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Plugins in the category - admin-tools

WorldEdit Selection Visualizer

Overview WorldEditSelectionVisualizer (WESV) is essentially the famous WorldEditCUI mod in the form of a bukkit plugin, which means that players don't need to install anything on their client. When you select a region using WorldEdit, it visualizes your selection by spawning particles that form a grid around your selection. WESV only displays your selection to yourself. It supports cuboid, polygon, cylinder, ellipsoid and sphere selections. WorldEditSelecti.. more


~ Allows the banning of IP ranges + more. Overview - Ban players matching a regex - Ban players matching an IP address or range. - Ban players not matching IP address or range - Ban/Pardon IP addresses and IP ranges. Commands and Permissions CommandDescriptionPermission /ban <player>Bans a single playerbukkit.command.ban.player /ban <regex>Bans all online players matching the given regexbukkit.command.ban.player /ban <regex> -oBans pla.. more


Description English Text Hello people, I have a very simple chat Clear programmed plugin. With this plugin, you can clean the Global and its own chat. There is also a config. In the you can change the following messages: If the global chat was cleaned If the own chat was cleaned If someone else the chat was cleaned If you have cleaned the other chat If a player is offline (/ cci <player>) If you do not have Permissions In the config you have.. more


The RePlug plugin-manager was originally created for the 'Tenebrae-Gaming' gaming community. RePlug will allow you to manually load plugins out of the 'RePlugs' subdirectory in the 'plugins' directory of your plugin. It will also allow you to unload plugins in that directory completely from memory, or restart (disable, unload, load, enable) them. Furthermore RePlug allows you to enable, disable and reload all p.. more


SimpleItem v1.0 What Is SimpleItem? SimpleItem is plugin you can give item with your tags example: /item diamond_sword Best Diamond Sword! SimpleItem is plugin very simple to use Important: this plugin is only for Tools & Combat (SWORD,PIXACKE,SPADE,AXE,HOE) Commands commandsdescription /item <tools:combat name>Get item (/item list list for item avaible!) /item listGet list tools and combat! Permissions permissionsdescription simpleitem.item.*Ac.. more
Categories: admin-tools,


S-Broadcast Englisch S-Broadcast is a simple german plugin, to make automatic broadcasts in the chat. It is perfect for big servers, because the staff can make other stuff, during this plugin give the users informations. The Plugin is full configurable, you have access to all broadcast-functions and can control the Messages, Intervalls, permissions, ... Features configure Messages (InGame or in the Config-File) configure interval (InGame or Config) config.. more


EtriaEconomy Commands | Permissions|Configuration EtriaEconomy is a basic economy plugin originally developed for the EtriaCraft Server. Features Vault Support, works with all shop plugins that utilize Vault. Drag and Drop Functionality (If you want the basic settings). MySQL and SQLite (FlatFile) database support. Utilizes the UUID system in preparation for the UUID switch by Mojang in 1.8. Easy to use command line. Permissions supported. Requirements I.. more
Categories: admin-tools, economy,

ChestShop Notifier

Plugin Description CSN (ChestShop Notifier) is a plugin that records ChestShop transactions to a MySQL database. When a shop owner logs onto the server, they will be presented with an option to view sales from when they were offline. Installation Instructions Commands /csn help → Shows available commands /csn history [username] → Shows unread sale history from database /csn clear → Marks all sale history as read for your user /csn uplo.. more

Trash Motd

Trash Motd v1.6 What It Does Please read the config! Also, the plugin has been renamed in version 1.6 and now only supports 1.7.8+ Use versions lower than 1.6 for support for outdated versions on bukkit Pick a random MoTD every time the server is pinged Display an info board with set text for a set time after joining the server Hook into other plugins to provide more variables Display text when you put your cur.. more

Email Notifications

Email Notification: Get text message notifications (data messaging fees apply) from your fellow players on your server! Usage: This plugin is targeted for small server owners, but it works for big ones too! Basically what it does is it adds a command enabling a player to request another player via email. It is useful because it can also send a text message instead by using someone's phone number email address. .. more
Categories: admin-tools,


