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Information AntiLagg is a plugin that will boost your servers performance. It will drastically decrease your RAM usage by doing regular checks and removing the suitable entities/other things. This will decrease your RAM usage, because with minecraft entities, items, chunks and things like that are what cause the server to lag. Therefore by filtering, all of these things and or removing them, the server has less to 'think about', and thus your servers perfo.. more
Categories: fixes, fun, mechanics,

Confined Thunder

Confined Thunder Introduction Confined Thunder is a plugin to patch a potential exploit in which players' coordinates can be found from the globally-broadcasted thunder sound packet. Typically, the server will send a sound packet for thunder to all players on the server within a distance of 160,000 blocks. Thunder only occurs around loaded chunks, so the coordinates sent in the sound packet can be used to approximate players' locations to around 500 blocks... more


I made this little plugin to fix new players getting stuck in walls or spawning on roofs, etc. and dying when they first log into the server. It works by running a command after a configurable amount of ticks when players log in for the first time (or they don't have a player file). I thought I should upload it here in case someone might find it useful. I couldn't find anything to do what I wanted so here it is.. more
Categories: fixes,


Introduction The implementation of the chicken jockey composite-mob in Minecraft 1.7.4 and 1.7.5 causes chickens to spawn in dark places with a baby zombie rider. The zombie will despawn but the chicken will not, and any eggs that the chicken lays can be picked up by other nearby zombies causing them to become persistent, and ignored by the hostile mob cap. Eventually, hundreds of egg-holding zombies can gather in an active area and cause unnecessary server.. more
Categories: fixes,


NoVillagerTrading Click here to download the latest version! This is a very lightweight and simple plugin that disallows everyone without the novillagertrading.bypass permission from trading with villagers. I created this specifically for my server as I would like players to be able to interact with villagers normally, just not trade with them, as it can heavily impact our economy. What makes this different fro.. more
Categories: mechanics, fixes,


CPFix CPFix is created to fix some code page problems, bounded to Windows console and broken version of LWJGL included to Minecraft Client. It create to resolve Russian (Cyrillic) issues, but you can easy configure this plugin to any code page and characters set (broken by LWJGL). Russian version of this description | Описание на русском языке .. more
Categories: admin-tools, fixes,


Ghasts have terrible aim. The goal of this plugin is to fix that! Ghasts normally shoot above you if you are on a lower level than the ghast, and below you if you are on a higher level than the ghast. You can literally stand still around a ghast and almost never be hurt on a nearly level surface. I'm serious. Go try it for yourself. This plugin recalculates the direction vector that the fireball needs to take to hit you. It then applies this direction vec.. more
Categories: fixes,

Fetch UUID

Fetch UUID About Hello all! Recently there has been an update in Minecraft! This will allow players to change usernames! As fun as that is, it can cause some problems, such as not knowing if the player "We_Be_Rollin" is really the player that had the username "Turtle_head" last week. This plugin saves all of this, you are now able to do /FetchUUID <player> and get that player's UUID! Although name changing has not been equipped yet, we suggest adding .. more
Categories: admin-tools, fixes,

FBasics | Anti-Glitch

Information I created this plugin due to people being able to glitch into factions bases, take advantage of commands glitches and other irritating issues on my server, and thought it'd be nice to share the love. Features Patches Dismount glitches Enderpearl glitches Teleporting to the top of the nether glitches Essentials' teleportation glitches (With SafeTeleport enabled, as having it disabled irrit.. more


NetherBanner is a awesome and simple bukkit plugin for when you to send a rulebreaker to Nether! It is also a very little resource plugin so it won't cause lag! This plugin is a continuation or "reload" of the outdated plugin NetherBan by WalkerCrouse If you would like to obtain the newest version of this plugin click here. Changelog (As of NetherBanner Build 3.2) I have uploaded a new release of NetherBanner... more


Please used comment section for comments, for bugs and ideas please use the GitHub Issues Tracker Configuration | Commands | Permissions SimpleTownsXtras adds a mix of extra features to SimpleTowns. Features WorldGuard Features ChunkVisualizer Features Metrics This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.org: A unique iden.. more


Sleeper ------------------------------ Ever have that annoying person on your server that refuses to sleep at night? Well with Sleeper that person is no longer a problem. As long as a configurable percentage of players are sleeping the time will be reset to a configurable time and a configurable message will be sent out to all players in that world. ------------------------------ Install: Download the jar file .. more
Categories: fixes, role-playing,


How to Install: Just paste the NeosNoEndermanGrief.jar in your /plugins folder and restart your Server. If you have any errors, dont be shy and message us :) Functions: This is an easy Plugin to Stop Endermans placing or picking up Blocks. About us: Im the Developer of an German Server and i decided by myself to create plugins for our Servermod CraftBukkit. More Plugins will come soon! Visit .. more


