.saddle - Permission to craft saddle cha.iha - Permission to craft iron horse armor cha.gha - Permission to craft gold hor.. more
Categories: mechanics,

Quantum Connectors

Replace that dusty old redstone wiring with quantum circuits! Source | Usage | Commands & Permissions Features: Wireless redstone Optional delayed activation Activate multiple devices Use Chests, Beds, Furnaces and even Bookshelves to activate redstone devices! When enabled this plugin will check to see if there is an update available and let you know if one is. Don't be frightened! You can actually disable.. more
Categories: mechanics,


WayOfShadows Description This plugin provides 6 assassin/rouge like skills. Backstab, PotionEffects, GrapplingHook, PickPocket and AirAssassination You can use this plugin together with SkillLevels to make the skills levelable and/or to reward XP for using the skills. Backstab is inspired from locutus's plugin Backstab. Grappling Hook is inspired from SalamiJack's plugin HookShot. Compatibility The GrapplingHook Skill uses NMS code, to prevent users from pi.. more


Staring Off Put the BagInventory.jar file in your plugins folder. For your basic understanding of the plugin you can op your self and run /bag (Read below) After running /bag if your oped, BagInventory would have auto disabled. Run /bagtoggle to re enable it. Place your "Bag" in the appropriate slot Done For purposes of making it in a shop or a custom mob drop the code behind the Bag checks for a meta data (.. more


SnowGrenades SnowGrenades is a very fun plugin to have on your Bukkit Server. It turns Snowballs into Grenades. Yes! Grenades!. With a radius of 6 block it will cause destruction to your: Allies and Enemy's . Permission Nodes There is only one Permission to SnowGrenades - snowgrenades.grenade Please note that this plugin will work for all players on your server if they have Snowballs in there inventory. Comman.. more
Categories: fun, mechanics,


MCWarClan - PvP Plugin Commands & Permissions Summary MCWarClan is a plugin dealing with PvP Features. Survive as a Barbarian, join an existing team or create your own. By being in a team you will have to defend your bases. Espacially the Head quarter. If this main base is captured by another team, your team will be erased, and you will become barbarians again. Extend your protected territory by creati.. more
Categories: mechanics, fun, general,


Features EnhancedMobs applies the potion effects specified in the configuration file to all mobs, whenever and wherever they spawn. Supported Potion Effects Strength, Resistance, Regeneration, Speed, Slowness, Weakness, and Poison. Why Poison? Spawning mobs with poison makes them much harder to find and kill before they die, making XP much harder to get Todo List 1. Add configurable effects for each different .. more
Categories: fun, mechanics,


Note from the author: This was my first plugin, built for use on the survival server I run for a few friends. It's far from the robust village infrastructure I originally envisioned, mainly because I didn't want to completely rewrite all of the core minecraft village code and villager behavior... but I think it accomplishes enough. Since it reached a point that I'm fairly happy with several months ago, most of the time the only updates I do are to address m.. more
Categories: mechanics, fun,


ItemCheck checks if a player has a certain item in his inventory. By default this will only output a simple message saying the player either has or doesn't have the item. The plugin also has a function to execute a server command when this is true. The plugin is useful for use in commandblocks. It was originally made to make the itemchecking system in an adventure part of a server smaller. Commands: /itemcheck ?/help - Shows a help menu. /itemcheck info - S.. more


This generator is an attempt to create a real ice world that isn't just normal land covered with snow. Other pages World lore (Contains spoilers) Commands Custom schematics Custom loot lists Custom ore list Configuration Permissions How to create a Tatooine world This generator produces an icy world with a thick ice and snow layer and the occational snow covered mountain. Hidden below you might find tiny caves.. more

Race Games

Race Games let's you create horse and foot tracks, each with several spawns, checkpoints, respawnblocks and a finishline. There are no other plugins needed to use this plugin and it's very easy to setup a race. During a race a scoreboard shows the players their personal record and the track record. At the end of a race rewards, like money and items, can be given to specific positions. During the race players.. more
Categories: fun, mechanics,


Runecraft is a gameplay modification for SMP, that adds magic to the game. It was the third ever SMP modification, following Hey0's mod, and Llamacraft. Gameplay modification is done through the form of "runes", significant shapes of materials laid out in the actual game world. These runes can create unique short-term tool enchants, teleporters, hidden walls/passageways, and even the ability to moving whole sections of land. Player built simple teleporters .. more