WayOfShadows Description This plugin provides 6 assassin/rouge like skills. Backstab, PotionEffects, GrapplingHook, PickPocket and AirAssassination You can use this plugin together with SkillLevels to make the skills levelable and/or to reward XP for using the skills. Backstab is inspired from locutus's plugin Backstab. Grappling Hook is inspired from SalamiJack's plugin HookShot. Compatibility The GrapplingHook Skill uses NMS code, to prevent users from pi.. more


cTablist Version: 1.3   Description: cTablist is a plugin which prints your name in the tablist in a color. You can use any color you want. Of course italics and other fonts are supported. Only what you need is a permission plugin like PEX. You need to put the permission node in your group and you will have a colored name in the tablist.   .. more


Description: I first created this plugin to mute all players on my server when they got annoying or to just announce new updates on the server like new plugins, new map, new staff, etc. Basically this plugin allows you to mute all players on your server without the kMuteAll.bypass permission so you can announce new updates with your staff members or to just simply mute all players on your server when the chat g.. more

Crash Restarter

Does your server crash randomly and unexpectedly? Use this plugin to Detect if your server has Crashed! This plugin will restart your server within 1 minute of it crashing. My server would crash every couple of hours, and if I/an Admin wasn't online it would stay down for multiple hours. So i decide to write this plugin. V2.0 NEW WAY OF DETECTION! This version gets rid of the old code of it being based on player interactions etc. I've been searching an.. more
Categories: admin-tools,


Commands: â—¾/hub - Teleports the player to the set hub Info: To set the hub you do /setspawn after you set the spawn now you can do /hub and it will teleport you to the spawn/hub! Permissions: â—¾ .hub TO-DO: â—¾Add more commands like - /survivalgames, /skyblock Add set commands like - /set survivalgames, /set skyblock â—¾Anything you suggest :) Let me know if you find any bugs or issues, or would like a feature added. :) Check out my .. more


JustRules Description This is a rules plugin that allows users to see a list of rules, and it allows staff to add or remove rules in-game and warn users. Commands /rules Displays the rules. /justrules Base command for the plugin. /justrules reload Reloads the plugin. /justrules add {NewRule} Adds {NewRule} to the rules list. /justrules remove {RuleNumber} Removes the rule with {RuleNumber} from the rules list. /justrules modify {RuleNumber} {NewRule} Change.. more


Broadcaster (Please Donate To Help Keep Broadcaster Updated) What Can It Do? Broadcasts multiple messages in a continuous loop Multiple engines can run at the same time Easy configuration / installation (See the INFO.txt) Customize how many messages broadcast on each execution :D Customize the interval and/or delay for each broadcasting engine Customize the type of interval and/or delay for each Engine Mode (Ex: MILLISECONDS, SECONDS, MINUTES, HOUR.. more


NeoChat NeoChat is a very lightweight, very flexible multi-purpose chat channel plugin. Make a staff chat with little effort! Need a Donor chat? No problem! Features: (new features available in version 1.3.1) NEW:/Color NEW:/Format NEW:/NeoChat NEW:Default Chat Colors Permissions Based Permissions based on what you have in the config! FULL customization (custom commands, and prefix for each chat!) Supports Quick-message! (commands with arguments sends cha.. more


What is PlugMan? PlugMan is a simple, easy to use plugin that lets server admins manage plugins from either in-game or console without the need to restart the server. Features Enable, disable, restart, load, reload, and unload plugins from in-game or console. List plugins alphabetically, with version if specified. Get useful information on plugins such as commands, version, author(s), etc. Easily manage plug.. more


BasicAutoSave This lightweight and simple plugin allows you to save your server constantly with an interval you can set in the config. Commands /startsave : Starts the auto save/stopsave : Stops the save cycle Permissions bas.save : Gives access to the command /startsavebas.stopsave : Gives access to the command /stopsave Config Interval: 120 Interval is in seconds Bugs None known so far, please feel free to co.. more
Categories: admin-tools,