SilkSpawners - Harvest mob spawners with silk touch Version v3.3.5 Old forum link: Click! Description Ever wanted to move a mob spawner? With SilkSpawners, you can now pick up and move monster spawners. If you use a pickaxe with the silktouch enchantment you will receive the spawner again. You can control each mob spawner, allow crafting and of course mod support This plugin was originally written and maintain.. more


pTweaks is a server optimization tool. This plugin will redefine how your server loads, stores and manages chunks. pTweaks will prioritize chunk loading so the ones that need loaded get done first. When a large number of chunks are being loaded consecutively the plugin will start to unload unused chunks at a higher rate to keep performance on the server higher. pTweaks has a smart chunk loading algorithm so that chunks in a players surroundings stay lo.. more


AFKPlus AFKPlus Ever feel as your players AFK camp their way to gain stuff? Don't you worry! AFKPlus integrates a technique onto your server to get those AFK players out of the situation. What does this mean? Well, AFKPlus sends the player to the set location once he has been AFK. With a lightweight design, customizable configuration, very user friendly design, what is wrong about this plugin? Nothing at all! Features Customizable Messages Customizable Time.. more
Categories: mechanics, fixes,


AntiSeePlugins ENGLISH Description AntiSeePlugins is a plugin that says a personalized message when you type some commands like /pl, /?, etc How to install 1) Download the file "AntiSeePlugins.jar" 2) Put the file "AntiSeePlugins.jar" in the folder "/plugins" of your server 3) Restart or reload your server 4) Well done! The plugin is now installed ;) Features This plugin disallows the commands like /pl, /?, etc [SOON]You can modify the message says when .. more
Categories: admin-tools, fixes,

Tekkit Restrict

Tekkit Restrict (requires Tekkit Classic) "My initial opinion of having my own server was that players would get along. Boy, was I wrong. Only 2 days after my server's release, I already had 7 players who duped Gem Armor and blew up spawn about a trillion times. After setting gem armor to a certain rank, they then torched my spawn. After disabling most of EE until a certain playtime rank, they then found thei.. more


Tired of people logging in for the first time, typing /home, and then quitting cause you use a different command and it says permission denied? Want to make your own short-hand commands? Then this plugin is for you. The plugin adds to the aliases in bukkit.yml by allowing you to redirect to lengthy commands like /spawn => /skill port spawn Command Router listens for commands, compares them against your confi.. more
Categories: fixes, admin-tools,


If you're anything like me, when you're playing Minecraft wood is in a constant demand. So, you go and cut down some trees from a forest, right? That means a few less trees for the forest. The trees do drop saplings, but do you really take the time to replant them every single time? How about other people on your server? If you're not careful, serious deforestation can occur, leaving countless animals without a home. Remember, biodiversity shrinks with habi.. more


QuarterCode QuarterBukkit | (PluginManager) | MinecartRevolution Beta There is currently running an open beta. If you are interested in QuarterBukkit, please use the API and report any bugs you find! Thank you! - QuarterCode Info for server operators There's only one important thing for you: If you are a server operator, don't use the download! It's only for plugin developers, QuarterBukkit will install itself automatically on your server! Config Yes, Qua.. more

Facebook app

Hi welcome to my Facebook plugin Hi this is Facebook everyone do you like Facebook on minecraft? Well you can now Facebook has come to minecraft. What does this plugin do? This plugin gives you the permissions to turn Facebook on & off. & create apps your very own apps. Sorry if some of you guys don't understand this plugin, well I'll tell you do you know Facebook the website right? Well this is basically a Facebook plugin where you can Facebook peo.. more

Musical statues

Hi Welcome to my second plugin Musical statues. Have you ever heard of the game musical status? You sometimes have it on your birthday or something? Well it's here Musical statues! What is it about? It's about a game where there's up to the maximin of players in game & minimum players. How to play? First the player turns the music on, then when the music stops, everyone stands still, but if someone moves last, then they are out of the game. The winner .. more

The bill

Welcome to my the bill plugin Welcome to my the bill plugin Have you ever heard of the bill program about police arresting robbers? Well the bill is here, but instead of it being a the bill program plugin, I'm making it as a minigame plugin. How to play the bill? First you start of as a police man, 1 is the cop & the rest are the robbers. Police The police have to get the robbers & the robbers are on the cops team. Robbers Try & runner way from .. more


ServerDragon ServerDragon is a plugin all servers need. Everyone wants to kill the Enderdragon but it only spawns in one time and the firt one to kill it gets the dragon egg. This plugin allow everyone on the server to kill the dragon and get the dragon egg + the XP. You can set the plugin to allow players to only kill the dragon one time or have a cooldown on how long they have to wayt before thay can kill the dragon agein. Players can spawn in a dragon(ca.. more


