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EtriaEconomy Commands | Permissions|Configuration EtriaEconomy is a basic economy plugin originally developed for the EtriaCraft Server. Features Vault Support, works with all shop plugins that utilize Vault. Drag and Drop Functionality (If you want the basic settings). MySQL and SQLite (FlatFile) database support. Utilizes the UUID system in preparation for the UUID switch by Mojang in 1.8. Easy to use command line. Permissions supported. Requirements I.. more
Categories: admin-tools, economy,

ChestShop Notifier

Plugin Description CSN (ChestShop Notifier) is a plugin that records ChestShop transactions to a MySQL database. When a shop owner logs onto the server, they will be presented with an option to view sales from when they were offline. Installation Instructions Commands /csn help → Shows available commands /csn history [username] → Shows unread sale history from database /csn clear → Marks all sale history as read for your user /csn uplo.. more


This allows players with permissions to have/give/take points. Later I will add different actions, if you reached a specific amount of points, but now it could be used like this: Admins and Mods give points to the players, if they have built a good building If you reach a specific amount of points, you will became moderator Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integrati.. more
Categories: economy,


CustomRPS allows multiple players to play/bid and create custom (rock, paper, scissors) games. Players will have the option (if allowed) to bid any material in their inventory, and also (again if enabled) will win/lose server bids. The two games this plugin comes preloaded with are: the classic (rock paper scissors), and the updated version from the big bang theory(rock paper scissors lizard spock). CustomRPS for bukkit custom rock, paper, scissors. Plugin .. more

Cactus Crate

About Cactus Crates aka Mystery Crates allows you to create crates with customizable rewards. The Types of rewards you can receive is limitless, ranging from Items, Ranks, Kits, ect. Features Randomized Rewards Customizable Messages Probability Rewards can be anything. (Ranks, Items, Commands, Ect.) Commands Information nameusagepermission crate/cratecactuscrate.crate info/crate infocactuscrate.info give/crate give {PLAYER} {AMOUNT}cactuscrate.give open/c.. more


Coins is a bonus system for players. It works like the monetary system servers in MMORPG. You can use coins for you're commands, eg healing costs 10 coins. The admin can give Coins for donations or for excellent services and the player can decide which command he used Donate Support me and donate! Donate! Features a CustomCommandBuilder a Metrics System a AutoUpdate System a premium/VIP currency reward .. more




Allows players to buy or rent chosen WorldGuard-regions from the server. Super easy to set up and highly adjustable! Great to set up towns with different areas; you can define a marketplace with small, only rentable plots, an area for premium-members only and a lot of other districts. Features None, area and volume based price calculation | Inheritance system allowing to manipulate settings global, world-wi.. more


FancyShop Create chest shops that trade in physical currencies. github.com/DeltaWhy/bukkit-fancyshop Features Create chest shops with a graphical interface. Use in-game items as currency. Buy and sell any item - enchanted items and books, potions, even items with lore or custom NBT data. Buy and sell up to 27 different items in a single shop. Shops are protected against damage and against steali.. more
Categories: economy,

Grand Theft Diamond (GTA in Minecraft)

Please note: This plugin is still in beta. This means: There are still some bugs. Please report them in the comments and don't be angry if you found some ;) First, what is this plugin about? Grand-Theft-Diamond (GT-Diamond or GTD) is created with the idea to make a bukkit plugin like GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (Cops and robbers) and a bit of GTA V. You can be a cop or a civilin. As civilian you can rob s.. more

Fly Payment

Fly PaymentMake flying cost something! When a player uses the fly command, it'll cost them a(n) item(s), and/or Economy Currency (whatever you specify in the config), and/or EXP to activate flying. Once they disable flying, it'll cost the player another set of item(s) and/or Economy Currency (whatever you specify in the config), and/or EXP to start flying again. Also, you can set a time limit for how long their.. more
Categories: economy, fun, general,


MinecraftEconomy Important Help When typing a player's name, it MUST be lowercased. Do NOT put a decimal more than two digits (ex. 12.345) because it will round it off to the nearest decimal, make a huge number, and you will need to delete that account in your config. Because this plugin uses Vault, the plugin CAN be used with other plugins with Vault integrated in them, it doesn't NEED to. Commands & Permissions If you want the player to permission to.. more
Categories: economy,

Blue Book

Blue Book - the Minecraft Pricing Guide Version: v1.7.1 This is the guide to all pricing in Minecraft! This plugin will tell you the value of any object in the game! Setting up a shop? How much should you sell a Diamond Chestplate for? Is that set of bookshelves a good deal? Stop picking prices at random and use this plugin instead! This plugin is perfect for admins who want to set up malls or stores quickly .. more