FreeHeal Official Page/Info Welcome to the official documentation and download page of the newly released plugin, FreeHeal! FreeHeal is a plugin which allows anyone to heal themselves, or others for free! If they are feeling mean, they can also kill others or kill themselves! This page will get more info as this plugin progresses! The plugin will be updated frequently, so if you have any suggestions, please leave it in the comment section below! Video Tuto.. more
Categories: admin-tools, fun,


This plugin will allow you to use commands, on SIGNS! NOTE: UPDATE: THE NEW PROJECT HAS NOW BEEN APPROVED. STILL NO CONFIG YET THOUGH, I WILL CONTINUE WITH THAT WHEN I HAVE MY COMPUTER BACK - NOT HOME FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS What is it? This plugin is light weight and can be controlled with the permissions I will provide down below. The main reason of this plugin is that it will allow people on your server to run .. more
Categories: admin-tools,

Take A Number

Description: Take A Number Is a simple efficient help ticket system. It allows server staff to easily and effectively review edit and take in game help tickets. It's as simple as "/ticket someone griefed my house" The server staff with the proper permissions can then check and take thus ticket. Installation: Download the .jar Place the .jar in your plugins directory Restart the server Configuration: Defau.. more


DOWLOAD LATEST v1.21 JustSound: You want everyone to know you've just logged in? How about an ENDERDRAGON ROAR when you log in!! You can also just play the sound whenever you want (if you have permission). (P.S. ENDERDRAGON ROAR is actually called ENDERDRAGON_GROWL) Features: Permissions optional. CommandBlock enabled! 159 sounds to choose from! (soundlist!) Commands: /sound [sound] <player> - Plays a sound at a player's location! /soundall [sound] P.. more
Categories: admin-tools, fun,


MC-Schutzschilder == [Deutsch] MC-Schutzschilder ist ein simples Plugin welches euch ermöglich ein virtuelles Schutzschild um euch zu erstellen. Spieler werden von diesem weggeschleudert. Wie weit die Spieler weggeschleudert werden und vieles weiteres ist in der Config.yml einstellbar! Installiere das Plugin wie gewohnt auf deinem Bukkit-Server. Ich empfehle die Craftbukkit Version 1.7.2 oder höher zu verwenden! Sobald du das Plugin installiert hast .. more
Categories: fun, admin-tools,

Simple Gamemodechanger Plugin

Simple Gamemodechanger Plugin PERMISSIONS gmc.a gmc.s gmc.c COMMANDS /gmc a <Change your Gamemode in Adventure> /gmc c <Change your Gamemode in Creative> /gmc s <Change your Gamemode in Survival> /gmc help <Show all Commands.> /gmc list <Show All Players in [CREATIVE or ADVENTURE] mode.> BUGS If u find *BUGS* please contact me! Funktionen Gamemode Change Command. A Command to show all Players in Adventure or Creative Mode. V.. more
Categories: admin-tools, fun,


Description: This plugin is one of the many broadcast plugins, but it brings something special! It allows you to use the JSON format, that was introduced in 1.7.x. This allows for a lot more functionality to the broadcast messages. New features that are available in broadcasts are: Use of embedded links, and clickable commands. Alongside the regular broadcast features are available. These are: Use of colors, u.. more


CptLock is the new chest locking plugin! (Also: Doors, furnaces, enderchests, trapdoors, hoppers, beacons, droppers, dispensers etc. The plugin comes with permissions and help commands! It even comes with the function for admins to override the protections and show them a message when they do so! Permissions: cptlock.* - This will give permission to use all CptLock functions. cptlock.admin.* - This will give ac.. more