Hi welcome to my very own new plugin JamesGames Hi welcome to my very own new plugin JamesGames. Description This is my On my way! plugin I made called JamesGames it's a bit like survival games, but it's a diffrent name. Features Create unlimited arenas Creates automatically scoreboard of kills, players online, you can change it in the config. Create multiple spawns Create kits for the game Rewards you when you win How to play You stand in a place & sta.. more

Types of minigames

welcome to my Games plugin! This is a game plugin where there's al sorts of games that I got to. Features You can get ranks in game, Pvp & lots more soon! Commands & permissions /Games create [game name] [Game type] Creates a game & type - game.create /Games set spawn [name] Sets or adds a spawn point to the game - game.setspawn /Games help [page number] Gives help to game commands /Games set [game .. more


UniqueNames Source | Tickets A planned feature by Mojang is the ability to change the Minecraft username. With this plugin we provide a protection against changing usernames. When you join a server for the first time, an entry with your unique user ID and your username will be created. When you join the server another time, your actual username will be compared with the archived username. If there's a difference between the actual and the archived usernam.. more
Categories: fixes,

No X-Ray

No X-ray is a Minecraft Bukkit server plugin that aims to end any form of x-raying being possible. No X-ray makes use of ProtocolLib to send, receive and modify packets, because of this, you will also need to download ProtocolLib. As of v0.1.4, No X-ray is compatible with Orebfuscator (v2.0.8 is the latest tested) and is able to work alongside it. Link to Github Features: Base protection - obfuscate whole rooms with naturally occuring underground blocks En.. more


As many of you know with the 1.7 update you are able to obtain enchanted items, books, or other stuff while fishing. I currently run a ExtraHardMode server and players were getting a huge advantage due to this so with the help of some people (@ct63960) who helped me write this. I will soon add more features to it which will be down below. Features Allows you to prevent the fishing up of items. You can only get fish when fishing (Salmon, Pufferfish, clownfi.. more
Categories: fixes, fun,


Orebfuscator - Anti X-RAY: Version:2.0.8 This plugin is used to counter X-RAY Client mods. It modifies data that are sent to clients to hide blocks of your choice, such as Ore, chests, dungeons, etc. It does not manipulate blocks in the world file, thus is safe to use. ProximityHider is a feature that hides chests that are far from players. Forum link http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/38385 Configuration Guide h.. more


CombatProtector → Features → You can customize the time the protection lasts Combat Log when someone dies it says: [name] Has combat logged, what a wuss... This is a Anti PvP Logger, No one will escape pvp now! If you are pvp tagged, you can't type any commands, nor throw enderpearls for the desired time limit. Installation guide → 1. Go to your plugins folder copy the .jar file to the.. more

WorldGuard Piston Fix

WorldGuard Piston Fix (WGPFix) attempts to prevent cross-region griefing for WorldGuard concerning pistons, optionally monitoring water and lava and growing trees etc.. With WGPFix cross-region changes are prevented, if the affected blocks belong to regions that have different owners+members. This is quite rigid, but allows pistons to affect different regions with exactly the same owners/members. It is possible to deny pistons affecting certain block types .. more


Description Craft Chainmail Armour, Horse Armour, Saddles, Name Tags and more with this simple, lightweight plugin! This plugin intends to create a better experience for players, as they can craft the items which are generally only found in randomly generated chests; which on larger servers, means heading out thousands of blocks away just to find un-explored land. For example, a server which has hundreds of .. more
Categories: fun, fixes,


This is my second plugin, I will try to add all features requested and will keep this updated! Some people think that World Edit's or another plugins /spa or /superpickaxe command is great. Insta destroying blocks without a care in the world, but unfortunately that might unbalance some things. Therefore, I present to you the alternative to it! SuperPickAxe Alternative! This plugin has multiple features all found below! Features Respects world guard regions .. more
Categories: fun, admin-tools, fixes,

BlackList Chat

BlackList Chat Info This plugin has a config where you can go and put your words to be blocked. If a player says a word to those who are in the configuration, the plugin will cancel the message and it will send a message to the player. Commands /blacklist This wil display the command of this plugin. /blacklist reload /blacklist add <word> /blacklist del <word> Is It Usefull ? Yes, i think verry usefull, no spamming, cursing, etc ! Why This Plug.. more


AntiCheat helps server admins easily identify and block malicious users by monitoring and analyzing the behavior of players. AntiCheat looks for tell-tale signs of hacked clients and implements limits into the game so that players cannot gain an advantage by hacking. For support of any kind, please join #anticheat on irc.esper.net. Myself and others will be happy to take a look at any issue you have and work t.. more