=== UpgradeCore === UpgradeCore Allows you to upgrade your weapons, armor, on the highest the upgrade highest the damage, which is configurable. A simple plugin that adds some Role Playing and some more items to die for! You get these items from configurable mobs. Make Sure to read everything before asking questions already here answered. The Plugin is still in Beta, bugs and glitches, if any are to be expected.. more


BuyRegion - WorldGuard Region Sales Allows you to create signs which can be used to buy or rent WorldGuard regions. The plugin works with all Vault supported economy systems as it requires Vault for economy support. Plugin work and update I have pushed build 1.1.7 out (Pending to be released) to squat bugs and fix anything that appears, The plugin has been tested on a spigot / bukkit 1.7.8 build and is working successful with no errors. Please report any.. more


AutoPrice Bukkit plugin A shop plugin with GUI and dynamic prices. Features Highly configurable. Good default configuration for lazy server owners (like myself). Designed to require minimum input from server owner. Commands and GUI (Graphical User Interface). Prices will automatically be adjusted based on supply and demand of each material. The shop can be accessed by any player at any location. The plugin ke.. more
Categories: economy,


EAUCTIONS Welcome to EAuctions. This plugin is made for owners that wants an auctions feature on their servers. This allows players to start an auction on command. When an auction takes place other players can bid on it using /bid. The player with the highest bid wins the auction and the item the player auctioned. For this plugin to work you will need Vault. Vault makes sure that the Economy is working and that players get their money. Without Vault the plu.. more


PvPMoney Home | Commands | Configuration | Permissions PvPMoney is nothing new, it's just a simple plugin I wrote for giving players monetary rewards for killing others and I thought I could share it with you guys. I originally wrote this plugin because KillerMoney wouldn't work for me, no matter how I tried it, I got frustrated and started looking into ways to write my own version and sure enough, after a few hours I had a fully working plugin, given anoth.. more
Categories: fun, economy,


What is CoinsReloaded? CoinsReloaded is a economy based plugin made by Pixxima(My minecraft name) or NineDiamonds on BukkitDev. It has tons of features and more features to be planned. Why should i use CoinsReloaded? CoinsReloaded is going to bring RPG servers to a whole new level. It has a API implemented for other plugin developers to make plugins that hooks into CoinsReloaded. CoinsReloaded is not only for RPG servers its made for any server owner that .. more
Categories: admin-tools, economy,

Individual Messages

~ Pick from a range of 100+ placeholders for individual chat messages. This is a fork of my other project ISP Features - Evaluates per player - Placeholders can be used in any message e.g. Chat prefixes, chatting with players, feedback from commands - Permissions to use and see placeholders - Easy to use API Dependencies This plugin requires the several other plugins to function correctly: - ProtocolLib (used to update the packets) - Vault (used for .. more


Poll Open! Vote on what you want to be added ASAP Minescape is a plugin that brings the feel of Runescape to minecraft. It has all types of goodies like NPC's, Quests, Skills GrandExchange, Battle Arenas, Lodestones, Magic. What is Runescape? RuneScape is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game. RuneScape takes place in the world of Gielinor, a medieval fantasy realm divided into different kingdoms, regions, and cities.[2][3] P.. more


SmallEconomy Plugin WebSite click here to visit web site Features This plugin is simple use,you create account add money remove money. Version Java: 1.7 Version Plugin: 1.5 (WATING APPROVED) Commands commandsdescription /econ setCreate new account/set Account /econ addAdd money in player /econ removeRemove money in player Permission permissiondescription smalleconomy.setto player acces set account. smallecono.. more
Categories: economy,


UltiChestShop is a chest shop plugin that uses Essentials Economy system and works with WorldGuard support. Current version for the plugin is 1.7.2 Features : Allows you to create chestshop with money support from Essentials Economy system Right click on a chest shop to buy the items Player Commands : /ucs create material_name:material_data amount price_per_amount | allows you to create a chest shop /ucs info | gives info on what is sold /ucs setitem mat.. more
Categories: economy,


MobCatcher Capture mobs and get eggs legitimately: Version: 3.16 MobCatcher allows players to capture mobs and get the corresponding spawn eggs. This is useful for trading and transporting mobs from player to player or even across worlds. As well as having a configurable capture item, MobCatcher also boasts configurable mob types and item costs per capture, bringing a new economic value to mob types both pea.. more
Categories: fun, economy, mechanics,

The PON-3 Gaming Pony Pack

PON-3 Gaming Pony Pack 3?! Beta 3.01 released, as soon as it's verified go get it! (Bukkit 1.7.5) Currently all classes, class abilities, and the chat formatter is working. It is important that people test this so I can work out any bugs that are present for a full build. See my other plugins! Simple-P Damage Modifiers!Simple-P Chat Filter! How to use it. (Link) (Permissions/Commands/Configuration) Class Information and Questions. Alicorns simply have.. more