NoVillagerTrading Click here to download the latest version! This is a very lightweight and simple plugin that disallows everyone without the novillagertrading.bypass permission from trading with villagers. I created this specifically for my server as I would like players to be able to interact with villagers normally, just not trade with them, as it can heavily impact our economy. What makes this different fro.. more
Categories: mechanics, fixes,


STAFFTEXT StaffText is designed to let you and your Staff talk easily with one command. Stafftext is designed on letting you and your staff talk or ALL of your staff talk at once! So no more need to whitelist your server just use StaffText! StaffText is a lightweight plugin. StaffText is designed so you can easily talk to other staff members without having to use ./tell everytime. The other part is once you type ./StaffText (Name) every message you type wil.. more


Shoot arrows through walls! NEW DOWNLOAD v1.1 JustDispensers Upgrades your dispensers a little by making them shoot through walls! (any block but air, really) This makes it way easier to hide your booby traps and prevent people from emptying your dispenser easily! Can shoot arrows, eggs, snowballs, exp bottles and splash potions through a single block! It will only works on walls that are only 1 block thick, else it will function as normal. Features No conf.. more
Categories: mechanics, fun,


Spawns is a plugin for Bukkit and Minecraft that allows you to fully customize the spawning behaviour of mobs on your server. Features tweak the default Minecraft spawns or replace them completely set mobs to spawn under conditions they never normally would block certain mobs from ever spawning cause mobs to spawn with potion effects, equipment, saddles, etc. cause mobs to spawn in different variants, like pow.. more

More Difficulties

More Difficulties An Hunger Games like, but more hard Ultra Hard Core / Kill The Patrick Work from 1.7.2 to 1.7.9! Thanks for the 200 downloads Description This is a Ultra Hard Core / Kill The Patrick plugin! You don't have to setup anything, just launch, and play! You can create team easily with left clicking a ghast tears, or just join a team. Then you just have to wait other player, or start with /md.. more
Categories: fun, mechanics,


WoodCutter Made in Sweden by the hands of enjikaka Description With this plugin, all the logs in a tree will fall when you cut the bottom one. This only works if you have an axe in your hand. Works on all trees. Get new releases faster at the WoodCutter Website! http://labs.enji.se/mc/WoodCutter Permissions Grant a user or group the permission woodcutter.use and they will be able to utilize this plugin. Note: OPs can use this by default. Media German plugin.. more


Description PERMISSIONS || COMMANDS || CHANGELOG || PLANNED Suspended The development of this plugin has been suspended/reduced to almost standstill, this is because I simply don't have any time for it. I will only release a new update if the plugin stops working completely, like a new minecraft version, or some other major change in Bukkit. If someone wishes to take over the development of this plugin, feel free to PM me and we can discuss it if I find y.. more
Categories: fun, mechanics,


Description PlayerWeight adds weight on each item and displays it on your experience bar while also slowing the player movement according to weight. So let's say you defined your max weight to 100 and you have items weighting 50, your experience bar will be half full and your speed decreased according to defined in config. Features Define weight for any item Show weight percentage on experience bar Slows movem.. more


SignColors by Pablo97 This is the reprogrammed plugin from SignColours by ivals Thank you for over 15.000 downloads :D Version 0.4.1 uploaded!Project now licensed under GPLv3! SignColors allows all players on the server, or people with Permissions, to add colored text to signs. Simply use the & character (you can change this in the config) followed by a hexidecimal digit (0-f) to give the rest of that line a color. Current Features Allows players to ad.. more


Did you ever want to disable fly in a certain world? This plugin is your solution! FlyDisabler allow you to disable flying for normal users in any world you want. It's a very simple and lightweight plugin. You only have to download and put this plugin into plugins folder of your server. Then start and stop server. The plugin will generate a sample configuration file. Now edit your config adding the name .. more


AngryWolves - Randomly spawn aggressive wolves, now with Hellhounds and Villager Werewolves! This plugin offers the option to have some (or even all) wolves that spawn be already angry. In addition, angry wolves can be substituted for a portion of the normal monster spawns, but (optionally) only in appropriate biomes and on appropriate terrain. Both of these options can be enabled at the same time (or individually, as before), and individually configured... more
Categories: mechanics, fun,


CraftZ - Massive DayZ Recreation In Minecraft Documentation | Updating | GitHub What is CraftZ? The story behind this plugin: A virus has broken out and almost the whole population has mutated into zombies. Only a few people have survived. You are one of them and have to fight masses of zombies! But not only zombies are your problem: Most players are not friendly, because they want your stuff. The first .. more