ItemCheck checks if a player has a certain item in his inventory. By default this will only output a simple message saying the player either has or doesn't have the item. The plugin also has a function to execute a server command when this is true. The plugin is useful for use in commandblocks. It was originally made to make the itemchecking system in an adventure part of a server smaller. Commands: /itemcheck ?/help - Shows a help menu. /itemcheck info - S.. more


hChat - Version 1.2 - Source @ GitHub Features Format display name Format list name Format chat messages Format death messages Format join messages Format quit messages Format motd messages (sent to player when he/she joins) Format me messages (me command) Word censoring Can hook into Vault 22 variables (like world, location, group, prefix, food level, ...) Colors and formatting codes Groups with their own fo.. more


IsMinecraftDown Due to the current change to the UUID system, Mojang is currently updating the Minecraft Services. This plugin wont have an accurate answer to if any of the services are up or not. I am currently working on fixing this to work with the new Service System that Mojang is setting up for 1.8. This should be fixed before 1.8. This is a plugin designed to check when the Minecraft Services(session, auth, login, ext.) are down. The status of the ser.. more


Runecraft is a gameplay modification for SMP, that adds magic to the game. It was the third ever SMP modification, following Hey0's mod, and Llamacraft. Gameplay modification is done through the form of "runes", significant shapes of materials laid out in the actual game world. These runes can create unique short-term tool enchants, teleporters, hidden walls/passageways, and even the ability to moving whole sections of land. Player built simple teleporters .. more


STAFFTEXT StaffText is designed to let you and your Staff talk easily with one command. Stafftext is designed on letting you and your staff talk or ALL of your staff talk at once! So no more need to whitelist your server just use StaffText! StaffText is a lightweight plugin. StaffText is designed so you can easily talk to other staff members without having to use ./tell everytime. The other part is once you type ./StaffText (Name) every message you type wil.. more


Coins is a bonus system for players. It works like the monetary system servers in MMORPG. You can use coins for you're commands, eg healing costs 10 coins. The admin can give Coins for donations or for excellent services and the player can decide which command he used Donate Support me and donate! Donate! Features a CustomCommandBuilder a Metrics System a AutoUpdate System a premium/VIP currency reward .. more


This plugin will provide the vitals to your server. I plan to add a lot to this plugin i just need time. Commands: /heal - Heal Yourself /heal (playername) - Feed Another Player /feed - Feed Yourself /feed (playername) - Feed Another Player Non-Command Features Config - with color code support MOTD - Configurable Message and can be turn off in config. Auto-Updater (Can be turned off in update.yml) Plans: At least 1 update per week Permissions.. more
Categories: general, admin-tools,



Joe IP Tracker

This is a plugin for Minecraft Bukkit servers. Tested and still works in 1.7.2. What does it do? This plugin reports related player accounts as they login (to players with permission). It also has a cool feature of reporting the geographical location they are from (if that information is available at the time). Related accounts are accounts that login from the same location (could be friends, family, or sharing of accounts). This is useful for admins to kn.. more
Categories: admin-tools,

TextSigns (MechSigns)

TextSigns/MechSigns What are they? TextSigns allow you to put more text on a sign than it can normally have. You can put "Rules" on a sign, right-click, and it shows you a small rule-board in chat.. What if I want to make a plain message with this plugin? Well then, you can make a Message sign! Type "Message" on the first line of a sign to make it. You can then right-click on this sign, and have text show up. Of course, you will need to edit the configurati.. more
Categories: admin-tools, fun,


Love is in the air! What's this plugin about? Players can have a wedding! An admin can design a Church for the server and select it. All marriages then must occur in the church (with optional witnesses). The wedding is recorded along with witnesses present. Married couples have hearts next to their names. Other Information Aren't there other marriage plugins already? Yes, but this one has it's own style and feel. Steps for using As admin do /marry Sele.. more


Latest stable and unstable builds Source Code Wiki Supported versions: Dynmap v1.7.1 or later Essentials v2.11.1 release or later Dynmap-Essentials provides a simple way to add visibility of warps and home points defined with Essentials. When enabled, warps are shown on Dynmap's web maps as labelled markers (defaulting to a portal icon and the label '[warp-name]', both of which are configurable). Also, when enabled, any player defined /home locations can.. more