EpicQuest The ultimate quest plugin! WARNING! If you are upgrading to 3.1, be sure to read the changelog! Your plugin will BREAK if you don't! Features: Multiple tasks per quest Multiple quests at the same time Quest types: Collect Kill Killplayer Killanyplayer Destroy Place Levelup Enchant Tame Craft Smelt Quest rewards: Money (Vault) Items Permission group (Vault) Progress a quest in only the specified worlds.. more


This plugin adds companies to Minecraft. Each company has employees, ranks, and stock. More features coming soon! Features Ranks Command-based Buying/Selling from Companies Applications Fine Permission Management Salaries Linked Chests (Restock, Recall, Buy, Sell) Installation Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev sta.. more

Survival Improvements

Survival Improvements Introduction This plugin adds - as the title says - improvements to MineCraft's Survival gameplay. These features include mini-bosses, gravestones and economy. Bosses Video: The bosses in this plugin are encountered by breaking a spawner of their type. Currently, zombie, skeleton, (cave) spider and blaze are available. All bosses have special gear they drop on death: Zombie.. more


MoneySQL is a simple plugin to instert players money into MySQL database. Its fast, easy, configurable and simple. Work with all money plugins. Commands and permissions CommandAliasesPermissionDescription /moneysql/ms, /msqlNoneDisplay informations about plugin /moneysql reload/moneysql rmoneysql.reloadReload config Installation: 1. Download plugin and drag and drop to yours plugins folder. 2. If you not have, download and install Vault. DOWNLOAD 2. Go t.. more


This plugin allows you to set up custom villager shopkeepers that sell exactly what you want them to sell and for what price. You can set up admin shops, which have infinite supply, and you can also set up player shops, which pull supply from a chest. It will also prevent any other trades with non-shopkeeper villagers if you want it to. Installation and Configuration Simply download the file and put it in your .. more
Categories: economy, role-playing,


A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, and crafting. Class based (experience increases as you perform your job). Features Create your own custom jobs and choose what they get paid for and how much. Leveling mechanic where higher level jobs will give higher incomes. Income earned = experience gained. Equation determining maximum experience, experience gained and income gained is customizable. Customiz.. more
Categories: economy, fun,


Introduction There are many shop plugins out there, but I couldn't find one that could sell items with metadata like "Name" and "Lore". I also wanted it to have an "admin shop" feature, which is generally unlimited, so I could sell items in my RPG server (which I sadly closed down). Many of those shop plugins also don't support multiple items per shop. This is why I made SignChestShop. I designed SignChestS.. more
Categories: admin-tools, economy,


BankX is an economy RP plugin that allows you to manage the economy of the server from NPC. It also allows you to store your inventory in a bank. All this from NPC Citizens. @Thanks to KingFaris11 for saving inventories in a file and get them back. Allows you to manage its economy on its server. Allows you to store inventory in the bank vault. Allows you to create npc and use them to interact in your bank. The plugin includes an API that can be used.. more
Categories: economy, role-playing,

Item Bank

Item Bank This plugin allows players to withdraw/deposit blocks and items into a virtual bank. The config allows for server owners to disallow certain blocks and items. Vault is supported for transaction fees when players deposit/withdraw items. There is also an option for a message to pop up in your console when a new update is available (this can be disabled in the config). Future Features None as of March 16, 2014. Pages of Interest Commands and Permiss.. more
Categories: admin-tools, economy,


Real Stock Market Tired of fake stocks and predictable stock markets on your server? Use in-game money to buy and sell real-world stocks! Features Overview View latest prices for any real-world US stock. Ex: /sm view AAPL Every command supports multiple symbols at once! Ex: /sm view AAPL,GOOG Drop-in installation, no configuration! Uses sqlite database to track purchase and sale transactions Note: This plugin connects to a finance website/API to obtain .. more
Categories: economy, fun,


Features Plugin allowing you to spawn player-textured heads into your inventory or other player's inventory Permission support Installation Simply put the JAR file in your server's PLUGINS folder and restart or reload the server. Configuration The configuration is simple, it only contains configurating the dropping of player heads on player killing each other (good for pvp servers) features: headdrop: #Description: Allowing player head dropping fea.. more


(example usage) Welcome to HOLOPopup! This is a very lightweight (a little under 200 lines!) plugin that utilizes horse nametags to create holograms. It uses no dependencies to create nametags, and is totally lag-free! You do, though, need Vault if you would like to use economy support. This plugin allows you to set a custom message to pop up when a player kills a mob or another player, with multi lines, var.. more