We're back on Bukkit! The forums will be re-enabled as well sometime in the future. - - Overview - Configuration - Commands - Experience - Skills - Classes - Parties - Introduction to Heroes Created for the MMORPG server Herocraft. Heroes is a dynamic, flexible and highly configurable class, skill and experience system. Heroes itself is the hub of your players RPG experience, boasting classes, multi-tier.. more

Armor Wardrobe

What this does is pretty simple, you type in the command: /ward and this menu will display: To put on the armor just simply click it, to leave the armor menu press ESC on your keyboard, to remove the armor right-click the redstone lamp, down in the corner. Installation ====: Save "Wardrobe.jar" to your plugins folder, and run/reload the server. Commands: /ward - Shows the Wardrobe menu! Permissions: ward.open - Permission to open the wardrobe ward.ARMORTYP.. more
Categories: mechanics, fun,


Refiner Bukkit By Andy, 3ShotGod & Renegade217 Have you ever tried to craft a certain item but ended up crafting another? Do you have spare tools never used that you would like to make into something useful? Do you plain just like trying new thing and making .. more

Strike v0.0.3

Welcome to my plugin's page! This plugin allows you to strike where you are looking or another player with lightning! The v0.0.3 update is now configurable! To configure the plugin: 1. Start your server with this plugin installed. 2. Open up your server files and navigate to 'plugins -> strike' 3. Open config.yml 4. Next to enabled, true means that the plugin is active for all players, false means that the p.. more


RolePlaySpecialityWeapons, a open to ideas plugin to enhance your playing experience: Description: (EN) Enough of to have always the same stuff, the same enchantments, the same way to become the most powerfull ever? Enough of theses kikoo always giving up all your efforts in a one-time playing, rushing the whole stuff and playing as bad as their feets? Want more gratifying feature to reward your plenty hours of playing minecraft? So RolePlaySpeciality.. more


PureBlood PureBlood plugin is a plugin that makes players bleed when they under attack. Features - Spawns particles around the victim. *NO STEP SOUND* Permissions no Permissions Commands no commands. Configuration Enable: true/false true - blood activate false - blood Not activate Installation Download the plugin. Drop the plugin to the plugins list. Reload the server. Metrics Donate with paypal Live Chat http://webchat.esper.net/?nick=&channel.. more
Categories: fun, mechanics,

FBasics | Anti-Glitch

Information I created this plugin due to people being able to glitch into factions bases, take advantage of commands glitches and other irritating issues on my server, and thought it'd be nice to share the love. Features Patches Dismount glitches Enderpearl glitches Teleporting to the top of the nether glitches Essentials' teleportation glitches (With SafeTeleport enabled, as having it disabled irrit.. more

Space Suit

SPACE SUIT Ever wanted to have a space world, but there was no plugin for a space suit that was updated? Well now there is! Spacesuits allows you to have a requirement for oxygen in a world, useful for role-play! This plugin was originally made for the not released yet Ender Worlds server. CURRENT VERSION SpaceSuit 2.1.1 (Being Approved!) USAGE To make a spacesuit, you need a cactus, a piece of glass, and a spo.. more


This plugin uses the superperms for permissions (without, it defaults to everything usable by everyone, teleblock shields bypassable by ops). Also (optionally) uses the Factions plugin for faction-based filters on some redstone devices, Towny for city and nation-based filters, and (optionally) Vault for per mechanism costs. Fortification is a redstone focused plugin aimed at leveling the playing field in pvp by providing defenders with the tools necessary t.. more
Categories: mechanics,

Enchantment Limiter

Need to make enchantments harder to get? Too many people with really high level and/or multiply-enchanted, overpowered items? Enchantment Limiter can do that for you. It does so by limiting the combination of books in anvil, and limits enchantment tables to yield only one power. New in 0.5: You can also specify enchantment combinations that are not allowed, like preventing any diamond swords from having sharpness. See new configs below. Enchantment Limiter .. more
Categories: mechanics,


Loot-Plus LootPlus is designed to enhance your Minecraft experience by improving mob drops and dungeon loot! If you've ever felt that mob drops and dungeon loot were too bland or scarce, this is the plugin for you! (Not to mention that everything is configurable!) And this project is still heavily in development, so new things will be added at a rapid pace! More Extensive Documentation Visit the wiki here Curre.. more