InfiniteBlocks allows server admins to create infinite anvils, cake, cauldrons dispensers and droppers. This plugin also supports multiple worlds. Commands /Infiniteblocks - main command /Infiniteblocks toggle - toggle the state of a block /Infiniteblocks list - list all the infinite blocks and their locations /Infiniteblocks version - display the version Notes This plugin contains MCStats, which will collect basic information about your server. More inf.. more
Categories: admin-tools, fixes,


NoItemAbuse is a simple plugin which checks if items and potions are legitimate when they are used. Features When a player uses an item that has an enchantment higher than the maximum level for that enchantment, or negative durability (which gives more uses than a normal item), the use is cancelled and it is removed from their inventory permanently. When an item is removed, it is logged to NoItemAbuse.log along with the player name, and location if it is a .. more


↘ Beschreibung auf Deutsch ↘ Video tutorial in portuguese This plugin is in beta stage. feel free to report bugs :) Features Effective Spam protection Differentiates between the following types Character Spam (helloooooo) Capslock (HELLO) Flooding (too much msgs) Repetitions of similar text URL posting Words from the blacklist Define your own punishments to each spam type Whitelist / Blacklist .. more

Frame Protector

Frame Protector Features * Simple Plugin to prevent players from removing items from a ItemFrame since 1.7 changes. Commands Permissions Changelog Default Config Installation Step 1. Download the plugin from the top right of this page. Step 2. Once it has finished downloading, Drag and drop the plugin into you're /plugins folder of your server directory. Step 3. Start or Restart your server and it should be installed. TODO: NONE, Suggestions? Quote:This pl.. more


SummonFIX Description This plugin is early Beta and will be updated a lot in the future. It implements the /summon feature from Vanilla 1.7 to Craftbukkit, since this command doesn't work on Bukkit so far. The plugin gives you the ability to spawn a creature somewhere in the world using a command. It has the ability to give the entity custom NBTTags as shown in the example. The plugin is still BETA and doesn't include all the functionalitys from vanilla Usa.. more
Categories: admin-tools, fixes,


Rubix | The legendary plugin About Based on the idea that a plugin can do more than a simple job Rubix is born. It is a lightweight but powerful solution to managing multiple worlds, to create awesome plugins based on it, with full permissions support and more !Rubix is a Bukkit friendly plugin because it's based on it but it also help him to do some task better and faster thanks to a patch engine system. It can be used as a simple library extension for Bu.. more


RealisticDay - Realistic time and weather from a town! Allow temporality to set the time of a town to your world. This mean you have the realistic sunrise and sunset (planned also weather). Please help me and report bugs or donate Donate After days of developing and thousends sourcecode lines it would be realy nice if you donate. This would be help me so much. HERE to donate! Thanks! Features realistic su.. more

FBasics - Factions glitch patches & more!

Information I have looked everywhere to try and block all the glitches for my factions server, but I found none! So I thought I may as well be the first to make a proper plugin to patch it all, it does also have a few other nifty features which factions servers benefit from a lot. All features can be disabled / enabled from within the config! FBasics includes Teleportation glitch patches within liquids Telepor.. more


RailSwitcher Allows you to rotate rail pieces so that you can turn that one annoying piece that won't go the way you want it to. To do this, right click on a rail with the type of rail you are trying to change or with shears. It also allows you switch out one type of rail for another by right clicking with another type of rail. An example would be that you placed a powered rail and want a detector rail, just right click on the placed powered rail with a d.. more
Categories: mechanics, fixes,


What is gtBorder? gtBorder is a plugin to stop players moving too far away, it "blocks" the player within a defined area. It's good for raiding servers and PvP. Do I need to config something? Not really, gtBorder automatically config things for you. By default the border will be 5000(X and Z) and players won't take damage, the damage would be 2 (1 full heart). But you can change it either using commands or editing the config.yml file. How to install Drag th.. more

Craftable Armours

Description Craft Chainmail Armour, Horse Armour, Saddles, Name Tags and more with this simple, lightweight plugin! This plugin intends to create a better experience for players, as they can craft the items which are generally only found in randomly generated chests; which on larger servers, means heading out thousands of blocks away just to find un-explored land. For example, a server which has hundreds of .. more
Categories: fun, fixes,


The ultimative Tool to fake your Online Player Number! Do you know the problem when you vanish from other players with a fake logout using Vanish or some other Plugin, but if a player looks in his Server List and the Tab List he knows, that you are vanished? Installation Download Bibo38Lib and ChgUsers and put them into your plugins folder. Start or reload your Server Uninstalling Only remove the jar-File fro.. more
Categories: admin-tools, fixes,

Plot Claim

Plot Claim Version 1.0.1 PlayerEvent was changed to a player click event. Writs must be used from the inventory by right clicking on them. This was done so you could set a price using CitiTraders2 without using the writ! Description Plot Claim gives you a few resources for allowing players to own land on your server. If you ever played Ultima Online, you can appreciate this plugin. How it Works .. more

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