GemEconomy GemEconomy provides an easy to use economy on your server that can hook into any plugin! GemEconomy automatically connects to every economy plugin on your server, meaning if you have a shop plugin, GemEconomy will automatically connect to it and start charging players for gems! With GemEconomy, the possibilities are endless! Requirements You will need Vault for GemEconony to work. You will need Java .. more
Categories: economy,


MoneyItems - a lightweight system to drop and manage money items Version: 1.0 Purpose: The purpose of this plugin is to be a developer tool with methods to drop items that when picked up add to the player's balance Features: ability to drop money items that will be deposited straight into the player's wallet Commands none Permissions: moneyitems.notify.update - notifies players with this permission of updates Config: Config information may be found here .. more


ItemCase is an easy to use plugin that allows you to showcase items on slabs. You can also use these itemcases as shops that players can buy and sell items. Itemcases can be used for displaying items to players or as pick up points that allow players to pick up items that spawn every so often. Features MySQL support (Planned) SQLite support (Planned) Vault support Multi-Dialect support (English, German) Easy.. more

VectronCraft Towny Wars

Description: Like the land management of Towny but think it's too tame? Like the PvP of Factions but nowhere for your players to build in peace? Introducing Vectron Wars - A Towny Advanced add-on that will bridge the gap between those two plugins and allow your builders to build without running the risk of having their beautiful creations destroyed, while still allowing your towns and nations to participate in.. more


Ever wanted to implement a life count system on your server? Well, with LifeMC, now you can! LifeMC allows you to implement a complex life system into Minecraft. Every new player will start out with a default amount of lives. When a player is out of lives, he or she will be banned until that player regains a life. Players can pay eachother in lives. - Find an issue? Have a feature to request? Submit a tic.. more


Skript is a plugin that allows you to customize Minecraft's mechanics with simple scripts written in plain English sentences. You can easily create complex custom commands, triggers that execute effects under certain conditions, and scripts that just run periodically - all without having to know even the slightest bit about programming! The (hopefully) intuitive language has the advantage that you don't even ne.. more

Donator Express

Donator Express What is Donator Express? Donator Express allows members on your server to view and purchase ranks/items without any hassle. Users get their purchased item automatically. The plugin only requires a one-time setup, and then you can sit back, relax and watch the donations come in! Works with 1.7.2! Download the portal and plugin here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/donator-express/files/ .. more


Highway With this plugin you can improve your speed with speed ways / roads / expressways (you can call it like you want). If you get on a highway you get even faster than before without sneaking! But if you want that the player has to sneak to get faster, you can set the option "invert" to true. With our permissions and groupConfig.yml, you can give (up to 5 groups) additional speed. This feature is really ni.. more


[English text]About the plugin Hello, welcome to HealthPermission You always wanted more in life to your server! You can now do so only with permission =o [Portuguese text] Sobre o plugin Olá ,seja bem vindo ao HealthPermission Você sempre quis vidá a mais em seu servidor ! Agorá é possivel fazer isso somente com uma permissão =O Remember when you want to remove first remove the hearts (Exa.. more


Home | The Team | Credits | Commands and Permissions | Donations ShowCaseStandalone is like ShowCase but without the dependancies, and a more efficient way to create shops. With SCS, you can buy, sell, and display items, which float above blocks. You can use most of the major economy and permissions plugins with this, along with some special options for Towny. Development builds of this project can be acqui.. more
Categories: economy, fun,


ChestShop-Towny Let's face it. Having one super-tool for doing everything is often an overkill. Various parts of a plugin are often ignored and that in no way helps you - server admin - when you want to configure the server to your needs. That's why ChestShop-Towny was created. It's the same, old Towny integration in ChestShop - but better. Being a module, it means less troubles for you and more configuration a.. more

Advanced Bank Accounts

Advanced Bank Accounts Overview: Advanced Bank Accounts is a base economy with tons of features and to top it all of its super lightweight. Advanced Bank Accounts being so lightweight there is virtually no server lag when running this plugin. Also the API allows for infinite possibilities in terms of expandability and customization. Features: Lightweight No server lag Advanced API Transaction History Bank Accounts Buy and Sell Signs. Player Shops Commands:.. more
Categories: economy, fun,


Overview NPGuys (Non-Player Guys) - the most anticipated (by me, at least) RPG plugin - has finally arrived! At first it was created for polish server at Ragecraft.pl, it has been rewritten twice so far, but at last, after over one-and-half year I release this masterpiece to public. Now you can easly create complex conversation trees and enjoy talking with NPCs, using smart, scoreboard-based UI. Blah, blah, bla.. more

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