Conquest The famous Conquest mode from the Battlefield Games comes to Minecraft! With an easy way to setup, you can start very quickly! How it works: You have two team, Team Red and Team Blue. Both Teams start with the same amount of tickets, wich are reduced by deaths or taken Flags. There are 5 Flags, wich can be taken by standing next to them. If the Flag reaches 100%, the enemy Team constantly loses Tickets.. more
Categories: mechanics, fun,

Craftable Backpacks

Craftable Backpacks This plugin adds a craftable backpack with 18 slots by default. The size can be changed. The client doesn't need any mods. Everything is manged by the server. Crafting Update Annotation If you are a new user of this plugin you can skip this point. Configuration Changes For using the resizing feature you need to get this line into your config: BackPackRows: 2 You can do this by copying this .. more
Categories: mechanics,


Quote from DSH105:v2.3.0 has been released and has compatibility for all MC versions from 1.6.4 through to 1.7.8 EchoPet is a simple Donator Perk plugin designed to add Pets that follow players around on their adventures throughout Minecraft. All Pets are custom entities spawned and controlled by the plugin. Great for donator perks! Pets are greatly customisable, through the extensive Command Base .. more
Categories: fun, mechanics,

Grand Theft Minecart

Please note that this is still in early development. Many features listed below are not yet added. They will be added in due time. NOTICE: If you find a bug or error, please click HERE to be directed to a page to inform us about the issue. Features Zombies / Skeletons as law enforcement. Zombies / Skeletons don't burn during the day. Law Enforcement can open/close wooden doors. Mobs are only hostile when your on 1+ ✪ Be able to change players wanted .. more


More Materials Version: 2.4.3 Overview MoreMaterials is a clever plugin, which allows you to create and install your own custom blocks and items. It includes an incredibly simple to use editor (with various difficulty/complexity levels) to create your own custom shapes quickly and easily. It also includes a system to easily share your custom creations! How to Use? MoreMaterials is installed just as any other .. more


Description: This plugin was created as an alternative to the /back on death command. With DeathCompass enabled, a player is given a compass when they respawn after death. This compass points to their last death location in that world, so they can find their dropped loot. It also works well alongside various death chest and graveyard plugins. Features: Customizable item name, now supports color codes (v1.1) Cus.. more


ConquestiaMobs Plugin Description: This plugin was created to add a leveling system to mobs, where their health and damage would scale with their level. I designed it to be as lightweight and configurable as possible. So you will notice in the config file that almost every setting is on a per-world level. Works extremely well with HealthBars and mob health plugins. Feel free to post any suggestions or problems I would love to help or potentially add a ne.. more


BetterSurvival implements some new things to Minecraft Survival. This Plugin is German. I'll translate it as soon as I have time for that. Features: /afk - Sets you to AFK mode. /tp [Player] - Sends a teleportrequest to the given player. /accept - Accept Teleportrequest. /opa - It means Grandpa in English... You'll see ;) Sneak + Drop + Hold a crafting table in your hand -> Pocket Crafting Per.. more


Hey There, I Was Making A Trampoline Plugin And I Change It To A FlyFeather. How To Use! First Type The Command(Read Down). Then RightClick In The Air Or A Block. Then You Are Flying. Dont Fly To Long Or You Get Kicked. New If You Left Click And Has The Permisions Or You Are Op It Shoot's Firework With Random Type's And Color's! Added No Fall Damage! Commands and Permissions /FlyFeather : FF.GetFeather No Command : FF.Donate Features Fly In .. more
Categories: fun, mechanics,


Locker protects your inventories (chests, hoppers, furnaces, ender chests, etc.) against the wrath of other players. Access Protection Break Protection Explosion Protection Hopper Protection Custom Labels Easy usage No database required Performance optimized Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Installation.. more

Pegasus Plugin

Always wanted a flying horse ? Now you got it ! Features This plugin creates Pegasus, that is to say flying horse. How it works Just type /pegasus-create to spawn a Pegasus, mount him and use spacebar to fly. Else, you can just direct him like usual Do not fear falling, you won't take damage ! Commands Order of options does not matter. /pegasus-create <name> <color> <style> <variant> - spawn a Pegasus with customised options per.. more

Keep Inventory

This plugin was designed for the Server staff team or VIP players. Simply give the group the keepitems permission and they will keep their Items and Armor on death. This is perfectly if you dont want to use the gamerule "keepInventory". Support&Questions / Bugs / Feature Requests == I've disabled the comment feature for this project because it is really hard to give every user support via comments. If you have any questions/bug reports or feature req.. more

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