SaysPlus What does SaysPlus do? SaysPlus add colors to bukkit /say command. Usage /say <number> (optional: color code + message) * Examples: /say 0 &1Hello! /say 1 /say 2 Colors Use color codes for colors, like &1 Predefined messages and sender name can be colored now! Just set the colors at the config file. Attention: the color codes needs to me in apostrophes Predefined messages You can set predefined messages at config file. 1-10 messag.. more
Categories: admin-tools,


== Description == This is a simple vanish plugin that allows players to vanish or unvanish. == Features == Permissions support You can define your own ''NoPermissionMessage'' Saves vanished players state on quit Vanished players are after a reload/restart still vanished Vanished players are completely invisible Prevents picking up items when enabled Multiworld support Hides vanished players in the playerlist [Tab] You can disable the ''normal'' Join- and L.. more


What is it? ItemFinder is a plugin which basically allows you to scan through all chests, furnaces, hoppers, and other stuff wich can hold items in your world and see if someone contains a specified item. This is really useful if, for example, you had a bad admin who, before getting banned, has hidden some precious stuff in some chests all around the world, and you don't know where. Commands /itemfinder index.. more

Op Menu

Description: This plugin lets you open a GUI that will let you control the server! We have Creative, Survival, Time Day, Time Night... etc. And more! You just simply place down a sign and put [Op] on it and it will automatically set the text to [OpMenu] if thats correct you can open the menu up and have fun! Permisison: opmenu.cmd - Able to open the menu with command! opmenu.sign - Able to open the menu with a sign! opmenu.spawnuse - Able to use the spawn.. more


Allows players to buy or rent chosen WorldGuard-regions from the server. Super easy to set up and highly adjustable! Great to set up towns with different areas; you can define a marketplace with small, only rentable plots, an area for premium-members only and a lot of other districts. Features None, area and volume based price calculation | Inheritance system allowing to manipulate settings global, world-wi.. more


SignColors by Pablo97 This is the reprogrammed plugin from SignColours by ivals Thank you for over 15.000 downloads :D Version 0.4.1 uploaded!Project now licensed under GPLv3! SignColors allows all players on the server, or people with Permissions, to add colored text to signs. Simply use the & character (you can change this in the config) followed by a hexidecimal digit (0-f) to give the rest of that line a color. Current Features Allows players to ad.. more


Description: HeroSouls is a simple plugin that allow players to exchange EnderPortal item for Heroes Plugin EXP. What does it do? Plugin remove ender portals from players inventory and gives EXP (configurable) to actual class (max 20 portals once). This plugin DO NOT CONTAINS any manners for players to earn portals and you have to do it your own way. You can do it simply with Quests or as a drop from Mobs using OtherDrops plugin. Commands /souls - Gives p.. more


Did you ever want to disable fly in a certain world? This plugin is your solution! FlyDisabler allow you to disable flying for normal users in any world you want. It's a very simple and lightweight plugin. You only have to download and put this plugin into plugins folder of your server. Then start and stop server. The plugin will generate a sample configuration file. Now edit your config adding the name .. more


This solution provides server administrators access to managing groups and permissions for all worlds. Metrics This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.org: A unique identifier The server's version of Java Whether the server is in offline or online mode The plugin's version The server's version The OS version/name and architecture The core count for the CPU The number.. more
Categories: admin-tools,


Blackout Ever want a new game? Now you have one! Blackout is a fun game that you play blind, the less people, the harder, just goto http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/cornycraft/pages/blackout/ to find more info about The ULTIMATE BLACKOUT more blackout info: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/cornycraft/pages/how-did-i-come-up-with-blackout/ Huh? 2 links? This guy is crazy <Corndogoz(crazy guy)> :P Chest get an enderchest in your target, type /c.. more
Categories: fun, admin-tools,

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